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This thread will be very quiet. RandySF Apr 7 #1
I assume all the remaining ones are either dead or too abused to be released EX500rider Apr 7 #2
And there is the problem bottomofthehill Apr 7 #27
Also the sympathy for the Hamas cause would diminish. wnylib Apr 7 #46
The only bargaining chip they have that Israel cares about. Even the bodies...sickly and sadly. dutch777 Apr 7 #3
Bargaining for what ? JI7 Apr 7 #5
Hamas prisoners in Israeli custody. Plus the IDF has to worry every tunnel etc. they blow up may have Israeli hostages dutch777 Apr 7 #6
Then those calling for ceasefire should call for return of all hostages JI7 Apr 7 #9
That was part of what the US voted for in the last UN vote for a ceasefire, although the resolution had no teeth dutch777 Apr 7 #15
so Hamas prisoners are also hostages? brooklynite Apr 8 #58
Netanyahu will not stop the genocide if the hostages are released womanofthehills Apr 9 #63
There was no genocide going on when hostages were taken JI7 Apr 9 #65
Terrorists gonna terror ...... nt kelly1mm Apr 7 #4
Because doing so has been permitted to be optional TheKentuckian Apr 7 #7
they fear they will be exterminated dembotoz Apr 7 #8
As they should. RandySF Apr 7 #11
Rightly so and maybe not right away but Israelis have long memories for those needing killing ..... nt kelly1mm Apr 7 #14
I'd suggest the distance to destruction was healthier before the hostages were taken at all TheKentuckian Apr 7 #16
Malcolm Nance explains, 10/7 was a suicide mission, Hamas wanted an apocalyptic war and betsuni Apr 7 #23
This. sheshe2 Apr 8 #51
Some people need a good exterminating NickB79 Apr 7 #38
Post removed Post removed Apr 8 #54
Is Israel still attacking Hamas? Emile Apr 7 #10
It's not easy since they hide among the civilians, RandySF Apr 7 #12
Are hostages still being held by Gaza ? JI7 Apr 7 #13
Is Hamas still attacking Israel? Emile Apr 7 #18
Yes, including holding onto hostages JI7 Apr 7 #19
Well the OP has it's answer. The war continues. Emile Apr 7 #21
They fired rockets into Israel today. They heard that Israel downscaled their troops, so they react by firing rockets. LeftInTX Apr 7 #43
Apart from other reasons other posters have mentioned so far, don't forget how loosely Hamas is organized Silent3 Apr 7 #17
There are three related factors sarisataka Apr 7 #20
Yes, they have vanished from the narrative. LisaM Apr 7 #36
Because they don't care about their own liberalhistorian Apr 7 #22
I would think Hamas believes Israel will unleash if the hostages are safe. SYFROYH Apr 7 #24
That confusion can be cleared up by unleashing until they give up then. TheKentuckian Apr 7 #26
What hostages? Patton French Apr 7 #25
Starving enid602 Apr 7 #28
They would not be if they had not been taken or were released TheKentuckian Apr 7 #30
Let them eat enid602 Apr 7 #32
There is no restriction on feeding hostages. TheKentuckian Apr 7 #41
For some, it WOULD be needed. nt oldsoftie Apr 7 #40
That's not sarcasm on Islamist and leftist Twitter. Ace Rothstein Apr 7 #42
I fear that many of the hostages are dead LetMyPeopleVote Apr 7 #29
Agree. betsuni Apr 7 #33
it's the only tactical bargaining chip they have Takket Apr 7 #31
Answer to first question, because they have be executed. republianmushroom Apr 7 #34
Why won't Netanyahu stop the war and talk to Hamas himself. He certainly wasn't shy around Hamas ... marble falls Apr 7 #35
There was no war when they hostages were taken JI7 Apr 7 #45
Correct. sheshe2 Apr 8 #53
Right, and then Israel started a war instead of negotiating, Netanyahu negotiated Hamas into Gaza ... marble falls Apr 8 #56
Thank you. niyad Apr 7 #48
Because Netanyahu hasn't negotiated for their release. Only Biden has. TomDaisy Apr 7 #37
Hamas wants something in exchange for hostages. Beastly Boy Apr 8 #50
the answer then is clearly to leave the hostages where they are. problem solved. TomDaisy Apr 9 #59
I pity this reply. Beastly Boy Apr 9 #61
just following your lead TomDaisy Apr 9 #64
because terrorist animals always keep civilians as their protection. oldsoftie Apr 7 #39
Leverage n/t aggiesal Apr 7 #44
Why the hell would Hamas do that? 0rganism Apr 7 #47
Because Israel and (((reasons))) Behind the Aegis Apr 8 #49
Let's assume that: Aussie105 Apr 8 #52
They likely think the hostages are a bargaining chip Martin Eden Apr 8 #55
in the past, a few hostages has lead to Israel releasing hundreds of Palestinian prisoners BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 8 #57
They're probably all blown to smithereens by now. jalan48 Apr 9 #60
Why does evil exist? Bucky Apr 9 #62
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