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243. You just agreed with what I said!
Sun Mar 17, 2013, 04:09 AM
Mar 2013

Without the rich, you still would have had Rosa, Ghandi and Chavez

You got it.

The rich did NOT make America.
The people made America.

Take away the rich, and nothing changes that fact.
(you put the tilde' on the wrong part of the sentence in your rush to think I mispoke.)

If each rich person is a wave, take away the wave, and you still have the water.

Enjoy this song, which in a perfect word, would have been the #1 song of the year that
Butch Hancock wrote it, and Jimmie Dale Gilmore sang it
(and on this, the magnificent musical talents of Jerry Douglas and Bill Frisell.
Does it get anymore beautiful than this?)

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="
?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The revolution won by the people when they elected Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, and will elect Hillary in 2016 and 2020 and Michelle in 2024 and 2028 and Chelsea in 2032 and 2036 and John Schlossberg in 2040 and 2044 ...are the ever flowing ever glowing ocean of love

Wave on wave on wave on wave on wave on wave on wave on wave
(as Pat Green also sang years later)
or as David Essex sang(and Michael Damien later sang)
Rock on
Snarky comments in 3...2...1... WilliamPitt Mar 2013 #1
Shiny Object! You know what's *much* more important woo me with science Mar 2013 #19
+1 The ruling class couldn't care less about what color jersey they wear. Egalitarian Thug Mar 2013 #130
* ronnie624 Mar 2013 #196
Goldman Sacks sacred now? One_Life_To_Give Mar 2013 #201
Middle Class is disappearing culture ... Bryn Mar 2013 #252
We love our 1 percenters! B2G Mar 2013 #2
Much better than a Donald DoucheTrump property. nt onehandle Mar 2013 #3
She's an only child of two wealthy parents.. Why would she NOT have a great place to live? SoCalDem Mar 2013 #4
The double standard on wealth here is tres amusing B2G Mar 2013 #5
Well, Bless your heart SoCalDem Mar 2013 #9
What double standard? Wait Wut Mar 2013 #18
Apparently some think so. I remember someone criticizing me here for saying we shouldnt hate rich stevenleser Mar 2013 #186
I hear you. nt bluestate10 Mar 2013 #229
There are people on DU that are convinced that all poor people are saints and bluestate10 Mar 2013 #228
This message was self-deleted by its author Raine Mar 2013 #21
I second that emotion. nt Honeycombe8 Mar 2013 #39
Screwing lots of people over is why great wealth exists, whether any individual wealthy person HiPointDem Mar 2013 #140
Agree. nt Edim Mar 2013 #208
It's not only guns, warships and rockets. Wealth is theft. Edim Mar 2013 #209
In essence, without labor money would have no value... Larry Ogg Mar 2013 #211
Really? Hatred of someone solely because they have money? Swamp Lover Mar 2013 #57
i didn't see any hatred expressed. maybe your nick should be 'willfully blind'. HiPointDem Mar 2013 #148
Short answer? Yes to all of your statements. stevenleser Mar 2013 #187
Agreed...more hypocrisy... choie Mar 2013 #65
And what exactly do you mean by that?!? catbyte Mar 2013 #105
Just because I'm not a sycophant choie Mar 2013 #218
A pass on what? leftynyc Mar 2013 #168
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Mar 2013 #70
Keep Trying! NBachers Mar 2013 #110
we need to fix the systemic problem of income inequality, ZRT2209 Mar 2013 #162
I think you are right 1983law Mar 2013 #217
I'm talking about a rigged tax code and wage theft ZRT2209 Mar 2013 #219
So you are not saying 1983law Mar 2013 #221
I'm saying what I just said. ZRT2209 Mar 2013 #240
Nope. 1983law Mar 2013 #251
What double standard? leftynyc Mar 2013 #167
Oh, baloney. H2O Man Mar 2013 #203
Uh huh. Sure it would B2G Mar 2013 #207
dbl standard regardind nepotism also. russert's kid gets bashed here. little mention of chelsea's hi Liberal_in_LA Mar 2013 #230
Yea but it's close enough to walk to work tech3149 Mar 2013 #6
I am well educated--better than Chelsea Clinton.. pangaia Mar 2013 #104
it doesn't seem like a great place to me hfojvt Mar 2013 #129
Looking forward to a Chelsea Clinton/ John Schlossberg ticket (or vice versa) in 2036 and 2040 graham4anything Mar 2013 #7
Because nothing says "democracy" like inherited titles. nt Bonobo Mar 2013 #54
If money is so bad, why does everyone want some? graham4anything Mar 2013 #68
Dumb question. Bonobo Mar 2013 #71
There are no dumb questions as librarians nation wide like to say graham4anything Mar 2013 #74
"One persons money has no effect on another person having or not having money" Bonobo Mar 2013 #78
What you just said is so ironic. You do realize what you just said, right? graham4anything Mar 2013 #86
Please. Don't stop now. I'm enjoying this. Bonobo Mar 2013 #88
So, you are saying that getting rid of all the rich shall make the world perfect? graham4anything Mar 2013 #90
Dude, YOU are the one that said that the rich grabbing money affects no one else. Bonobo Mar 2013 #93
It's your right not to answer. But as said, there are no dumb questions. graham4anything Mar 2013 #95
I think we're finished. Bonobo Mar 2013 #97
Check mate. graham4anything Mar 2013 #98
Lol..."checkmate" theKed Mar 2013 #108
Oh, I thought he was telling me to "check" my "mate". Bonobo Mar 2013 #128
Uh... you were just spanked. Marr Mar 2013 #225
I got an example OwnedByCats Mar 2013 #178
It's not that we should get rid of wealth. It's that we should get rid of poverty. JDPriestly Mar 2013 #141
Really like how simple your post puts it. NCTraveler Mar 2013 #183
Having no problem with 'wealth' ronnie624 Mar 2013 #205
I completely agree. EVERYONE in our country should have enough to eat and a safe place bluestate10 Mar 2013 #231
"Without all the rich, NOTHING at all would change." Union Scribe Mar 2013 #242
You just agreed with what I said! graham4anything Mar 2013 #243
HOLY shit. Marr Mar 2013 #224
You were expecting something else? Egalitarian Thug Mar 2013 #131
I just think that we should not be cutting people's meager Social Security benefits JDPriestly Mar 2013 #139
Nothing says democracy like being elected in a popular election. NYC Liberal Mar 2013 #135
I think it is pretty obvious. Bonobo Mar 2013 #138
So you didn't want JFK or RFK Teddy or Gore or FDR or Jerry Brown orJQ Adams, to ever run? graham4anything Mar 2013 #144
That is the reductionistic logic of a simpleton. Bonobo Mar 2013 #155
No, I understand it quite nicely, thank you. graham4anything Mar 2013 #158
Nobody died? kattycat Mar 2013 #176
Yup. 500,000. nt Bonobo Mar 2013 #177
Absolute nonsense. NYC Liberal Mar 2013 #175
You're seriously comparing the advantage that an incumbent has Bonobo Mar 2013 #179
+1000 whatchamacallit Mar 2013 #200
Generally agree with you on many issues but Skidmore Mar 2013 #165
Her husband is a rising ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker. They probably paid cash leveymg Mar 2013 #8
Oy Chelsea you could have done better . olddots Mar 2013 #223
5000 square feet for two people seems like ... frazzled Mar 2013 #10
And what's with all those bathrooms? Why??? nt babylonsister Mar 2013 #56
Clearly they need all those bathrooms to waterboard poor people. name not needed Mar 2013 #87
LOL, thread winner!!!!! stevenleser Mar 2013 #191
They clearly intend to throw a lot of parties. 5000 sq ft + 6.5 bathrooms makes it perfect for that. stevenleser Mar 2013 #192
Yeah. I get the sense that they are going to be entertaining a lot and having big shots and their bluestate10 Mar 2013 #232
If you got it, flaunt it. Ostentation much? Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2013 #11
I know that area. It is reasonably nice. Close to lower Manhattan and Wall Street but bluestate10 Mar 2013 #36
the keeping up with the Jonses is getting out of hand. Whisp Mar 2013 #12
Homes in that area cost that much. Her husband and her work on Wall Street. They bluestate10 Mar 2013 #37
I guess Wall Street people are good people sometimes. Whisp Mar 2013 #46
Some are good. Too many are assholes. nt bluestate10 Mar 2013 #51
Name three. They are parasites that make the world a worse place every day they go to work. n/t Egalitarian Thug Mar 2013 #132
Bullshit leftynyc Mar 2013 #170
Imagine that. Someone that lives around (and works?) on Wall Street claiming that they're Egalitarian Thug Mar 2013 #194
Continue with your ignorant statements leftynyc Mar 2013 #195
Oh my, I'm cut to the quick. The parasites believe that I'm not bright enough to understand Egalitarian Thug Mar 2013 #197
Oh my, here's another ignorant fool that just doesn't understand how truly wonderful these Egalitarian Thug Mar 2013 #216
I produce nothing and make good money. Am I a parasite? joeglow3 Mar 2013 #213
If you're interested in an assessment, provide more details. I suspect that that is not Egalitarian Thug Mar 2013 #214
You Don't work there. What makes you such an expert on human nature? bluestate10 Mar 2013 #226
People can rationalize their actions forever, but rationalizations don't make you good. Egalitarian Thug Mar 2013 #241
Plenty of Wall Streeters RobinA Mar 2013 #212
I am glad to see that you are separating people from the culture that they work in. bluestate10 Mar 2013 #227
Daddy was a very *lucrative* breed of Democrat. Marr Mar 2013 #13
Reminds me of Downton Abbey LittleBlue Mar 2013 #14
Downton saw the aristocrats as supporting the peasants, actually Recursion Mar 2013 #32
It's silly jollyreaper2112 Mar 2013 #154
The female head of the 'real' downton (the place where it's filmed) was the daughter of Alfred HiPointDem Mar 2013 #73
A $10.5 million apartment is a good argument for wealth redistribution. Comrade Grumpy Mar 2013 #15
And the Repubs who used to diss Chelsea for her looks? They're all drooling. mnhtnbb Mar 2013 #16
This thread would be so very different if one name were changed in that article. Brickbat Mar 2013 #17
Like maybe change "Clinton" to "Romney" kenny blankenship Mar 2013 #22
I was thinking about the Bush twins, Brickbat Mar 2013 #23
Barbara Bush II lives in NYC. I don't think she has a place like Chelsea, but I doubt that she bluestate10 Mar 2013 #40
i'll bet she does, just the equivalent for a single woman. she lives in greenwich village. i've HiPointDem Mar 2013 #124
Yeah. I agree with you on all points. Barbara Bush II likely has a toney place to live. bluestate10 Mar 2013 #233
Maybe not, seeing as the Bush twins supported and voted for Obama. NYC Liberal Mar 2013 #136
So true, the double standard here is fucking amazing at times. n-t Logical Mar 2013 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Mar 2013 #55
if it's true, why is it flamebait? only because there are folks here who don't want to admit it, HiPointDem Mar 2013 #75
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Mar 2013 #96
I think it is our business how the 1% lives, when they're proposing to cut social welfare & HiPointDem Mar 2013 #117
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Mar 2013 #120
Jealousy leads to high blood pressure, when what is needed is Wellness. graham4anything Mar 2013 #146
heal thyself physician HiPointDem Mar 2013 #147
Having a 48 ounce soda(780 calories), then a refill91560), is = to having a gun and a bullet graham4anything Mar 2013 #150
oh for god's sake, don't you have better things to think about than how much soda someone HiPointDem Mar 2013 #151
Wellness saves the poorest the most in reduced health care bills graham4anything Mar 2013 #152
that exemplifies the upper-class approach to other people's health. monitor their soda use HiPointDem Mar 2013 #153
Wellness helps the poor the most graham4anything Mar 2013 #156
How about we let the poor make thier own decisions? Upton Mar 2013 #157
I am a soda addict. Held to the cult of the soda. I welcome any wellness help anytime graham4anything Mar 2013 #159
Yeah, that soda culture.. Upton Mar 2013 #161
If its so unimportant, why does the NRA fight back instead of ignoring graham4anything Mar 2013 #164
What does the NRA have to do with soda? Upton Mar 2013 #169
Christine Quinn for Mayor of NYC 2013. I bet Chelsea & Hillary will vote for her. graham4anything Mar 2013 #174
OWS would say that you don't hate the 1%, you hate policies that benefit the 1% at stevenleser Mar 2013 #189
Competely agree. n/t hughee99 Mar 2013 #102
Change it to Chavez's daughter and watch what happens. Only American politicians sabrina 1 Mar 2013 #145
Not for me and not if you follow OWS's good advice. stevenleser Mar 2013 #190
Four bedrooms and six-and-a-half baths? Buns_of_Fire Mar 2013 #20
I'm guessing they will be doing a LOT of entertaining (nt) Nye Bevan Mar 2013 #26
I was just going to say that. I'm marrying a foreign service officer this summer... Recursion Mar 2013 #29
Well, sure, I'll buy that. Buns_of_Fire Mar 2013 #236
it might be 2 bathrooms for 1 bedroom JI7 Mar 2013 #27
How cool would that be. Never having to worry about leaving the toilet seat up (nt) Nye Bevan Mar 2013 #35
a lot of couples have said it helps their relationship JI7 Mar 2013 #41
That is standard for some upper income couples. Both people run on their schedules and bluestate10 Mar 2013 #43
Just in case the toilets don't work (spares) Rosa Luxemburg Mar 2013 #101
Here is the floorplan Ruby the Liberal Mar 2013 #222
Hate the floorplan.. good thing I'm not rich. mountain grammy Mar 2013 #239
Windows only on the ends - really gives off a Ruby the Liberal Mar 2013 #248
How DARE she not live in squalor! name not needed Mar 2013 #24
there is a lot of yardage between squalor and a 10 million dollar hovel. n/t Whisp Mar 2013 #52
Yep! It's disgraceful! babylonsister Mar 2013 #60
*North* of Madison Square Park? Might as well be in the Garment District... Recursion Mar 2013 #28
There's a notorious on premise swing club right around the corner from them Yavin4 Mar 2013 #31
The area has many good spots, but some rough ones. The trend is upscale. bluestate10 Mar 2013 #45
is that why they chose the neighborhood? HiPointDem Mar 2013 #76
Possibly. It's literally like 1 block from them. Yavin4 Mar 2013 #83
Speculation on your part. I have been in that area, there is a lot of questionable shit one block bluestate10 Mar 2013 #234
It's a joke. Yavin4 Mar 2013 #235
Trapeze... WilmywoodNCparalegal Mar 2013 #198
C'mon they can eat at Eleven Madison Park or the Shake Shack frazzled Mar 2013 #62
Isn't that the original Shake Shack? Recursion Mar 2013 #67
The Kennedys Were Stinking Rich. So were the Roosevelts. They bought palatial homes too. Yavin4 Mar 2013 #30
The Clintons are no more in that camp than the Bushes. nt Demo_Chris Mar 2013 #34
Barbara Bush II works for a non-profit and is pro gay rights. Not all Bushes are bad. bluestate10 Mar 2013 #48
Interesting Demo_Chris Mar 2013 #49
Every time I read something about Barbara Bush II, I come away thinking that she is a bluestate10 Mar 2013 #53
I know nothing about her actually Demo_Chris Mar 2013 #66
Barbara Bush II is the oldest daughter of Barbara and George W Bush. nt bluestate10 Mar 2013 #84
Yes, they are. As are all of them. The fact that some do some good in no way changes the Egalitarian Thug Mar 2013 #133
she doesn't just work for it, it's *her own* non-profit, tied into the gates foundation mission HiPointDem Mar 2013 #143
That may be true kattycat Mar 2013 #180
She's not exactly "pro gay." She just isn't against gay rights. There's a difference. Honeycombe8 Mar 2013 #245
But the Roosevelts invented social programs. They did not destroy them. JDPriestly Mar 2013 #142
Chelsea Clinton hasn't enacted, destroyed or modified any programs. nt stevenleser Mar 2013 #188
You mean LBJ don't you? LBJ was by far the single most liberal president ever. Without a doubt. graham4anything Mar 2013 #149
You forgot Vietnam.. Upton Mar 2013 #163
JFK and Eisenhower's war, and JFK hired McNamara. Lest you forget graham4anything Mar 2013 #166
I think what gives people a somewhat icky feeling is the relatively recent development of former Midwestern Democrat Mar 2013 #237
Am I suppose to be happy for the super rich simply because they are Democrats? Gravitycollapse Mar 2013 #33
It's all about vicarious participation and the illusion of inclusion kenny blankenship Mar 2013 #72
Indeed. nt Poll_Blind Mar 2013 #82
perfection +9001 Demo_Chris Mar 2013 #89
the insinuation that the Obama's are rich elites is hilarious when you are comparing to the famiy Whisp Mar 2013 #100
You're not even warm. kenny blankenship Mar 2013 #107
"the illusion of inclusion" i think has more to do with things like the amazingly high rate of black HiPointDem Mar 2013 #121
so Obama takes the brunt of all the gridlock. Whisp Mar 2013 #122
lol. faux outrage. i'm sure you understood the point from jump street, you just aren't allowed HiPointDem Mar 2013 #125
go away. Whisp Mar 2013 #126
you're not obliged to respond to my posts and can even put them on ignore if you like. HiPointDem Mar 2013 #127
bullcrap. Cha Mar 2013 #112
+1000000 woo me with science Mar 2013 #160
The uber wealthy will be the uber wealthy, as they say. RedCappedBandit Mar 2013 #38
This is cheap for nyc HipChick Mar 2013 #42
You're right. Her place is between the Upper East Side and the Battery Park area. bluestate10 Mar 2013 #50
No - it's not near Madison Square Garden leftynyc Mar 2013 #172
No, this is not cheap for New York City frazzled Mar 2013 #64
I could have beat them down to 10 million olddots Mar 2013 #44
Somehow, I can't account for one of the full baths. I see all the others. They may have bluestate10 Mar 2013 #58
There is a den` Ruby the Liberal Mar 2013 #249
Obscene panader0 Mar 2013 #47
Nice place DollarBillHines Mar 2013 #59
I bet you love rubbing this in DUers faces fascisthunter Mar 2013 #61
$10 an hour couldn't buy you a cardboard box in Manhattan. Initech Mar 2013 #63
10.5 million for your shelter... Shankapotomus Mar 2013 #69
hardly. HiPointDem Mar 2013 #80
6.5 bathrooms? Do the pets have personal potties? Zax2me Mar 2013 #77
5,000 sq ft? I hope she has a lot of time MannyGoldstein Mar 2013 #79
She almost surely has hired house cleaners. People that buy those types of houses in NYC bluestate10 Mar 2013 #85
it does look gorgeous renate Mar 2013 #81
She pulled herself up by her bootstraps... kentuck Mar 2013 #91
lol Demo_Chris Mar 2013 #103
Are you forgetting leftynyc Mar 2013 #173
And their families' connections & status had nothing to do with their stations in life? n/t DotGone Mar 2013 #204
No more than anyone else leftynyc Mar 2013 #206
I used to be homeless. This week, I signed the papers for a small house. riqster Mar 2013 #92
Congratulations on your new home. May you have marybourg Mar 2013 #106
Thanks! riqster Mar 2013 #185
Actually, this, plus her being a hedge fund manager deflate any further interest in her.. MrMickeysMom Mar 2013 #94
Her father -in-law is an outright crook kattycat Mar 2013 #182
Hey, he could be governor of Florida! MrMickeysMom Mar 2013 #215
Like Zoidberg says: TwilightGardener Mar 2013 #99
According to Google Street View this is the building? Locut0s Mar 2013 #109
Good for them. flvegan Mar 2013 #111
unfortunately the word 'successful' has changed a lot lately. Whisp Mar 2013 #113
I like your jump from what you think are facts to opinion. flvegan Mar 2013 #115
Wall Street Mocks Protesters By Drinking Champagne 2011 Whisp Mar 2013 #116
Yeah, I don't envy people either who are successful in Cha Mar 2013 #114
chelsea clinton was successful in the sperm lottery. which made her successful in the marriage HiPointDem Mar 2013 #118
Rather sexist of you. Why not include the ovum, particularly as the mothers of both are quite msanthrope Mar 2013 #250
in this case it's the parents who are successful and were able to provide this to their daughter JI7 Mar 2013 #123
Well that at least has the benefit of symmetry, because they have the finger for you as well. n/t Egalitarian Thug Mar 2013 #134
+10.5 million. The ones in disagreement are just jealous graham4anything Mar 2013 #202
I pity this poor couple... DreamGypsy Mar 2013 #119
So, Chelsea Clinton and her husband can afford a $10.5 million apartment, JDPriestly Mar 2013 #137
Yay! The lives of the rich and powerful. MadHound Mar 2013 #171
Nicht schlecht! KansDem Mar 2013 #181
Those saying they "earned that" kattycat Mar 2013 #184
+++ Whisp Mar 2013 #199
Doesn't have the same zing if they say: "Marc and Chelsea Mezinsky buy 5,000 SF apartment on E. 26th KurtNYC Mar 2013 #193
$10.5 million has pretty much the same zing anywhere. HiPointDem Mar 2013 #210
It's her money...she can spend it however she likes. Peter cotton Mar 2013 #220
She could have done so much with her life tabasco Mar 2013 #238
By all appearences, she's *enjoying* her life. Good for her. Peter cotton Mar 2013 #244
My beef... Libertas1776 Mar 2013 #246
Are we supposed to hate all people with money? justiceischeap Mar 2013 #247
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