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51. Civil disobedience includes getting arrested.
Thu Apr 25, 2024, 12:37 AM
Apr 25

The police seem to know how they’re supposed to do this. National Guard doesn’t. Without Nixon or in this case Trump as president it’s definitely not Kent. Besides David Crosby is dead.

I F Stone imvestigated Kent State GreenWave Apr 24 #1
Do you know the rationale for the police moving in sarisataka Apr 24 #2
From what I can google it wasn't an "encampment" but a protest. UT stated the protest wasn't sanctioned. Nanjeanne Apr 24 #4
That is what it looks like sarisataka Apr 24 #6
They were setting up camp LeftInTX Apr 24 #19
They warned them yesterday that they weren't having this during the TBF Apr 24 #5
I believe UT requires prior permission for events ripcord Apr 24 #7
I don't think they require permission for simple protests. There are frequent protests on campus. LeftInTX Apr 24 #18
Frightening. Big Blue Marble Apr 24 #3
Constitutional Rights are zip-code based in the current majestic american grand awakening error sanatanadharma Apr 24 #14
Another video from KXAN News Journalist Nanjeanne Apr 24 #8
With Greg Abbott, anything could happen. He's desperate to show his "toughness" & ruthlessness hlthe2b Apr 24 #9
Buildings at Cal Poly Humboldt are occupied after two days of demonstrations. PufPuf23 Apr 24 #10
Bring in the goon squad to deprive the kids of their right to peaceful protest. Chainfire Apr 24 #11
Huge story right now in town Texasgal Apr 24 #12
There's traffic backed up in Austin Texas? Those bastards! Prairie Gates Apr 24 #48
I know.. I know.. Texasgal Apr 24 #50
More Cops than protesters - it's redneck Texas what do you expect. walkingman Apr 24 #13
May be worse Doc Sportello Apr 24 #15
Texas DPS sent state troopers from Houston to Austin to handle the UT protest. LetMyPeopleVote Apr 24 #16
Oversized response. LeftInTX Apr 24 #20
If they were coming from Houston, maybe not. ShazzieB Apr 24 #30
Abbott has all sorts of reserves in Austin. I doubt if anyone from Houston made it on time. LeftInTX Apr 24 #33
Doesn't surpriseme at all tyat he'd have plenty of reserves on hand in Austin. ShazzieB Apr 24 #37
Here's an article from the Texas Tribune which gives wnylib Apr 24 #17
There actions will only make the situation worse - they also had protests walkingman Apr 24 #21
DPS riot troops are all over Austin. LeftInTX Apr 24 #23
Agreed Always Blue Apr 24 #22
This will go poorly! Hope22 Apr 24 #24
Somehow I doubt armed men in full riot gear were all that scared of the college kids EX500rider Apr 24 #43
You are welcome to your doubts Hope22 Apr 24 #46
The good news about this: It makes the protesters look good and the cops look bad. LeftInTX Apr 24 #25
Yes. I do wonder if the GOP fuckers are trying to provoke broader violence with this LymphocyteLover Apr 24 #27
A local FOX camera person has reportedly been arrested. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 24 #26
without knowing anything about the protest or the arrest or the camera guy, my immediate reaction was... Bucky Apr 24 #36
Local FOX affiliates are a lot different than national. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 24 #38
Caught on camera LeftInTX Apr 24 #44
protecting and serving WhiskeyGrinder Apr 24 #45
Where was this response to the insurrectionists? Bluethroughu Apr 24 #28
Governor Abbott is "flexing his muscle". Nothing like beating up on students sitting on the mall. ashredux Apr 24 #29
They arrested a cameraman with the local Fox affiliate. LeftInTX Apr 24 #31
Oy. nt Nanjeanne Apr 24 #32
Me too SARose Apr 24 #34
After the Columbia protests & crackdown... I'm getting major 1968 flashbacks. Bucky Apr 24 #35
+1 jalan48 Apr 24 #39
I was 20 in 1968, I remember it well. Barry Markson Apr 24 #42
I'm glad the convention isn't in Texas! Can you imagine what Abbott would do?? LeftInTX Apr 24 #49
Oh Lord have mercy SARose Apr 25 #55
WTF is this all about? These Palestine/Israel protests are the biggest thing since the Vietnam anti war movement. flashman13 Apr 24 #40
I don't see firearms or guard troops Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 24 #41
No firearms is good. Redneck Texas cops with long batons is not good. TomSlick Apr 24 #47
They didn't carry long guns but they were armed. progressoid Apr 25 #53
Civil disobedience includes getting arrested. tirebiter Apr 25 #51
See civil lawsuits angrychair Apr 25 #52
Huh, they're a lot bolder when it's not some guy with an AR-15 shooting kids ck4829 Apr 25 #54
IKR, they couldn't be bothered to get out of their chairs in Uvalde. nt TBF Apr 25 #56
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