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10. This was always intended to be another con job
Sun May 26, 2024, 09:23 AM
May 26

He intended to pack the room with his cult followers and create the illusion that Libertarians loved him

I know some llibertarian trumpers dembotoz May 26 #1
Wrong... brooklynite May 26 #9
"llibertarian trumpers" J_William_Ryan May 26 #2
I don't know, TFG is no Republican and I always get a Libertarian buzz from his supporters here in central Texas. marble falls May 27 #21
Maybe it was Donny's own idea. tanyev May 26 #3
Maybe not 100% convinced. He did make sure that there were MAGA supporters in the audience. wnylib May 27 #28
Team trDUMP is well aware many Standard Republicans find him repulsive and as Never-trDUMPers refuse to vote for him. magicarpet May 26 #4
Nothing says get the government off our backs like fascism. LOL bucolic_frolic May 26 #5
David Smith at the Guardian summed up the trDUMP/Libertarian speech nicely. magicarpet May 26 #6
Basic Desperation. Jirel May 26 #7
Dumpster diving for votes... MiHale May 26 #8
This was always intended to be another con job RAB910 May 26 #10
this is the fact ZonkerHarris May 26 #18
Oh, I can understand why it happened. Baitball Blogger May 26 #11
LOL. Truth. CrispyQ May 27 #38
This was an own goal by Trump. Swede May 26 #12
Broadly it makes some sense BannonsLiver May 26 #13
The Proposed Toxic Marriage Between RFK Jr. and the Libertarian Party Could Hurt Trump LetMyPeopleVote May 26 #14
Please don't tell me what to call RFK Jr or any other candidate. ShazzieB May 26 #16
Got to agree. Stealing his name seems a little overboard and petty. RFK Jr has certainly managed to separate ... marble falls May 27 #22
So, under your rules for calling people who they are, Abolishinist May 27 #39
I believe in calling people what they want to be called. ShazzieB May 27 #40
False assumption that EVERYONE loves "Trump"!! no_hypocrisy May 26 #15
I wonder if they got their hands on some internal polling Torchlight May 26 #17
TFG did not want Bob aka RFK Jr to get this nomination LetMyPeopleVote May 26 #19
I dunno, but I think it was a GREAT idea. marble falls May 27 #20
I do, too!! TSExile May 27 #24
They're delusional. shrike3 May 27 #23
Feeding trumps ego. republianmushroom May 27 #25
Assume everyone around Trump hates him Johonny May 27 #26
Political Reality ._. May 27 #27
Trump is concerned about RFK Jr.' siphoning off some of his voters dlk May 27 #29
Trump is concerned about RFK Jr.' siphoning off some of his voters dlk May 27 #30
Captive audience, named event, nationally televised... RockRaven May 27 #31
I remember the JFK and Bobbi Kennedy back then. This joker here is a very poor version of his SWBTATTReg May 27 #32
It was almost certainly Trump's idea. He probably thought they'd love him, Ocelot II May 27 #33
Libertarians are:::: keithbvadu2 May 27 #34
I'm sure he thought Sailingdiver May 27 #35
An anti-trump mole in his camp? That would be a good thing. brush May 27 #36
They tried to make it a Trump Luv Fest GenThePerservering May 27 #37
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