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31. She is capable.
Wed Mar 27, 2024, 11:39 AM
Mar 27

California is bigger than many countries. She was the Attorney General of California. That is huge.

She would fill in Biden’s shoes if necessary.

I say Trump is old too and keep repeating it. gab13by13 Mar 27 #1
t... is falling apart b4 our eyes . AllaN01Bear Mar 27 #17
Ageism at its finest. nt Phoenix61 Mar 27 #2
Old man vs. Crazy old man who wants to kill you, rape your daughters, and burn your house down for shits and giggles dalton99a Mar 27 #3
I am like this.. DemocratInPa Mar 27 #4
Because there are other voters on the fence edhopper Mar 27 #7
Correct Cosmocat Mar 27 #19
Big fan of BHO ... Joe has been just as good as he was Cosmocat Mar 27 #18
I wasn't a fan in 2020 IbogaProject Mar 27 #25
Joe Biden is a better president Envirogal Mar 27 #27
Biden is better at Bettie Mar 28 #61
Sorry DENVERPOPS Mar 27 #47
RSO rso Mar 27 #5
We hope. edhopper Mar 27 #8
Exactly this Random Boomer Mar 27 #30
Media doesn't help. As long as they vote. Joinfortmill Mar 27 #6
Hell at least they're not vilifying him about rent, grocery prices, etc. redqueen Mar 27 #9
We need major campaign finance reform & we should include clearly defined campaign seasons, too. CrispyQ Mar 27 #14
Sorry but I agree. We desperately need younger people in leadership roles. Voltaire2 Mar 27 #10
So's Harrison Ford, Mick Jagger, and Paul McCartney. sinkingfeeling Mar 27 #11
Darwinism. usonian Mar 27 #12
Please keep reminding them to vote. mucifer Mar 27 #13
They told edhopper they would vote for Biden. Mariana Mar 28 #64
GOTV is a very important tool. Reminding people on election day is what mucifer Mar 28 #65
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 27 #15
If "Joe Biden is doing a good job" isn't breaking through, try this? EarlG Mar 27 #16
Better yet, stop arguing with people who are going to vote for Biden! Mariana Mar 27 #33
I have the exact same feeling. Joe Biden is the best even in his older years. camartinwv Mar 27 #20
Two things are true... orwell Mar 27 #21
It's all about the back bench jmbar2 Mar 27 #22
I've stopped justifying it NanaCat Mar 27 #23
If they're going to vote Biden, who really cares if they're not 100% happy with him? All Mixed Up Mar 27 #24
As long as they vote for Joe, who cares if they think he's too old? intheflow Mar 27 #26
She is capable. riverbendviewgal Mar 27 #31
Death and sickness can occur at any age. riverbendviewgal Mar 27 #28
I guess everyone hates their Grandparents nowforever Mar 27 #29
Them: I will vote for Biden. Mariana Mar 27 #32
But will they go out of their way to vote? honest.abe Mar 27 #37
And Jimmy Carter was helping build houses at 90. Age doesn't mean everything. Lonestarblue Mar 27 #34
If they are voting for Biden, I'm OK with people who have a few minor complaints. Silent Type Mar 27 #35
So your next line should be: how do you feel about the VP justaprogressive Mar 27 #36
The "too old" crowd has died down for me Johnny2X2X Mar 27 #38
You consider people who buy into and spread rightwing talking points... Think. Again. Mar 27 #39
The media made his age an issue. StarryNite Mar 27 #40
Tell them their real problem, then, seems to be Kamala Harris Reader Rabbit Mar 27 #41
Ageism it is giving the Fascists an inroad to disparage and utimately try to destroy Biden. magicarpet Mar 27 #42
I tell them to vote for the party, not the person. Basic LA Mar 27 #43
People are whiners. They'll find something to bitch about. Weather. Prices. Doesn't matter. lindysalsagal Mar 27 #44
What I find to be most important Mblaze Mar 27 #45
Democratic administrations do not follow supply-side trickle down unregulated economic policies, why betsuni Mar 27 #51
Take the win Sympthsical Mar 27 #46
So Is Trump! live love laugh Mar 27 #48
They had other options. W_HAMILTON Mar 27 #49
They said they would vote for him. So it's good. He is old. That's a fact. I also wish we had younger exciting Nanjeanne Mar 27 #50
Do you think they are unique? edhopper Mar 28 #58
I don't know if they are unique or not. I do know lots of people that wish we had choices that were younger Nanjeanne Mar 28 #62
I am not worried aboout my friends Mariana Mar 28 #63
"I wish we had other choices" sounds like they're shopping, being picky about just the right brand. betsuni Mar 27 #52
I would say "OK, and IF he dies or is incapacitated we would then get our FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT." CTyankee Mar 27 #53
Hell, I'M old! Jilly_in_VA Mar 27 #54
Joe Biden is ........."OUR ONLY HOPE" !! Stuart G Mar 27 #55
Thanks Princess Leah. edhopper Mar 28 #59
I'd just listen to the "I will vote for Biden" part and call it a win. Scrivener7 Mar 27 #56
And if he dies or becomes incapacitated, we get Kamala. Win win. elias7 Mar 27 #57
Post removed Post removed Mar 28 #60
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