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50. POTUS Obama stated Obama'My Policies Are So Mainstream' I'd Be A 'Moderate Republican of the 1980s"
Sun Dec 23, 2012, 05:47 PM
Dec 2012

Obama On Charges Of Socialism: 'My Policies Are So Mainstream' I'd Be A 'Moderate Republican' In 1980s

President Barack Obama rejected the notion that his policies rang of socialism on Thursday, arguing that his platform was more similar to a "moderate Republican" of the 1980s and that most Americans realized that.


Most of the Nation's problems are the result of "Moderate Republican policies of the 1980s" compounded for the last 30 years.

Ok, then please tell me; Dyedinthewoolliberal Dec 2012 #1
Seize the assets of the rich, distribute them to the rest leftstreet Dec 2012 #2
+1,000,000,000,000 KansDem Dec 2012 #36
Why do you assume that our offers must start where Republicans are? woo me with science Dec 2012 #8
Why are you ProSense Dec 2012 #9
Why do you claim a "debt reduction plan" as a victory? woo me with science Dec 2012 #24
POTUS Obama stated Obama'My Policies Are So Mainstream' I'd Be A 'Moderate Republican of the 1980s" PufPuf23 Dec 2012 #50
You might have missed the small point that... TreasonousBastard Dec 2012 #34
Do you realize the Alice in Wonderland logic of that? woo me with science Dec 2012 #37
No. It is the reality based logic that it is the law... TreasonousBastard Dec 2012 #39
No deal is better than a bad deal....... socialist_n_TN Dec 2012 #59
Ok I hear what you, and several others, are saying Dyedinthewoolliberal Dec 2012 #60
Stop defending this garbage. woo me with science Dec 2012 #61
You have no solution. ProSense Dec 2012 #62
Exhibit A. nt woo me with science Dec 2012 #63
Shouldn't you be demanding that ProSense Dec 2012 #64
More mocking and contempt, and meanwhile... woo me with science Dec 2012 #65
More attempts to avoid dealing with reality: ProSense Dec 2012 #66
I HEAR YOU WOO ME Skittles Dec 2012 #69
Raise the taxes on income over $250,000. It's that simple. JDPriestly Dec 2012 #56
The Departments of Defense and Homeland Security come to mind. xtraxritical Dec 2012 #76
Are you panicking? ProSense Dec 2012 #3
I think Woo is being highly disingenuous - his chart (unsourced) coalition_unwilling Dec 2012 #5
Not only that, the ProSense Dec 2012 #6
That's nonsense. woo me with science Dec 2012 #11
Your claims have been debunked many times and in many threads, so I see coalition_unwilling Dec 2012 #13
No, they haven't. woo me with science Dec 2012 #15
Wait, you're ProSense Dec 2012 #16
Please. No large cuts to the military will happen. woo me with science Dec 2012 #40
Here: ProSense Dec 2012 #17
If we do nothing, we get triggered austerity. woo me with science Dec 2012 #41
"If we do nothing... ProSense Dec 2012 #42
Compare to Clinton? No, look at the whole package. woo me with science Dec 2012 #43
You mention taxes on the rich, and ProSense Dec 2012 #45
You are right, of course, "until we are honest about what we are being fed here" real AnotherMcIntosh Dec 2012 #21
You are right on and have wooed me with science and overwhelming logic. We have indepat Dec 2012 #68
Please point me to the official word that chained CPI is still not on the table MotherPetrie Dec 2012 #31
Here is your source Luminous Animal Dec 2012 #35
Yes you responded but you were wrong then and you're wrong now. byeya Dec 2012 #20
Nonsense. ProSense Dec 2012 #22
Austerity is the agenda item for both parties. It'll cause pain among workers but the untra wealthy byeya Dec 2012 #23
$425 billion in stimulus and ProSense Dec 2012 #27
Yes, It Is Panicking, It Is Realizing There Will Never, Ever Be The Cuts It's Been Predicting Since Skraxx Dec 2012 #72
Read a little Howard Zinn. It has always been thus. OffWithTheirHeads Dec 2012 #4
Well said. That's why we need to keep saying, "Look at the Offers." woo me with science Dec 2012 #14
. ProSense Dec 2012 #7
"Offers" don't equal signed legislation.... OldDem2012 Dec 2012 #10
Of course they don't. But they set the terms for the debate. woo me with science Dec 2012 #12
More attempts ProSense Dec 2012 #19
Look across the ocean: Austerity has brought recession to Spain and the UK. byeya Dec 2012 #18
Very important post. People in other nations have already seen how austerity kills. woo me with science Dec 2012 #44
Anybody calling themselves a Democrat JEB Dec 2012 #25
When you put it that way, woo me with science Dec 2012 #51
"The comfort of the rich depends upon an abundant supply of the poor." Voltaire Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2012 #26
Marvelous quote. woo me with science Dec 2012 #49
And that is how good cop bad cop works. zeemike Dec 2012 #28
Yep. It will take unity and a willingness to woo me with science Dec 2012 #47
Your despair is noted. n/t backscatter712 Dec 2012 #29
Mocking "despair." Interesting that that's the new meme woo me with science Dec 2012 #46
Oh, is this the part where I flame back? backscatter712 Dec 2012 #48
Excuse me? I respond to *your* drive-by snark woo me with science Dec 2012 #54
Under Section 4 of the 14th Amendment the president has an independent constitutional obligation not byeya Dec 2012 #30
When Congress returns from holiday, Boehner ProSense Dec 2012 #32
The presidential election of 1912 sulphurdunn Dec 2012 #33
Socialists byeya Dec 2012 #38
Then I guess sulphurdunn Dec 2012 #70
"Austerity is damaging to economies and deadly to people" NoOneMan Dec 2012 #52
it's the product of the same good cop/bad cop, faux duopoly, janus-like condition in DC stupidicus Dec 2012 #53
"Too many of us have been interested in defending programs as written in 1938" BHO - 2006 woo me with science Dec 2012 #58
I am angry at Obama. Evergreen Emerald Dec 2012 #55
I thought we didn't negotiate JEB Dec 2012 #57
"No one in this world, so far as I know and I have searched the records for years, Egalitarian Thug Dec 2012 #67
Perhaps it's not so much a lack of intelligence as it is working 2 or 3 part time jobs; byeya Dec 2012 #71
I'm with you, woo! So long as Dem leaders don't even snot Dec 2012 #73
Corporate pockets are deep, woo me with science Dec 2012 #74
Fabulous data. Thanks for the Post! Demeter Dec 2012 #75
Why is Social Security in ALL of Obama's offers, when it ADDS NOTHING to the deficit??? grahamhgreen Dec 2012 #77
^^^^^Phone numbers to call the White House and Reps here ^^^^^ woo me with science Dec 2012 #79
Not quite true mgraveman Dec 2012 #80
I say drive right off the "cliff." mgraveman Dec 2012 #78
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