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Number 3. HappyMe Feb 2013 #1
You can never go wrong with monkey pancakes. Gidney N Cloyd Feb 2013 #2
Oh baby oh! SoapBox Feb 2013 #15
Monkey Pancakes...Yes!! hibbing Feb 2013 #16
Monkey pancakes need to banned ProudToBeBlueInRhody Feb 2013 #18
Really Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 2013 #30
I have the old Beatles song with toe jam football in the lyrics running through my head now libtodeath Feb 2013 #3
toe jam football AlbertCat Feb 2013 #8
It was hard to choose between 2 and 3 so I just went with the underdog. n/t A Simple Game Feb 2013 #4
Will the accent tip off the Hispanic communities? Yes! DhhD Feb 2013 #5
Too late AlbertCat Feb 2013 #6
What if Obama gave a speech that includes moving forward w/ everything the GOP wants? What would.... Motley Michelle Feb 2013 #7
Ever seen Scanners? Thav Feb 2013 #9
But I'd so love to mess with their heads. Hopefully they would implode. Motley Michelle Feb 2013 #11
You rang? tclambert Feb 2013 #21
OMG! I have never seen that! Motley Michelle Feb 2013 #29
In terms of fall-down funny ProSense Feb 2013 #10
The teabaggers are now a legitimate party? The republicans are not a majority in Congress!!! liberal N proud Feb 2013 #12
I would switch gears and highlight the Nugent stupidity. Otherwise, I choose #3. eom ChisolmTrailDem Feb 2013 #13
How many dialects ... bayareaboy Feb 2013 #14
You guys are so creative! Thanks... n/t Agschmid Feb 2013 #17
We must not allow a monkey pancake gap! tclambert Feb 2013 #20
I need the reicpe timdog44 Feb 2013 #22
I gave this my all Mira Feb 2013 #23
I had to go with Number 2. Rubio is smart enough to say DevonRex Feb 2013 #24
Just wondering...where did that "monkey pancakes" meme originate? Jamaal510 Feb 2013 #25
I'd watch Rand Paul, only to see if that creature living on his head moves Siwsan Feb 2013 #26
For you and Elad... DevonRex Feb 2013 #27
And Randy will give his response in TeaBagese. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 2013 #28
"Monkey pancakes" is beautiful word jazz. I genuinely laugh out loud. :) Fire Walk With Me Feb 2013 #31
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