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Sun Dec 16, 2012, 06:32 PM Dec 2012

Petition to forbid support of the NRA at DU [View all]

This discussion thread was locked as off-topic by REP (a host of the General Discussion forum).

We, the under rec'd, urge the good folks running this important site to make this a clear part of our culture and rules. Support of that awful organization cannot be allowed to stand.

If not now, when?


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K&R MotherPetrie Dec 2012 #1
Exactly how are you going to decide who is or is not the NRA. Lionessa Dec 2012 #2
I'm talking about defending or supporting the NRA as an organization michigandem58 Dec 2012 #3
Well, I've seen none of those. Lionessa Dec 2012 #7
A few months back I had a conversation here about an NRA robocall I received that lied about Obama. The Wielding Truth Dec 2012 #118
Links would be nice, Lionessa Dec 2012 #127
How can I get back there? It only will take me to Nov. 18? The Wielding Truth Dec 2012 #161
I found a thread like that. I just googled your screen name, NRA, and robocall. pnwmom Dec 2012 #373
is this what you're talking about? orleans Dec 2012 #375
Yes, thank you,orleans. Know I also know how to get there. Thanks again. The Wielding Truth Dec 2012 #467
So you are saying... ThatPoetGuy Dec 2012 #167
Once supposed proof is provided I will consider while I review said proof for Lionessa Dec 2012 #221
the nra heaven05 Dec 2012 #265
If I can get to it I will show you that it is not easy to be anti NRA sometimes on this site. The Wielding Truth Dec 2012 #356
Here you go. pnwmom Dec 2012 #374
So you have my posts..and your proof. I 'm not a liar. I have opinions that are not always accepted. The Wielding Truth Dec 2012 #468
well, in theory CitizenPatriot Dec 2012 #150
Bullying is going on both directions. Lionessa Dec 2012 #239
That may well be true CitizenPatriot Dec 2012 #285
Are you aware of the plank regarding the Democratic Party's stance on guns? Lionessa Dec 2012 #304
Yesterday I was accused of being NRA because I dared asked the question how would gun laws have Heather MC Dec 2012 #46
It is a form of McCarthyism. AnotherMcIntosh Dec 2012 #113
Post removed Post removed Dec 2012 #176
And if not? Then, in your view, I'm supposed to support McCarthyism? No thank you. AnotherMcIntosh Dec 2012 #183
Get over your strawman McCarthyism. morningfog Dec 2012 #196
Why should I care? I support free speech and dialog. I'm one of the liberals who upsets Rahm Emanuel AnotherMcIntosh Dec 2012 #217
Because YOUR Speech Could Be Next fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #350
You better tell (D) brian Schweitzer. beevul Dec 2012 #240
This is probably my sole reason for opposing it davidpdx Dec 2012 #142
I am not against Gun Control however in this case Heather MC Dec 2012 #162
True. But Mom wouldn't have been able to buy a Glock. Besides, it's not a reason to try Honeycombe8 Dec 2012 #324
What's your point? llmart Dec 2012 #330
My point is... Heather MC Dec 2012 #355
Your argument doesn't make any sense. llmart Dec 2012 #415
I didn't know that davidpdx Dec 2012 #371
Do the math. He was using clips that held 30 bullets each. pnwmom Dec 2012 #376
Can you cite some examples? AtheistCrusader Dec 2012 #107
That would be nice if it were true, kurtzapril4 Dec 2012 #260
Everyone in this country marions ghost Dec 2012 #447
something tells haydukelives Dec 2012 #430
I was on a jury yesterday NWHarkness Dec 2012 #4
So you always get what you want, no system will offer you that. Lionessa Dec 2012 #8
Did I say I always get what I want? NWHarkness Dec 2012 #27
You apparently wanted the jury to come to your conclusion and make the decision Lionessa Dec 2012 #44
And you sound like an NRA apologist. Zoeisright Dec 2012 #152
Interesting since I'm not and have never been an NRA member. Lionessa Dec 2012 #227
Well, of course I wanted the jury to agree with me NWHarkness Dec 2012 #218
Not my high horse, the high horse of seeing that DU as it stands is just fine, Lionessa Dec 2012 #230
You don't even know how I voted on the issue NWHarkness Dec 2012 #238
I'm only replying to what you typed here. Lionessa Dec 2012 #242
What I typed NWHarkness Dec 2012 #244
Your opinion, regardless of your vote, was made clear in your initial response to my post. Lionessa Dec 2012 #252
If I didn't think the jury system worked, I wouldn't serve when asked NWHarkness Dec 2012 #259
My point to start with was that juries assure that there is no Lionessa Dec 2012 #267
I can't argue with that NWHarkness Dec 2012 #281
I will vote to hide any post that even comes within a country mile of suggesting NRA arguments alcibiades_mystery Dec 2012 #11
I'm doing the same thing. DocMac Dec 2012 #148
I'm using the Ignore feature for the first times since I joined DU. llmart Dec 2012 #328
I'm paying attention to who are the gun nuts RomneyLies Dec 2012 #357
Regardless of what? The content? davidthegnome Dec 2012 #366
I have a hard time with real problems, no need to create imaginary ones. ThatPoetGuy Dec 2012 #457
That is probably because it doesn't violate a rule here. Chemisse Dec 2012 #87
Juries here are not held to the violation of rules, once alerted on Lionessa Dec 2012 #233
I see that this happens. Chemisse Dec 2012 #255
I've given up on trying to be objective RomneyLies Dec 2012 #358
I agree with you. axetogrind Dec 2012 #5
Those who are proud and open members for a start. If you give them money.... morningfog Dec 2012 #170
Oh! Thank you!!! I had a real honest laugh on that!!!! 6502 Dec 2012 #177
I'm game! BlueCaliDem Dec 2012 #6
I'm in for all these reasons. n/t JimDandy Dec 2012 #189
The question is this, if the NRA is an anti- Democratic Party organization then it already is banned still_one Dec 2012 #9
You must not spend much time in the gungeon Dog Gone at Penigma Dec 2012 #13
Bullshit flame bait. Berserker Dec 2012 #18
It's true - they cheer any and all stupid NRA/ALEC "guns everywhere all the time" GOP gun laws jpak Dec 2012 #86
No, a pretty accurate description Dog Gone at Penigma Dec 2012 #279
No I don't, but just expressing my view still_one Dec 2012 #59
absolutely! DrDan Dec 2012 #74
Cite some examples. AtheistCrusader Dec 2012 #110
Do they talk about the NRA directly there? You need tell me, since I trashed that forum. freshwest Dec 2012 #368
Yes, both directly and indirectly. Dog Gone at Penigma Dec 2012 #423
The NRA and GOA are extremists. They refuse any gun control at all; their fantasy is a civil war. freshwest Dec 2012 #439
The NRA is anti-anti-gun policitians. Atypical Liberal Dec 2012 #108
If you look at who is on the leadership of the NRA one has to wonder if that is their only goal still_one Dec 2012 #147
I'm for it. They are truly a bad organization. Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2012 #10
they represent a sick, SICK culture Skittles Dec 2012 #12
K&R forestpath Dec 2012 #14
I wasn't sure when I first read your post...but Yeah, The NRA has deserved to be ignored. BlueJazz Dec 2012 #15
You are going at it wrong.. wasting precious energy.... lib2DaBone Dec 2012 #16
The NRA is a RW fascist front group. baldguy Dec 2012 #17
I absolutly agree! Berserker Dec 2012 #19
I am forced, by reality, to agree. jsmirman Dec 2012 #23
Reality has that effect etherealtruth Dec 2012 #41
What you said. axetogrind Dec 2012 #54
I don't know much about the org., myself. Except they support rightwingers & hate gun control. Honeycombe8 Dec 2012 #325
The organization itself? No problem with that. Lizzie Poppet Dec 2012 #20
Knr roody Dec 2012 #21
Freedom of speech? Sienna86 Dec 2012 #22
We don't discuss people's support of the Republican party, either jsmirman Dec 2012 #26
DU isn't a governmental entity etherealtruth Dec 2012 #30
Are They Democrats? fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #445
You don't understand the First Amendment _ed_ Dec 2012 #53
Progressive? fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #297
Wait a minute you are pretending this is a first amendment issue again? Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #306
Yawn fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #310
I'm with you. Is DU a Democratic version of that other place? adigal Dec 2012 #394
Thank you fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #437
DU already restricts things like supporting Republicans _ed_ Dec 2012 #410
Are you not reading? fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #436
Explanation of what? _ed_ Dec 2012 #440
Huh? fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #441
Why do so FEW people know that's Freedom of Speech for the OWNERS of the means of that speech? patrice Dec 2012 #385
We Do Not Need to Censor Opinions; This is Not a Totalitarian Forum mckara Dec 2012 #24
Agreed Sherman A1 Dec 2012 #28
True That Eric the Reddish Dec 2012 #425
Absolutely. Loyalty oaths and purity tests are a BIG FAIL. Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2012 #37
What loyalty oath or purity test is anyone asking you to take? Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #69
Agreed. So is any form of McCarthyism and witch-hunting. AnotherMcIntosh Dec 2012 #119
Wouldn't you hunt real witches? DocMac Dec 2012 #168
Your religious intolerance is duly noted lbrtbell Dec 2012 #247
You don't need to tell me anything. DocMac Dec 2012 #287
Sad for you stonecutter357 Dec 2012 #413
I should have put the sarcasm thingy there. DocMac Dec 2012 #453
Sorry but you're on a private forum. MessiahRp Dec 2012 #335
It is not Republican Underground either, support for Republicans is not allowed here Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #43
The NRA is a right wing Republican organization _ed_ Dec 2012 #56
This just isn't so. Atypical Liberal Dec 2012 #112
The number of Democrats the NRA endorses is tiny and they are usually in noncompetetive races Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #131
4 million tools of gun and ammo corporations _ed_ Dec 2012 #139
Another True Scotsman! dairydog91 Dec 2012 #188
Another NRA troll! _ed_ Dec 2012 #411
K&R stonecutter357 Dec 2012 #464
I was a member for years. Atypical Liberal Dec 2012 #421
I was a member for a year. I quit because "on other issues I am quite liberal and" ... they hung up. ieoeja Dec 2012 #433
In the South, we take the Democrats we can get. Atypical Liberal Dec 2012 #452
If you favor Republican policies, then I believe you should vote Republican. ieoeja Dec 2012 #459
I'll continue to vote for Democrats who support the second amendment. n/t Atypical Liberal Dec 2012 #460
No, it's made of of 4,000,000 teabagger piece of shit thugs DisgustipatedinCA Dec 2012 #418
We do censor opinions here, to some degree. Chemisse Dec 2012 #96
I agree, if we can not win the arguments, perhaps we are on the wrong side. A Simple Game Dec 2012 #135
+1 nt cstanleytech Dec 2012 #156
We censor all sorts of opinions. Warren Stupidity Dec 2012 #158
Thank you. 840high Dec 2012 #349
Good to know. So when do we stop banning right-wingers and Republicans NYC Liberal Dec 2012 #456
The NRA is Evil Joey Liberal Dec 2012 #25
Do you mean the NRA and GOP or do A Simple Game Dec 2012 #137
No support for NRA mainstreetonce Dec 2012 #29
We don't allow support of other far-right organizations villager Dec 2012 #31
How many far-right organizations do you know that endorse Democratic canidates? The NRA does. Atypical Liberal Dec 2012 #114
Given what we think we know about people predisposed towards gun violence and the easy of JackBoik Dec 2012 #172
I know of one that support blue dog dems, the one you are defending. morningfog Dec 2012 #179
DLC, Blue Dogs, and Third Way. ieoeja Dec 2012 #434
sounds good, so endorsed! California Expat Dec 2012 #32
I'm in. nt. Squinch Dec 2012 #33
K&R nt LiberalEsto Dec 2012 #34
I'm in. n/t Mr.Bill Dec 2012 #35
Me! Cobalt Violet Dec 2012 #36
Rec to infinity! arthritisR_US Dec 2012 #38
I'm in we can do it Dec 2012 #39
This message was self-deleted by its author sellitman Dec 2012 #40
Though I abhor the NRA... iandhr Dec 2012 #42
Support for the Republican Party has always been forbidden here Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #48
Fair point iandhr Dec 2012 #194
Why Don't We Talk More About Why The NRA policies are bad than talking about banning DU NRA .... fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #329
So let me ask this. Lady Freedom Returns Dec 2012 #45
Absolutely not, I think most of us do support mental health reform Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #61
The Republican answer to mental health? MightyMopar Dec 2012 #68
No. Lady Freedom Returns Dec 2012 #153
+1,000,000 lbrtbell Dec 2012 #257
We need both to succeed. Mental Health Reform and Gun Control Reform! Lady Freedom Returns Dec 2012 #268
I think support of any Republican Think Tanks or Lobbies of any sort should be banned here. MessiahRp Dec 2012 #337
It's just that the official NRA talking point response to this event has been Warren Stupidity Dec 2012 #164
We need both to make a difference. Lady Freedom Returns Dec 2012 #193
Rec. Crunchy Frog Dec 2012 #47
NO... Did I make that plain enough? MrMickeysMom Dec 2012 #49
signed barbtries Dec 2012 #50
No. (n/t) spin Dec 2012 #51
It seems reasonable to me union_maid Dec 2012 #52
Actually, my thought was we should all JOIN the NRA vlyons Dec 2012 #55
The majority of NRA members want background checks nadinbrzezinski Dec 2012 #463
I Agree And We Should Extend This To Cover The NSSF As Well cantbeserious Dec 2012 #57
What if the NRA supporters don't want non supporters on this site? oldbanjo Dec 2012 #58
This is why I let my membership expire. Atypical Liberal Dec 2012 #117
They can start their own petition, although I suspect they will be outnumbered. Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #160
Go for it. Warren Stupidity Dec 2012 #165
How about just forbidding NRA talking points? frazzled Dec 2012 #60
The problem with that, is that to some, anything not completely anti-gun is an nra talking point. beevul Dec 2012 #248
Well, you now have given me a reason to join Peregrine Dec 2012 #62
Seriously? You would join the NRA, which you say you hate, Chemisse Dec 2012 #102
Easy to get behind this Politicub Dec 2012 #63
Gun lobby = GOP LeftInTX Dec 2012 #64
The NRA serves no purpose in a civil society. EmeraldCityGrl Dec 2012 #65
Count me in. jillan Dec 2012 #66
No fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #67
I support free speech too, but this is not a government run site Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #75
I Respect Your Opinion fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #91
I have long been a huge advocate of the first amendment Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #101
Again fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #116
I do defend people's right to say what I spend a lifetime opposing Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #126
If You Say So fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #140
You clearly don't understand the first amendment Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #149
What's Your Problem fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #166
I am not picking a fight, I am stating a fact Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #185
I Have Stated I Agree That This Sight Has That Right fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #191
So do you think Nazis should be able to make posts advocating genocide on this site? Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #197
They Are Not Democrats fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #204
So you support restricting some opinions on this site just not the NRA's Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #212
No fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #216
PS fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #220
No, I was not doing that. Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #232
I do and I have as it relates to free speech fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #241
That doesn't make sense. Progressives don't oppose private ownership of the means of free speech. patrice Dec 2012 #380
Ok fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #390
I'm not sure. As I said, the post didn't make sense to me. Apparently, we agree. nt patrice Dec 2012 #392
We don't have to support every single liberal or progressive issues Ter Dec 2012 #333
Do you support hate speech? ReRe Dec 2012 #121
Hate Speech? fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #136
Here's why union_maid Dec 2012 #175
Nonsense fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #187
Although you and I disagree with each other most of the time. oneshooter Dec 2012 #229
Thank You fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #234
Although you and I have had many an argument, I also agree with you on this 100 percent FTGFN. beevul Dec 2012 #266
Thank you Beevul fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #271
I applaud your support of speech X_Digger Dec 2012 #295
Thank You X_Digger fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #300
You'll find I support the first, fourth, and fifth as vehemently as the second. n/t X_Digger Dec 2012 #305
Agree fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #309
If it were ever under siege, I'd be right there. ;) X_Digger Dec 2012 #312
I Do fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #318
Thanks for your reply ReRe Dec 2012 #181
72 RECs in less than an hour on a slow Sunday evening etherealtruth Dec 2012 #70
Aye UnrepentantLiberal Dec 2012 #71
77 RECs ... still in under an hour etherealtruth Dec 2012 #72
Yes. 99Forever Dec 2012 #73
sign me up. proud2BlibKansan Dec 2012 #76
K&R 1620rock Dec 2012 #77
Post removed Post removed Dec 2012 #78
Your post made me laugh out loud etherealtruth Dec 2012 #81
Seriously? The OP would be banned from Free Republic if they made even a small criticism of the NRA Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #83
K&R nt avebury Dec 2012 #79
I'm all for free speech. So when those children who were shot get to speak again, I'll ask them what world wide wally Dec 2012 #80
Who Said Supporting Free Speech Was Easy? fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #288
Certainly not 20 school children in Newtown world wide wally Dec 2012 #334
Agree fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #338
K&R. tosh Dec 2012 #82
91 RECs on a lazy Sunday evening (within one hour) etherealtruth Dec 2012 #84
I don't really see anyone doing so. AtheistCrusader Dec 2012 #85
How is a petition handled around here? Thanks N/T busterbrown Dec 2012 #88
Recommending the post is the way the OP framed it etherealtruth Dec 2012 #93
how do you post a recommend. Iím so computer illiterate.... Thanks busterbrown Dec 2012 #134
At the bottom left of the original post is a box labeled DU REC etherealtruth Dec 2012 #144
Thanks so much! busterbrown Dec 2012 #370
Add my name to your petition. Curmudgeoness Dec 2012 #89
I don't care for the NRA or the gun people in general, but absolutely not in support of this Alamuti Lotus Dec 2012 #90
Well said. AnotherMcIntosh Dec 2012 #124
I don't care for or support the Tea Party ... etherealtruth Dec 2012 #132
there's plenty of sub-groups around I consider an enemy (or some less extreme facsimile of the idea) Alamuti Lotus Dec 2012 #209
Really, you don't think this site has a specific purpose etherealtruth Dec 2012 #214
Liberal Democrats own guns... A lot of them. JohnnyRingo Dec 2012 #381
How adult of you. JohnnyRingo Dec 2012 #219
Thank you michigandem58 for this OP! ReRe Dec 2012 #92
No. I don't support the NRA or defend them but this is the internet and it falls under free speech. crazy homeless guy Dec 2012 #94
This isn't "the internet." It's a community on the internet. Iris Dec 2012 #106
This is a private web site. You are here at the pleasure of the admins. Chemisse Dec 2012 #111
No it does not fall under free speech, this is a privately run site Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #115
Fine with me shenmue Dec 2012 #95
I keep trying to recommend this over and over again. aandegoons Dec 2012 #97
I'm not an NRA supporter. musical_soul Dec 2012 #98
signed, kestrel kestrel91316 Dec 2012 #99
came back just to K&R this deacon_sephiroth Dec 2012 #100
No. nt rDigital Dec 2012 #103
Here's why liberals should be against this. Atypical Liberal Dec 2012 #104
Sorry, but the NRA is not the same thing as a labor union Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #122
But it IS collective action. Atypical Liberal Dec 2012 #406
I can see why you call yourself ATYPICAL Skittles Dec 2012 #123
Like I said, you may not like what they work for, but you should respect collective action. Atypical Liberal Dec 2012 #405
The NRA secondvariety Dec 2012 #133
Like I said, you may not like what they work for, but you should respect collective action. Atypical Liberal Dec 2012 #404
Oh.... GAG. JimDandy Dec 2012 #178
Not impressed and not like a union union_maid Dec 2012 #184
Like I said, you may not like what they work for, but you should respect collective action. Atypical Liberal Dec 2012 #403
The PC Thought Police Just Alerted Your Post fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #286
The PC Thought Police? Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #298
No fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #301
count me in n/t southern_belle Dec 2012 #105
Damn straight. tblue Dec 2012 #109
Yes! Rain Mcloud Dec 2012 #120
RW organizations shouldn't be given a platform here to broadcast their lies jsr Dec 2012 #125
I agree DonCoquixote Dec 2012 #128
piss on the NRA and its supporters.... mike_c Dec 2012 #129
Nyet. I don't see the problem this slippery slope seeks to overcome. Overt support WheelWalker Dec 2012 #130
See post 104 in this thread as an example Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #138
Why don't you alert on that post, then. Let's see how, under existing TOS, a jury WheelWalker Dec 2012 #159
I just sent one... Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #210
For the record the jury voted 4-2 to let it stand Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #236
Oh Good Grief-You Alerted Post 104 fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #284
I'll defend his right to say it too, as long as he does so at another site Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #292
You Alerted Someone Who By Your Own Words Did Not Violate TOS fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #293
Read my last post again Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #294
You Didn't Answer the Question fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #302
I did not violate the TOS, but you did Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #311
intellectually Dishonest fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #316
Pretending everything is black and white is what is intellectually dishonest Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #326
Pretending What? fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #336
I did not say the jury was right, I said I can't say they are wrong. There is a difference. Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #339
Oh ok fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #340
What a Condescending Load of ..... fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #343
Support fo rht NRA = support for the Right to Kill Babies and Adults RomneyLies Dec 2012 #141
If you're going to forbid support of the NRA skepticscott Dec 2012 #143
Exactly RufusTFirefly Dec 2012 #163
^This^ pecwae Dec 2012 #399
+1 Veruca Salt Dec 2012 #427
Fuck the NRA MassedPole Dec 2012 #145
signed. robinlynne Dec 2012 #146
No way RufusTFirefly Dec 2012 #151
I support this petition Duppers Dec 2012 #154
K&R valerief Dec 2012 #155
Get fucking real dude. LaPera Dec 2012 #157
NRA Endorses 14 House Democrats Over Republicans Great Caesars Ghost Dec 2012 #169
So? They should not be welcome on DU or in the Democratic Party. morningfog Dec 2012 #180
That's what the petitioner wants. Great Caesars Ghost Dec 2012 #208
So using talking points from those 14 Democrats could get you banned here if the crowd has its way. L0oniX Dec 2012 #192
Yes. Let's make it so. morningfog Dec 2012 #171
YES PLEASE! Tiggeroshii Dec 2012 #173
ON a regular day, anti-gun talk is only allowed on the home turf of the pro-gun section graham4anything Dec 2012 #174
The gun scum has to go! ellisonz Dec 2012 #182
I don't believe the DU admins are going to allow an angry crowd to decide anything for them. L0oniX Dec 2012 #186
K&R Canuckistanian Dec 2012 #190
Agree...remove any gun groups. nt SoapBox Dec 2012 #195
The tacky issue that separates the crowd...Choice vs. Authority libdem4life Dec 2012 #198
I'm in rurallib Dec 2012 #199
Purity Oath? JohnnyRingo Dec 2012 #200
Why? Are you opposed to marriage equality for LGBT citizens? Warren DeMontague Dec 2012 #207
Did I say I am? JohnnyRingo Dec 2012 #213
No, I'm curious, since you listed it as an example. Warren DeMontague Dec 2012 #226
Why do I feel like I'm being pulled over by the purity police? JohnnyRingo Dec 2012 #378
Just so you know; Warren DeMontague Dec 2012 #393
And, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." savannah43 Dec 2012 #215
Petition to forbid any DU support of predator drone strikes RufusTFirefly Dec 2012 #201
not only that MichaelHarris Dec 2012 #202
Sign me up. Brigid Dec 2012 #203
Only if we can do the same for the ACLU. Glassunion Dec 2012 #205
The ACLU is hardly the same thing as the NRA, but you knew that Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #222
I agree to a point. Glassunion Dec 2012 #250
The ACLU has never stood up for the Klan's agenda Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #272
+a million. n/t JimDandy Dec 2012 #317
Both Would Argue They Support The Constitution's Bill of Rights fightthegoodfightnow Dec 2012 #352
How do 3 Strikes laws (invented by the NRA) support the Bill of Rights? ieoeja Dec 2012 #438
I'm onboard with the petition jimlup Dec 2012 #206
I doubt it will do any good but you've got my support. n/t crim son Dec 2012 #211
Does support of the 2nd Amendment as currently interpreted by The Court equal support of the NRA? Adsos Letter Dec 2012 #223
Signed glinda Dec 2012 #224
No. If you don't think you can counter their arguments jeff47 Dec 2012 #225
The NRA has no "argument." It's just an Lex Dec 2012 #231
And banning them from DU does nothing. jeff47 Dec 2012 #277
+1 Lex Dec 2012 #228
Do you forbid support for the Second Amendment? nt jody Dec 2012 #235
The Second Amendment seems to be doing JUST FINE. Lex Dec 2012 #245
But that's the main NRA talking point, something the OP wants to oppose. nt jody Dec 2012 #249
Go support the NRA someplace else. It's a big internet. nt Lex Dec 2012 #254
I support the Democratic Party platform that says "Firearms. We recognize that the individual right jody Dec 2012 #263
You definitely can support the party platform withOUT supporting the NRA. Lex Dec 2012 #269
No, I welcome multiple viewpoints on the gun issue Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #246
See #249 nt jody Dec 2012 #253
There are supporters of gun rights who oppose the NRA, they are welcome here Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #261
Exactly. Lex Dec 2012 #270
I've been a DUer since Jan 2001 and understand but the OP advocated banning NRA talking points. jody Dec 2012 #273
Read the OP again, it does not advocate banning NRA talking points Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #274
Mea culpa you are correct. It was in the posts of the thread. My concern is still there. nt jody Dec 2012 #280
How about support for the NRA's gun safety courses? Kaleva Dec 2012 #315
Nope, the NRA is not a legitimate gun safety organization Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #323
I could do that but their own instructors are trained by the NRA Kaleva Dec 2012 #327
I know that at least here in MN we can get safety classes from the Department of Natural Resources Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #332
Who is trying to pretend? Kaleva Dec 2012 #341
Look, no one is doing background checks on you to know who you take gun safety courses from Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #345
Post removed Post removed Dec 2012 #237
I'll sign. Arctic Dave Dec 2012 #243
K&R FreeState Dec 2012 #251
I doubt it will happen but I'm all for it! Walk away Dec 2012 #256
Signed n/t lupinella Dec 2012 #258
Howard Dean, you're not wanted here RufusTFirefly Dec 2012 #262
Is Howard Dean going to come to this site and make pro-NRA posts? Bjorn Against Dec 2012 #276
Nosiree! Not anymore. You've put the fear of God into him. Well done! n/t RufusTFirefly Dec 2012 #278
I'm a 'lifer' with the NRA. Christmas gift from an uncle some 30 years ago. Thought many times Purveyor Dec 2012 #264
No Android3.14 Dec 2012 #275
Kicked and Recommended defacto7 Dec 2012 #282
The NRA is an arm of the GOP. Odin2005 Dec 2012 #283
I sort of though that was a given? Remmah2 Dec 2012 #289
Those NRA cowards who enabled this have yet to say anything about it. Cobalt Violet Dec 2012 #290
Sure. Seems like a nothingburger though, a solution for nonexistent problem. TheKentuckian Dec 2012 #291
We need a Ribbon humbled_opinion Dec 2012 #296
Done. nt. OldDem2012 Dec 2012 #299
Count me in... awoke_in_2003 Dec 2012 #303
Yes, signed wholeheartedly! Tumbulu Dec 2012 #307
K&R Sedona Dec 2012 #308
We don't need purity tests AlbertCat Dec 2012 #313
K&R RoccoR5955 Dec 2012 #314
Oh and are we going to ban free speach while we are at it? Oldenuff Dec 2012 #319
agreed KILL THE WISE ONE Dec 2012 #379
K and FUCKING R! 47of74 Dec 2012 #320
Aye. Care Acutely Dec 2012 #321
Nah. Slippery slope. You'll start getting people alerting all over the place, accusing others of Honeycombe8 Dec 2012 #322
Long overdue that support of a highly conservative right wing organization... Agnosticsherbet Dec 2012 #331
no brainer upi402 Dec 2012 #342
no nadine_mn Dec 2012 #344
The NRA is a blip compared to the 60+MILLION who voted to PrezO. VPStoltz Dec 2012 #346
No Flatpicker Dec 2012 #347
Fully agree BainsBane Dec 2012 #348
I'm in Shivering Jemmy Dec 2012 #351
Proud to be rec 300 RetroLounge Dec 2012 #353
How is this even an issue? NRA is joined to the GOP by the hip. It has no place here. McCamy Taylor Dec 2012 #354
Seems worse to me than advocating for ALEC Major Nikon Dec 2012 #359
+1000 ellisonz Dec 2012 #360
Not now, not ever. Daemonaquila Dec 2012 #361
This site censors stuff all the time Paulie Dec 2012 #362
K&R Firebrand Gary Dec 2012 #363
Call me crazy but... Lost-in-FL Dec 2012 #364
Some material is showing up on Face Book that says a significant majority of NRA members are patrice Dec 2012 #391
. wakeoftheflood Dec 2012 #365
So who determines what is support of the NRA? davidthegnome Dec 2012 #367
just for what 5 or 10 rounds had to have done to those kids that their families had to bury makes me Divine Discontent Dec 2012 #369
Slow down and really think about solutions, NOT arguments... jonesgirl Dec 2012 #372
This message was self-deleted by its author KatyAnn Dec 2012 #377
Stay please, our strength is in our diversity. KILL THE WISE ONE Dec 2012 #384
Someone needs to do their dirty sock laundry RandiFan1290 Dec 2012 #396
JUST LEAVE Skittles Dec 2012 #397
We are on DU BECAUSE it censors the GOP worldview. And thank God for that. harun Dec 2012 #446
If we still had the UNREC I would use it on this whole thread. KILL THE WISE ONE Dec 2012 #382
Did you read the Terms of Service you agreed to when you joined? ellisonz Dec 2012 #383
so now you threatening me KILL THE WISE ONE Dec 2012 #386
Wha? ellisonz Dec 2012 #387
It's not your board, so it's not your free speech. Constitutional law guarantees free speech to the patrice Dec 2012 #389
There IS a gag rule against pushing Republican positions AgingAmerican Dec 2012 #422
There are people on DU who freely bash President Obama. If that can be allowed, gotta allow the rare RBInMaine Dec 2012 #388
Neither should be allowed. aandegoons Dec 2012 #395
Let em speak... WhoWoodaKnew Dec 2012 #398
Ahem... WRONG. TheAmbivalante Dec 2012 #400
Amen Stuckinthebush Dec 2012 #417
+1 nt shireen Dec 2012 #454
This message was self-deleted by its author ann--- Dec 2012 #401
For many reasons, no. I propose increasing moderation and jury removal of nra/gun posts outside geckosfeet Dec 2012 #402
if moderation is your solution, there needs to be either a new or different additioinal host added Dog Gone at Penigma Dec 2012 #424
As much as I loathe the NRA, I vote against censorship. marble falls Dec 2012 #407
dont like the NRA rdking647 Dec 2012 #408
Ban? Forbid? Brainstormy Dec 2012 #409
It's truly chilling to witness mob psychology in action RufusTFirefly Dec 2012 #412
Why the hell would any democrat support the NRA? workinclasszero Dec 2012 #414
Ugh...hell no. I won't support this silliness Stuckinthebush Dec 2012 #416
Yeppers. philly_bob Dec 2012 #419
Yep JustAnotherGen Dec 2012 #420
Agreed !!! - K & R !!! WillyT Dec 2012 #426
I'm undecided & concerned about the board being swamped by trollish users in either case, so patrice Dec 2012 #428
NRA is a terrorist organization. HootieMcBoob Dec 2012 #429
Signed. TO HELL WITH THE NRA!! Erose999 Dec 2012 #431
If it can be done, I'm for it. Sparkly Dec 2012 #432
Count me in Auggie Dec 2012 #435
I think the 2nd Amendment should be repealed and I don't agree with this broadcaster75201 Dec 2012 #442
Nope NICO9000 Dec 2012 #443
Agreed. LP2K12 Dec 2012 #444
I'm not willing to chill free-wheeling speech here made in good faith. closeupready Dec 2012 #448
Let's keep this kicked. nt valerief Dec 2012 #449
I'm in. nt oxymoron Dec 2012 #450
HELL YES. rivegauche Dec 2012 #451
Not your father's NRA anymore. colorado_ufo Dec 2012 #455
Yeah, Wayne LaPierre has to go. He's perverted the NRA. DinahMoeHum Dec 2012 #458
Yes. nt ElbarDee Dec 2012 #461
I will sign to this. nadinbrzezinski Dec 2012 #462
K&R stonecutter357 Dec 2012 #465
Anyone who openly supports the NRA, supports the GOP. onehandle Dec 2012 #466
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