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True Blue American

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40. Ali Velshi
Tue Feb 20, 2024, 06:34 AM
Feb 20

Ari Melber, Racheal Jen Psacki, Jonathon Capehart. Nicolle. Sharpton.

Most of the women are hacks, especially Kristen Welker. She is terrible. MTP has hit rock bottom.

OK, has MSNBC been sold to a new owner? no_hypocrisy Feb 19 #1
I've been wondering the same dai13sy Feb 19 #16
They have a new CEO. True Blue American Feb 19 #18
Rashida Jones Stinky The Clown Feb 19 #25
She's been there for a while, IIRC. Raine1967 Feb 19 #26
Yes she has Stinky The Clown Feb 19 #27
Thanks! True Blue American Feb 20 #39
Other than major stories, I bagged them on 11/9/2016 33taw Feb 19 #2
YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DENVERPOPS Feb 19 #23
Ali Velshi True Blue American Feb 20 #40
Isn't that Andrea Mitchell's time slot? Nt Fiendish Thingy Feb 19 #3
No. Katie Tur's block. Stinky The Clown Feb 19 #7
The same Katy Tur who thought it was unfair that Donald was fined so much for his fraud. Nevilledog Feb 19 #9
What context did she say that in? ificandream Feb 19 #32
Fox News ran with her comments Nevilledog Feb 19 #35
Fox;s formula is take shit out of context and go negative when it comes to Biden. That's what they do. ificandream Feb 20 #41
It wasn't out of context. Nevilledog Feb 20 #42
Ah, makes even more sense. Fiendish Thingy Feb 19 #11
Have they looked at the Republicans? sinkingfeeling Feb 19 #4
Saw that. Pissed off. LiberalFighter Feb 19 #5
I quit watching MTP True Blue American Feb 19 #20
Oh, FFS. Scrivener7 Feb 19 #6
We have lost the LAST lib channel on the MOMFUDSKI Feb 19 #8
FSTV is great markodochartaigh Feb 19 #22
I watch Barry Miller every night 12-1 on FSTV doc03 Feb 19 #29
I'm not familiar with Barry Miller markodochartaigh Feb 19 #38
Democrarats in disarray? Over what, the horror show called the GOP??? marble falls Feb 19 #10
NO !!!!!! The Democrats are NOT in disarray. They would like us to be. Trueblue1968 Feb 19 #24
We need to DU their comment line Hekate Feb 19 #12
Hmmmm. Is there such a thing for each show? Stinky The Clown Feb 19 #14
I think there is Hekate Feb 19 #15
I Saw That. spanone Feb 19 #13
If we graphed the topics carefully we would see that it is a tried and true cycle Hope22 Feb 19 #17
I just can't senseandsensibility Feb 19 #19
An asinine clich... GiqueCee Feb 19 #21
DEMOCRATS IN DISARRAY? Sure. sanatanadharma Feb 19 #28
If I can disagree ... a three-word chiron isn't going to make the Democratic Party fall apart. ificandream Feb 19 #30
I suspect you're here long enough to know no one will lose sleep but many of us will . . . . Stinky The Clown Feb 19 #31
I get the running joke, but ... ificandream Feb 19 #33
I can only stomach and watch Rachel and O'Donnell anymore chicoescuela Feb 19 #34
What part of "Corporate" media is everyone not getting? Think. Again. Feb 19 #36
LOL XRubicon Feb 19 #37
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