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6. haley's best bet for 2028 would be to go against trump
Sun Mar 3, 2024, 03:49 PM
Mar 2024

make sure he loses and then rebuild the republican party without maga around her. This would position the republicans to shed the criminals and traitors.

Who know's what she will do - she's been borderline MAGA all along.

The new republic party: Loyalty pledges to morons and louis-t Mar 2024 #1
Like I said before................................. Lovie777 Mar 2024 #2
"Therefore, it's not the Dems but in fact it's the GQP in disarray." LenaBaby61 Mar 2024 #5
One does have to wonder why she's hanging in the race, BlueKota Mar 2024 #13
Another haley flip flop. Lunabell Mar 2024 #3
Hardly a "walk back." "I'll make what decision I want to make" means that she will still support trump. PSPS Mar 2024 #4
Nimarata will kiss RAPIST, racist, treasonous fat boy's stinking, diaper-wearing wide butt IF .... LenaBaby61 Mar 2024 #7
She's no longer claiming to be committed to support the R nominee if it's tRump. mzmolly Mar 2024 #10
That's a far cry from saying she's committed to support anyone except trump. PSPS Mar 2024 #11
I don't believe her mzmolly Mar 2024 #12
haley's best bet for 2028 would be to go against trump samsingh Mar 2024 #6
Trump won't live until 2028. Mr.Bill Mar 2024 #17
he isn't looking very good at all samsingh Mar 2024 #18
Neither one of them is fit to be president. Emile Mar 2024 #8
The only way she can save what reputation she has left is to endorse and campaign for Biden. Freethinker65 Mar 2024 #9
I don't believe her and I feel bad about that Blaukraut Mar 2024 #14
Clearly realizes she will not be Trump's pick for VP. rgbecker Mar 2024 #15
Yea, BUT bluestarone Mar 2024 #16
She never had a chance not really attacking him when she "ran" ZonkerHarris Mar 2024 #19
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