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12. I got half the word "attorney" out before the defense excused me.
Tue Apr 16, 2024, 09:17 AM
Apr 16

I guess I'll never find out what goes on in the jury room.

I was in a jury pool for a murder case. We had MOMFUDSKI Apr 16 #1
How can a juror be replaced during deliberations? honest.abe Apr 16 #2
Not if the rest of the jury reports to the judge that the juror reveals no_hypocrisy Apr 16 #3
it is my understanding that you cant just remove a juror just because he/she doesnt agree with the other jurors. honest.abe Apr 16 #5
If that juror announces that the facts given at trial make no difference to him/her, no_hypocrisy Apr 16 #6
It's interesting to find out how this stuff actually works ActRaiser Apr 16 #7
Why would a juror say that? i think he/she would simply say I disagree with all of you.. honest.abe Apr 16 #10
They don't know they're placing their position no_hypocrisy Apr 16 #14
Very unlikely they would say something like that even if first time. I certainly wouldn't count on it. honest.abe Apr 16 #15
The Jury Box will have 12 Jurors AND 2-4 Alternates. brooklynite Apr 16 #8
These days they ask about all the person's social media accts. Liberal In Texas Apr 16 #4
Well, at least you made the prosecution use one of their valuable challenges aeromanKC Apr 16 #9
I don't think it's just political views. They look at alpha types ecstatic Apr 16 #11
I got half the word "attorney" out before the defense excused me. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Apr 16 #12
It sounds as though you were asked about "all online media" but I am curious... hlthe2b Apr 16 #13
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