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CNN political commentator Alice Stewart dies [View all] greatauntoftriplets May 18 OP
"...when I voted for (Trump)." (From the link) Liberal In Texas May 18 #1
Words. Whatever. erronis May 18 #20
She always seemed decent and normal JI7 May 18 #2
Decent and normal people don't make excuses for fascists. Think. Again. May 19 #26
I'm getting dehumanized CanonRay May 18 #3
somewhat agree progressiveforever May 18 #6
You are getting desensitized, perhaps, TheProle May 18 #8
Thanks. CanonRay May 18 #9
You have it backward, the humane reaction to the death of a fascism apologist... Think. Again. May 19 #27
More like a spit. The Grand Illuminist May 24 #34
Bottom line.. she didn't care Cha May 18 #4
The few times I saw her I thought she was horrendous NewHendoLib May 18 #5
She was hoorendous progressiveforever May 18 #7
god got the wrong republican again chicoescuela May 18 #10
Nope, they are all equally worthy of being stopped. Think. Again. May 19 #28
Here she is on CNN just a few days ago. IcyPeas May 18 #11
Sad? I think dying outdoors is a nice way to go. Think. Again. May 19 #29
Tweet from Maria Cardona: IcyPeas May 18 #12
I sincerely hope there isn't a god that needs rightwing communications help. Think. Again. May 19 #30
She was 58 -- gods that's young. Condolences to her family and friends. Hekate May 18 #13
I honestly never heard of her till now. ShazzieB May 18 #14
Okay. Bye Oopsie Daisy May 18 #15
Yeah, I do wonder what Cha May 18 #16
I'm sure the conspiracy theories will start up momentarily Oopsie Daisy May 18 #18
I just want to know what the "Medical Emergency" was. Cha May 18 #19
Heart attack? Brain aneurysm? Stroke? Oopsie Daisy May 18 #22
Russian Tea? maxrandb May 19 #25
The official... Hugin May 19 #33
I'm not doing a happy dance . . . SarcasticSatyr May 18 #17
What a sad thing. I hope her family and friends find peace. nolabear May 18 #21
She went on to serve as the communications director in then-Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's office before assuming a Celerity May 18 #23
I smell something fishy. William769 May 19 #24
She blocked me as soon as I called her on that Trump shit. czarjak May 19 #31
Thoughts and prayers... sop May 19 #32
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