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1. Thank you Jerry Brown for a lifetime of serving the public and decades to come doing more
Sun Dec 23, 2012, 04:31 AM
Dec 2012

It is not beyond question that a Hillary45/Jerry Brown ticket could be dreamed of

The democrats screwed both Jerry Brown and Jesse Jackson more than once in the past.

Jerry Brown both the youngest Gov. of California ever, and the oldest, with many roles in service in between the two!

One of the true legends in political history.

And Jerry, for those that remember, ran a shoestring campaign much like Barack Obama's 2008 campaign, way before the internet was thought of, way before social media

Jerry ran solely on a 1-800-# and almost had one of the singular biggest upsets ever.

And Jerry ran another shoestring campaign for Gov. against the filthy rich Meg Whitman, friend of Mittens, who, had she prevailed, might have been Mittens VP choice but Jerry wiped out that horrible thought singlehandedly with zero money.

Why? Because the people love him.
And he is liberal as they come. However, he is a great liberal in the classic sense, and he knows enough not to overplay his hand.
(so I would say he is not a progressive.)

He is liberal and wins as opposed to progressive and whines.

And now California is 100% democratic. There are no republicans left. As article says, the republicans are a minor also ran party.

Which is the model Barack Obama is doing nationwide.
(and the liberals love Obama and get steady forward gain, while the progressives want 100% and whine and whine)

Love you Jerry Brown!
Showing how instead of cuttenrunning, he stayed and served the public and continues to do so his entire life.

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