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70. Semi-automatic weapons are used extensively for hunting
Fri Jan 18, 2013, 10:42 AM
Jan 2013

and other lawful uses and have been for at least 8 decades..

Others may also say the Bill of Rights has nothing to do with "needs"..if we are going to only protect "needs", most of the Bill of Rights is unnecessary..

exactly. veganlush Jan 2013 #1
Yes, words have meaning. Kalidurga Jan 2013 #2
WRONG! Buzz Clik Jan 2013 #3
Your key words are wrong. Glassunion Jan 2013 #5
Hey! You commie pinko freak! Buzz Clik Jan 2013 #8
What about her? Glassunion Jan 2013 #10
Damn, man. Buzz Clik Jan 2013 #14
Cheers! Glassunion Jan 2013 #19
I debated putting in a :sarcasm:, but I thought I was being obvious Buzz Clik Jan 2013 #23
Damn! I was about to go to DEFCON 2. Glassunion Jan 2013 #28
Yikes! Buzz Clik Jan 2013 #40
Yes. Glassunion Jan 2013 #41
But while wearing a blue dress will it give a BJ madokie Jan 2013 #66
Psst! derby378 Jan 2013 #16
I've been hanging our these guys too long. My imitation must be dead on. Buzz Clik Jan 2013 #26
the Jury voted 1-5 to LEAVE IT. Ptah Jan 2013 #53
Whew... WillyT Jan 2013 #78
Why is there a comma between "right of the people..." and "shall not be denied"? lastlib Jan 2013 #7
Rules of grammar. Setting off the clause. Buzz Clik Jan 2013 #9
Your grammar is confused. immoderate Jan 2013 #35
No. lastlib Jan 2013 #42
It does not say "be." Being is the verbal, in this case a gerund. immoderate Jan 2013 #47
In modern usage, those extra commas, make it, pretty much, gibberish petronius Jan 2013 #38
Two versions: Ptah Jan 2013 #54
18th century grammar rules were weak at best. X_Digger Jan 2013 #79
Well regulated does not tread on shall not be denied. liberal N proud Jan 2013 #15
We're on the same page. Buzz Clik Jan 2013 #27
When God wrote the Constitution... Buzz Clik Jan 2013 #82
A well regulated militia SHALL NOT BE DENIED. rustydog Jan 2013 #83
What? Buzz Clik Jan 2013 #94
Creeps? You really know how to talk to people. bluerum Jan 2013 #4
You win the prize for the catch phrase of the day! "Why are you so afraid?" Buzz Clik Jan 2013 #13
Concealed carry liberal N proud Jan 2013 #17
"militia" is rather significant as well. DirkGently Jan 2013 #6
That there were two versions doesn't help matters either. For being such skilled writers, they Ed Suspicious Jan 2013 #22
Actually Madison drafted 20 amendments, reconstituted to 17 and then Historic NY Jan 2013 #55
Interesting draft. Seems to solidify the "military" nature of militias. DirkGently Jan 2013 #80
Can't have a militia without people rrneck Jan 2013 #11
Regulated does not deny. liberal N proud Jan 2013 #20
True. nt rrneck Jan 2013 #25
But, it is "well regulated" militia. mucifer Jan 2013 #21
Sure it is. rrneck Jan 2013 #24
That mountain of case law is because the 2nd Amendment is so poorly written. RC Jan 2013 #34
Maybe. rrneck Jan 2013 #37
A militia was comprised of anyone with a gun. immoderate Jan 2013 #43
Brahahahahahahahahahahah... :::catches breath::: RC Jan 2013 #46
...and here I was feeling sorry for you... immoderate Jan 2013 #49
Title 10 Subtitle A Part I Chapter 13 311 davepc Jan 2013 #86
White men with guns. mucifer Jan 2013 #58
LOL immoderate Jan 2013 #73
YESSSSSSS Berserker Jan 2013 #85
In Federalist #29, Hamilton discusses the problems of a standing army. immoderate Jan 2013 #39
This message was self-deleted by its author Ed Suspicious Jan 2013 #12
What is a 21st century militia ... is every domicile a militia? Every truck with a gun rack? libdem4life Jan 2013 #18
Who decides what "well regulated" means? xoom Jan 2013 #29
That should be what the debate is about liberal N proud Jan 2013 #30
I agree completely. xoom Jan 2013 #31
The point IMHO Proud Liberal Dem Jan 2013 #32
It pretty clear if you read the constitutional debates.... Historic NY Jan 2013 #56
No, the Constitution is very clear that it's Congress Recursion Jan 2013 #87
they emphasized WELL regulated riverwalker Jan 2013 #33
There are conflicting interpretations of those two words onenote Jan 2013 #36
then "well regulated" demands even closer scrutiny of owners! grasswire Jan 2013 #44
Gun owners today are neither well trained or regulated liberal N proud Jan 2013 #61
Isn't the National Guard our militia? cheyanne Jan 2013 #45
Nope sarisataka Jan 2013 #50
No, the militia is defined in the 1947 National Security Act Recursion Jan 2013 #88
"Well regulated" isn't what matters, it's "infringed" petronius Jan 2013 #48
You can regulate without infringing liberal N proud Jan 2013 #62
Which explains why regjoe Jan 2013 #64
IF YOU can't hit the target in 7 shots, you need to consider a new hobby liberal N proud Jan 2013 #67
Not what you claimed regjoe Jan 2013 #68
Semi-automatic weapons are used extensively for hunting pipoman Jan 2013 #70
That's what I'm saying. I disagree that "well-regulated" is the key, because that petronius Jan 2013 #74
I'm regulated just fine, and I don't need you to tell me what the Second Amendment means slackmaster Jan 2013 #51
Yeah, But Antonin Scalia Could Use Some Help. (nt) Paladin Jan 2013 #71
Scalia specifically says that government can regulate guns hack89 Jan 2013 #72
Yeah. Heller doesn't say what its proponents or opponents seem to think it says Recursion Jan 2013 #89
This is why we need a new constitution. Great Caesars Ghost Jan 2013 #52
Seriously...we would end up in civil war trying to draft a new constitution davidn3600 Jan 2013 #60
What's the difference? Great Caesars Ghost Jan 2013 #77
What's the difference between a civil war and a civil cold war? Recursion Jan 2013 #90
With the way things are going, it is becoming inevitable. Great Caesars Ghost Jan 2013 #91
My firearms are in good Riftaxe Jan 2013 #57
you're wrong. the constititution is not interpreted by me or thee cali Jan 2013 #59
Those Mofos have seen only what they want to see in the Second Amendment for decades. bluestate10 Jan 2013 #63
Damn I wish I could rec this a hundred times madokie Jan 2013 #65
lol you apperently have yet to learn the Republican Mantra, young Padawan... Volaris Jan 2013 #69
The bill of rights itself clarifies the significance of "well regulated". N/T beevul Jan 2013 #75
Exactly libodem Jan 2013 #76
Well regulated refers to the people. Not the weapon. Heimer Jan 2013 #84
So we can regulate how much amo one person can own. liberal N proud Jan 2013 #95
How did you draw that conclusion? Nt Heimer Jan 2013 #96
I think you have a very good point. Whovian Jan 2013 #92
Ah... so only men should be allowed to own guns. krispos42 Jan 2013 #93
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