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Shouldn't have read that Shivering Jemmy Dec 2012 #1
I know. But they had each other. I can't cope with this too well roguevalley Dec 2012 #18
I need to stop reading these. I get angrier and angrier with sufrommich Dec 2012 #2
I feel the exact same way. ellie Dec 2012 #3
Too much evil Shivering Jemmy Dec 2012 #4
Hear, hear! Little Star Dec 2012 #6
I get more and more depressed and teary-eyed. Paralyzed by grief and coalition_unwilling Dec 2012 #16
Damn. Crying again. catbyte Dec 2012 #5
Thank you Little Star... sheshe2 Dec 2012 #7
His Hucksterness says God isn't allowed in our schools. TahitiNut Dec 2012 #8
Beautifully said. PA Democrat Dec 2012 #12
Damn, I wish I'd said that. I can't imagine it being any more perfectly expressed. 11 Bravo Dec 2012 #17
Thank you, bro. TahitiNut Dec 2012 #23
it was. He was there, I know it. :*( roguevalley Dec 2012 #19
What was it many Repugs were saying all Summer and Fall about teachers? Dustlawyer Dec 2012 #9
+1 Little Star Dec 2012 #14
And remember that these teachers liberalhistorian Dec 2012 #22
I don't have a kid with special needs, but I have seen the aides at my kids' schools work with the Brickbat Dec 2012 #10
There should be a huge demonstration at that NRA press conference on Friday which ChisolmTrailDem Dec 2012 #11
Paraprofessionals are extremely important in our schools. I sub for paras a lot in Connecticut. Jennicut Dec 2012 #13
Ms. Murphy was 52 (my age). Let us hereby resolve that these dead coalition_unwilling Dec 2012 #15
so tragic Liberal_in_LA Dec 2012 #20
This is heartbreaking. I am crying. smirkymonkey Dec 2012 #21
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