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5. An unfortunate rhetorical result stemming from trying to reconcile,
Sun Apr 21, 2024, 11:12 AM
Apr 21

without hypocrisy, the implications of abortion as murder of the innocent...

Conservatives can't get their heads around the opposing view that that babies produced by rape are rapists' time-bombs on the lives of the raped.

and if it happened to her, it can be almost guaranteed she would have JohnSJ Apr 21 #1
Right - but you'd never know about it... dchill Apr 21 #4
Geez, that's a LOT of surgery and filler. blm Apr 21 #2
She should go blonde Bobstandard Apr 21 #6
Yes the transformation is significant. Irish_Dem Apr 21 #9
As Trump weakens, her campaign for the nomination intensifies Bobstandard Apr 21 #3
Good point. Hugin Apr 21 #7
If they are VPs for Trump, it is a short cut to POTUS? Irish_Dem Apr 21 #8
The trick is to become Trump's VP, which only means appealing to him... Hugin Apr 21 #11
Becoming sexually alluring in Trump's eyes. Irish_Dem Apr 21 #18
Exactly. Hugin Apr 21 #19
It is a very definite type. Irish_Dem Apr 21 #20
An unfortunate rhetorical result stemming from trying to reconcile, Model35mech Apr 21 #5
That's because they're pandering to fundies who believe it's rape victims' own fault 50 Shades Of Blue Apr 21 #10
I do think the "As ye sow so shall ye reap" thinking is part of it Model35mech Apr 21 #14
Right after you and your daughters, sweetie catrose Apr 21 #12
she should make these appearances every week helping us win by a landslide. nt BootinUp Apr 21 #13
Zero chance. He won't pick an outright kook. 617Blue Apr 21 #15
Follow-up question: So Govenor would you feel the same way if your daughter Kassidy Fla Dem Apr 21 #16
This is now a mainstream position among radtrad Catholics and many evangelicals... keep_left Apr 21 #17
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