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10. I just looked at Reddit and there are many reports
Wed Apr 17, 2024, 02:28 AM
Apr 17

in the area of San Diego. Someone posted a dash cam video.

Aren't scientists supposed to be aware of this stuff before it is sighted? Does it have to be a certain size?

Report what you saw! usonian Apr 16 #1
Eight reports in Southern CA, and AZ all around 8 pm LeftInTX Apr 17 #2
It was also seen in Nevada and Colorado. haele Apr 17 #4
Someone caught it on camera! LeftInTX Apr 17 #3
Wow, a fireball. usonian Apr 17 #5
Wow. Terrific. PCIntern Apr 17 #13
That was huge! RKP5637 Apr 17 #26
It was green. That sounds like the Romulans. Their ships are green. chouchou Apr 17 #6
Maybe Donny Boy should RipVanWinkle Apr 17 #7
Ya...and laced with bleach. (Since Donnie loves that so much). chouchou Apr 17 #21
You may have seen a comet canetoad Apr 17 #8
No, comets don't appear to be moving except over a period of days William Seger Apr 17 #18
Thank you canetoad Apr 17 #24
Green meteors are burning nickel and magnesium William Seger Apr 17 #9
I've seen one too. It was a fairly large meteor LeftInTX Apr 17 #11
I just looked at Reddit and there are many reports BigmanPigman Apr 17 #10
Nope. They aren't predictable LeftInTX Apr 17 #12
Wow! It's odd seeing one when it is light outside. BigmanPigman Apr 17 #14
Yes, it did look like a missile! I have no idea if they could have predicted the Yucatan asteroid! LeftInTX Apr 17 #15
The one that hit Yucatan was 6+ miles wide BigmanPigman Apr 17 #17
What good would detecting it do? Polybius Apr 17 #20
That is why Hollywood is BS. BigmanPigman Apr 17 #25
I suppose there is a slight chance they could knock it off course Polybius Apr 18 #27
I feel badly for the animals and plants BigmanPigman Apr 18 #28
We would've seen Chicxulub coming Sympthsical Apr 17 #19
I remember seeing a fireball over my house once when I was a teen Tommy Carcetti Apr 17 #16
According to Phil Plait from Bad Astronomy, it was probably a Bollide.. haele Apr 17 #22
I saw a bright green one once in California MineralMan Apr 17 #23
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