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12. Thank you for your post it is right on target
Sun Feb 25, 2024, 09:18 PM
Feb 25

Yes, I am definitely voting Biden blue this November 5th, 2024. The precinct I live in had its organizational meeting. We are psyched to work from now till November, in order to get people out to vote. I have been a poll observer in early voting for the March 5, 2024 Primary Election. The numbers of people casting their ballots, is variable, and the numbers seem to be declining. Historically, his county tends to have fewer voters show up at the polls for the Primaries than in November. The turnout in November, 2020, for the Presidential Election was 75.35%, for the State of NC, according to the NCSBE. The county where I live voted for Democratic Candidates. The otherside won the majority in a number of counties and which reinforced the, Red State, classification. Gerrymandering is an issue, here.

People not only have to vote but use their brains and ask themselves have they ever seen a p[resident act like tfg, listen to those who are ringing the alarm bells about faschist leanings by the former president, and the R's embrace of dictators and autocrats, such as Putin and Orban. It is terrifying. If he goes back to the White House we are cooked. We must vote and get others to do the same.

Five rec's before a reply Maeve Feb 25 #1
I'm with you PC. I don't think tsf has a chance of beating Biden. 1WorldHope Feb 25 #2
In 2016 I didn't think he had COL Mustard Feb 25 #22
He killed A LOT of people since, and literally millions will either not vote or not vote for president. onecaliberal Feb 26 #37
I will vote straight Dem ticket like I always MOMFUDSKI Feb 25 #3
All I want is 67 Senators and 400 Representatives to work with Joe. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 25 #4
Except no more than once in the same election. soldierant Feb 26 #50
People thought we had it in the bag in 2016. Demobrat Feb 25 #5
Yes. I know this. PCIntern Feb 25 #7
It's not the people here I'm talking about. Demobrat Feb 25 #9
I think very much of 2016 was down to voter disenfranchisement and little prods and tweaks here and there. PTL_Mancuso Feb 26 #39
Both 2016 and 2020 we had big lead in polls and Tribetime Feb 26 #45
Kick and another Rec Hekate Feb 25 #6
This one counts. Our democracy is on the line. Joinfortmill Feb 25 #8
K & R Pototan Feb 25 #10
PC, the only thing I worry a lot about is all the chicanery at the state level that can be pulled. CTyankee Feb 25 #11
Thank you for your post it is right on target wendyb-NC Feb 25 #12
I find optimism a road worth traveling on Blue Idaho Feb 25 #13
There is no 'bag' for something to be in. Aussie105 Feb 25 #14
Oh...ok... PCIntern Feb 25 #16
lol orleans Feb 25 #17
Better to be in the bag than be the bag.... littlemissmartypants Feb 26 #32
The cat's in a bag and the bag's in the river PTL_Mancuso Feb 26 #41
Or ... littlemissmartypants Feb 26 #33
Our Call to Action email that my Indivisible group issues every week calimary Feb 25 #15
"Do More - Worry Less". . . DinahMoeHum Feb 25 #18
Happy 22nd DUnniversary. niyad Feb 25 #21
This is our history. byronius Feb 25 #19
Like you, I have been here on DU for over 20 years, and I am scared to death. niyad Feb 25 #20
Are you in Ohio? TSExile Feb 26 #42
Colorado niyad Feb 26 #46
Ahhh!! TSExile Feb 26 #49
March 5, Super Tuesday? niyad Feb 26 #53
As long as we are NOT cheated again with EC BS, it's in the bag. czarjak Feb 25 #23
Both 2016 & 2020 were decided by miniscule margins IbogaProject Feb 25 #24
You are absolutely right. Battlegrounds are the bottom line. Right there is where our GE optimism must get real. ancianita Feb 26 #25
Confidence and optimism are contagious BaronChocula Feb 26 #26
My optimism is based on Joe Biden's optimism. Not because I worship him or I'm in a cult but because I know the man Walleye Feb 26 #27
Amen. ancianita Feb 26 #28
I truly enjoy reading BlueMTexpat Feb 26 #29
I hate the word "complacent" because of 2016. Number of voters wasn't that different from 2012 betsuni Feb 26 #30
Sunshine greblach Feb 26 #31
K&R spanone Feb 26 #34
Exactly birdographer Feb 26 #35
I will proudly vote straight Dem like I always do. camartinwv Feb 26 #36
All I know is the day I receive my mail in ballot for President Biden I will drop it off in person the next day. kimbutgar Feb 26 #38
Are our posts being read on MSNBC nightly or something? Sympthsical Feb 26 #40
Recommended. H2O Man Feb 26 #43
Of course!!! I would as they say crawl through broken glass to vote. Demsrule86 Feb 26 #44
Down here in Texas, we have this NVD problem: Non Voting Democrats. yellowdogintexas Feb 26 #47
One thing about DU, DEMs are like cats.... you can only lead them where they want to go. TigressDem Feb 26 #48
I need to do something other than post here. SarahD Feb 26 #51
I'm damned optimistic about '24. Torchlight Feb 26 #52
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