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I've said it before and I'll say it again Cali_Democrat Apr 2013 #1
i have the thought that it actually means something to be a democrat. xchrom Apr 2013 #2
To me, it means something positive to be a democrat(small 'd') but doesn't mean much byeya Apr 2013 #24
Absolutely. ChairmanAgnostic Apr 2013 #3
Hey - Latka had a heart of gold and never stopped to weigh the difference between doing good djean111 Apr 2013 #4
That is true ChairmanAgnostic Apr 2013 #5
Spot on. Flight delays hurt rich people. Laelth Apr 2013 #7
He's not a bad negotiator Carolina Apr 2013 #13
Exactly! He knew they wanted this fixed. They handed him an ace and instead of playing it sabrina 1 Apr 2013 #18
+1 KoKo Apr 2013 #23
He's not an idiot. Marr Apr 2013 #21
Yep, his base are the unwitting pawns, on board for every sacrifice play. n/t whatchamacallit Apr 2013 #27
That's the truth of it. LuvNewcastle Apr 2013 #30
Not even close. n/t AverageJoe90 Apr 2013 #33
Pretty much. (no text) Quantess Apr 2013 #34
Perhaps the President does not know or understand the difference between compromise and capitulation enjoyingyourpeasyet Apr 2013 #6
Enough w/ the Obama Bashing Already dballance Apr 2013 #31
GWB has degrees from Harvard and Yale is there some point you are trying to make? enjoyingyourpeasyet Apr 2013 #32
I admit that I am confused as to who is doing, and not doing, what regarding the huge mess. OneGrassRoot Apr 2013 #8
Pissing off those of us that voted for this guy... 99Forever Apr 2013 #9
"What if there was a crash" DCBob Apr 2013 #10
Bingo. Everyone else entirely misses this. Ikonoklast Apr 2013 #12
no one cared about "what if there was crash" Carolina Apr 2013 #15
Nice spin. UnrepentantLiberal Apr 2013 #16
This vote violated the "spirit" of the sequester. Hugin Apr 2013 #11
And you'll, you'll... UnrepentantLiberal Apr 2013 #14
Good riddance to you, Sir. n/t JTFrog Apr 2013 #36
"the plan was not the White House preference" Buns_of_Fire Apr 2013 #17
WYSIWYG jsr Apr 2013 #19
Boy,the "allies" sure take a while to catch on, woo me with science Apr 2013 #20
Why should this surprise anyone? When Obama proposed SS cuts that spoke louder forestpath Apr 2013 #22
Obama is not a Democrat. THAT is the plan. We've been screwt. n/t Fire Walk With Me Apr 2013 #25
Look, the political fact of the matter is Seeking Serenity Apr 2013 #26
Maybe it's time to stop relying on our so-called leaders BethanyQuartz Apr 2013 #28
How does Grijalva not get he is a big part of the problem himself? TheKentuckian Apr 2013 #29
+1 n/t Laelth Apr 2013 #35
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