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You're on the lam from the law and you have a huge splashy birthday party? Irish_Dem May 18 #1
No, too arrogant. Thinks he's above it because of who he is. Biophilic May 18 #27
The entitlement and arrogance has been stunning. Irish_Dem May 18 #29
Seriously, and painful to watch. I really do dispise these people. Biophilic May 18 #35
We know if we had done 1/100 of what they did, we would have been in jail Irish_Dem May 18 #36
Just about any one that deal with "Justice" and "Law enforcement" is conservative, hen Republican. LiberalArkie May 19 #89
He owes Ruby and Shaye many millions-- viva la May 18 #79
Right he lives the high life while he has big debts to pay. Irish_Dem May 18 #80
I guess that Goodman guy Captain Zero May 18 #2
Slander Party Massacre peppertree May 18 #17
If there is a movie made, this scene has to be in it. Irish_Dem May 18 #30
Roger Corman would've liked that peppertree May 18 #43
Big --- YES AGREED ----- in huge blinking neon lights! SupportSanity May 18 #47
How embarassing BoRaGard May 18 #3
What to give the guy who has everything? "You've been served!" tanyev May 18 #4
Everytime this question is asked... aggiesal May 18 #18
Maybe they are waiting for Bannon's birthday party to drag him off to jail SupportSanity May 18 #49
I'm sure he was in "high spirits." yardwork May 18 #5
Yes he was tanked to the gills no doubt. Irish_Dem May 18 #31
Go Rudy! Hstch05 May 18 #6
Stormed the party like is was Normandy... Probatim May 18 #7
Does Caroline Wren know who the men Pototan May 18 #23
She has no clue. Irish_Dem May 18 #33
the bad guys were of the same ilk in both events prodigitalson May 18 #63
Yes exactly. Irish_Dem May 18 #65
Really? Conjuay May 19 #88
And he was once mayor of NY........................... Lovie777 May 18 #8
A lot of us NYC'rs Didn't like him! electric_blue68 May 18 #12
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (nt) Paladin May 18 #9
Rootie PahTootie is a despicable meat popsicle. NoMoreRepugs May 18 #10
"Ahem"... cough... BAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!! electric_blue68 May 18 #11
"Who stands up for law enforcement." Botany May 18 #13
The fascist "trial by combat" repuke! Justice matters. May 18 #14
Too funny underpants May 18 #15
And yet so fitting! 😂 onetexan May 18 #16
He was probably so hammered he didn't notice. marmar May 18 #19
The guest list seems to be the whos who of who should be in jail with him. BoomaofBandM May 18 #20
Best Birthday Present Ever ! nt TeamProg May 18 #21
They should've treated him like a black kid who'd stolen a candy bar Orrex May 18 #22
This was epic! colorado_ufo May 18 #24
Self inflicted wound Picaro May 18 #25
His Profile Got Super Elevated By.... ProfessorGAC May 18 #48
Did they lure Traildogbob May 18 #26
That and a bottle of booze. Sky Jewels May 18 #40
Um, Rudy, No.... COL Mustard May 18 #28
And they don't take orders from you, either, Rudy. calimary May 18 #77
Confucius Say: He who is hot mess has runny hair dye Blue Owl May 18 #32
"Process server located Rudy by following a trail of jet-black hair dye." - Borowitz sop May 19 #87
Bwahahahaha -- too funny!!! Blue Owl May 19 #93
bravo. AllaN01Bear May 18 #34
Why oh why do I have to share the planet with these people? NBachers May 18 #37
Especially the oxygen! YUCK! ❤️ littlemissmartypants May 18 #66
Oh my nonexistent god, what a moron! Sky Jewels May 18 #38
Awww. He was having such a good time... CCExile May 18 #39
They "stormed" in "like it was Normandy." thucythucy May 18 #41
I see what odins folly May 18 #44
Yes n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 May 18 #46
Are you kidding me? SWBTATTReg May 18 #42
As a voter in AZ, I find it troubling that Rudy & other GOP mobster wanna-bees wasted resources trying to overthrow us. Attilatheblond May 18 #45
Where is Borat when we need him? SupportSanity May 18 #50
If trump gets back in the white house rudy will be pardoned. mucifer May 18 #51
Trump can't pardon someone for state crimes Kaleva May 18 #55
The subpoena was a courtesy. It was showing respect..... getagrip_already May 18 #52
A Message To You, Rudy... Pluvious May 18 #53
Happy birthday Rudy! Woodwizard May 18 #54
Could have retired, beloved. Do Trump's bidding and this is what you get. A long line of those idiots. OverBurn May 18 #56
He wouldn't have retired beloved NanaCat May 18 #82
The biggest drag for the partygoers was... LudwigPastorius May 18 #57
How DARE anyone make fun of Rudy after ALL he's been through!?! JoseBalow May 18 #58
One nice thing to take away from this story; BobTheSubgenius May 18 #59
LOL! Stormed a Party like it was Normandy. n/t Jacson6 May 18 #60
23 years later they're still playing 911 like a get out jail free card Bucky May 18 #61
As Joe Biden once observed about Rudy: sop May 18 #67
Wasn't that Ted Kennedys' line? N/T Conjuay May 19 #91
Joe said it during a presidential debate: sop May 19 #92
That tsf's toadies are still palling around with Rudy shows they're not lindysalsagal May 18 #62
Kris Mayes is proof EVERY vote counts! maspaha May 18 #64
❤️ littlemissmartypants May 18 #68
Thank you littlemissmartypants! maspaha May 19 #94
YW! ❤️ littlemissmartypants May 19 #95
Birthday parties for a man his age? pwb May 18 #69
Why not? GenThePerservering May 19 #86
Dusted off the Giuliani 9/11 line! wss2001 May 18 #70
The sight of law enforcement doing its job causes Republicans to scream. Hilarious. SunSeeker May 18 #71
Happy birthday loser! mcar May 18 #72
I am always amazed Texasgal May 18 #73
'Partygoers started screaming' What were they screaming ? Traurigkeit May 18 #74
This makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote May 18 #75
Rudy should have been expecting it. Dip shit, he did it this way for the purpose of shocking his friends ... marble falls May 18 #76
They engineered this poutrage. They practically invited them. unblock May 18 #78
I don't know why they'd start screaming Warpy May 18 #81
doesn't sound anything like my nana's 80th birthday party. just saying. nt orleans May 18 #83
This is unfortunately made up BS odins folly May 18 #84
Lake Clarke Shores is NOT Palm Beach. Stupid fucking Rudy was pretty close to the black side of town. SoFlaBro May 19 #85
You people! czarjak May 19 #90
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