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They see themselves reflected in him. bluesbassman Apr 26 #1
Absolutely. It really is as simple as that. whopis01 Apr 26 #23
Yes DENVERPOPS Apr 27 #89
They like Trump, he entertains them and tells them what they want to hear. Irish_Dem Apr 26 #2
Even if they hate him, I fully expect most Republicans will vote for Trump over Biden. Earth-shine Apr 26 #3
When I see Trump edhopper Apr 26 #5
I'll bet he makes a lot of them feel uneasy, but the Republican voters will come home for him. Earth-shine Apr 26 #12
Anger here at the youngster never reprimanded or the adult always hiding bhind Roy Cohn. Evolve Dammit Apr 26 #45
She also said it would be a very bad thing if he ever got into politics. OMGWTF Apr 27 #87
Republicans are the subjects of a 50+ year indoctrination. bullimiami Apr 26 #20
Don't let that take you down. LiberalFighter Apr 26 #36
Longer than 50 years soldierant Apr 26 #49
Yes, the right-wing media has been successful PatSeg Apr 27 #64
That for sure. Plus I wonder about how many people have toxoplasmosis infections Attilatheblond Apr 27 #90
Sounds like those brain eating alien worms in the show PatSeg Apr 27 #94
The show Brain Dead was certainly an apt metaphor for our times Attilatheblond Apr 27 #95
It was such a clever idea PatSeg Apr 27 #98
tRump was a joke back in the 90's Blue Owl Apr 26 #4
awesome! Shellback Squid Apr 26 #10
👍 Rebl2 Apr 26 #25
OMG! nt wiggs Apr 26 #34
Trump was a joke in the late 1970s Traurigkeit Apr 26 #54
That was great! PatSeg Apr 27 #66
Dave, those are orangutans which are not monkeys... mikeysnot Apr 27 #73
That drives me nuts, too! Sky Jewels Apr 27 #80
Correct- Letterman always knew Trump was full of shit Under The Radar Apr 27 #86
I feel like Toto has revealed the fake wizard, but MAGA types... Silent3 Apr 26 #6
Toto revealed the fake wizard Blue Owl Apr 27 #97
Maybe it's because they don't see themselves for what they are. tblue37 Apr 26 #7
They view Trump as a giant walking middle finger FalloutShelter Apr 26 #8
Democrats, the government and the Constitution Raven123 Apr 26 #29
True. FalloutShelter Apr 26 #31
Plus being brainwashed by Fox News. Tribetime Apr 26 #41
And 40 years of Rush Evolve Dammit Apr 26 #46
They view Trump as a giant walking middle finger FalloutShelter Apr 26 #8
The republican party was always going this way TlalocW Apr 26 #11
What Trump does is what the typical loud mouth drunk does in the neigborhood bar. doc03 Apr 26 #13
I agree. I reference the drunk in the bar that "knows everything" at times. LiberalFighter Apr 26 #37
He is a sociopath. Neither of the other is even though both are characters.. Evolve Dammit Apr 26 #47
"A man sees what Island Blue Apr 26 #14
Whoa! I was just thinking that same thing. calimary Apr 26 #50
His ghouls intentionally clamor for more brainwashing news. GreenWave Apr 26 #15
Reagan and Bush were at least somewhat convincing Ocelot II Apr 26 #16
Simply put... llmart Apr 26 #17
Or like they would like to be. Ocelot II Apr 26 #21
Well said! moose65 Apr 27 #85
It's Mass Psychosis? Chakaconcarne Apr 26 #18
Toxoplasmosis is said to be a common parasite and humans get it. Lots of humans Attilatheblond Apr 27 #91
They want to turn America into a dictatorship. Emile Apr 26 #19
I assume they do, but dont understand politics Johonny Apr 26 #22
The common man, no matter how sharp and strong he is... Squaredeal Apr 26 #24
They even send him money over and over and over again. Vinca Apr 26 #26
Ed, you suffer from an inability to hate the poor, the foreign, and the truly vulnerable Bucky Apr 26 #27
true true. k55f5r Apr 27 #82
The same reason they flock to tele-evangelists. no_hypocrisy Apr 26 #28
Trump is... The Unmitigated Gall Apr 26 #30
That is deep! Love it! Doodley Apr 27 #78
They see themselves in his reflection. onecaliberal Apr 26 #32
It's not just TSF. returnee Apr 26 #33
When MCCain brought Sarah Palin to the national level, she made it okay to Karadeniz Apr 26 #35
TSF did away with the dog whistles of the past Wednesdays Apr 26 #38
For the religious right, he's a means to and end. paleotn Apr 26 #39
A lot of them have daddy issues/childhood trauma maryellen99 Apr 26 #40
Me neither. I just don't live in their world, peacebuzzard Apr 26 #42
If regular politicians (Republican or Democratic) haven't solved your problems.... brooklynite Apr 26 #43
He validates their bigotry and racism and homophobia and misogyny and antisemitism and Islamophobia and * Oopsie Daisy Apr 26 #44
Your logical fallacy is NanaCat Apr 27 #69
🙄 Oopsie Daisy Apr 27 #96
trump has NO redeeming qualities that I can see. mwb970 Apr 26 #48
You Could Say This About Any Cult Member Marigold Apr 26 #51
Yes, this is true PatSeg Apr 27 #61
You make a good point Marigold Apr 27 #70
I knew back in 2015 he was a joke and a bad man kimbutgar Apr 26 #52
The first time I saw him in an interview PatSeg Apr 27 #59
It is hard to understand. Many just don't care. LiberalFighter Apr 26 #53
It's plain and simple. It's a cult. Ray Bruns Apr 26 #55
Yes, I ask myself that almost on a daily basis PatSeg Apr 27 #56
Reagan & Bush never trashed our allies & sucked up to dictators. oldsoftie Apr 27 #57
Oh they know what he is. Woodwizard Apr 27 #58
I am not sure edhopper Apr 27 #60
I feel the same, I knew him for 30 years. Woodwizard Apr 27 #67
Some people are easily conned. Emile Apr 27 #62
I think he taps into their Id. Joinfortmill Apr 27 #63
He fuels their resentment, imagined or not. zanana1 Apr 27 #65
The fact that... GiqueCee Apr 27 #68
I think they like any leader Chautauquas Apr 27 #71
Because they, too, are butthurt, racist grifters at heart... dchill Apr 27 #72
Trump supporters by and large see themselves in this small, petty, vindictive man peggysue2 Apr 27 #74
They know what he is and they like it JI7 Apr 27 #75
Probably claudette Apr 27 #76
Walk through any Walmart. Look around. Those are His People Funtatlaguy Apr 27 #77
Spite is their most important ting, and cruelty Baltimike Apr 27 #79
Or worse: DFW Apr 27 #81
He gave them the right to use the word n****r. And they like that. Botany Apr 27 #83
Their racism is their Precious Wild blueberry Apr 27 #84
He owns the libs. For some people, it's as simple as that. shrike3 Apr 27 #88
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 27 #92
I believe there is a small minority that does not, but most do Kennah Apr 27 #93
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