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Golden Raisin

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25. The ONLY one in that awful Family who actually knew anything about
Fri Feb 16, 2024, 10:32 PM
Feb 16

NYC Real Estate, and was financially successful in NYC Real Estate was Donald's father, Fred Trump (another horrible human being). Fred left a massive fortune, based on Real Estate, to young Donald who mismanaged and pissed most of it away. I've lived in Manhattan for 53 years. I know a little about our skyline(s) and the Trump Family most certainly did not, "Build the skyline of New York City."

He's the stupid one Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 16 #1
I built it all TheBlackAdder Feb 16 #18
I always wondered who was responsible for that messy skyline! Aussie105 Feb 16 #2
That family is delusional. badhair77 Feb 16 #3
As Old As TFG Is... ProfessorGAC Feb 16 #6
Isn't it amazing that they can lie so easily. badhair77 Feb 16 #11
About Obviously Disprovable Things, Too ProfessorGAC Feb 16 #15
The Twin Towers were built in the 70s. BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 16 #22
Of Course ProfessorGAC Feb 16 #24
And they don't know when PatSeg Feb 16 #19
GTFOH, Gums. TFG doesn't even build his own hamberders. RockRaven Feb 16 #4
Funny. Carter is loved for having helped house people along numerous skylines. limbicnuminousity Feb 16 #5
That entire family suffers from delusions of adequacy maxrandb Feb 16 #7
The only NYC building of which I'm aware that Trump actually built rsdsharp Feb 16 #8
And trump tower doesn't have a sprinkler system. Cheap trump won't retro-fit it as it was... brush Feb 16 #10
That's hysterical. StarryNite Feb 16 #9
so much thanking! mike_c Feb 16 #12
Sit down, you nitwit musette_sf Feb 16 #13
He didn't build fucking shit. Initech Feb 16 #14
LOL kid is a comedian 🤣. Emile Feb 16 #16
Yes, well that was private enterprise bucolic_frolic Feb 16 #17
He's the only one with a degree. marble falls Feb 16 #20
Once I built a tower to the sun Maeve Feb 16 #21
Hubby did a spit-take at this Hekate Feb 16 #23
The ONLY one in that awful Family who actually knew anything about Golden Raisin Feb 16 #25
The men & women Trump didn't pay, built the skyline mzmolly Feb 16 #26
☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ PortTack Feb 17 #37
Yeah...slapping your name in giant letters on buildings that already exist doesn't count, dimwit. tanyev Feb 16 #27
Donald was a bit player, grifting on the margins of other people's work bhikkhu Feb 16 #28
To the best of my knowledge, Trump only built one building in NYC: his own. no_hypocrisy Feb 16 #29
1st laugh I've had all week Boxerfan Feb 16 #30
There are 101 buildings taller than Trump Tower in NYC onenote Feb 16 #31
Well, your grandpa built slum apartments in Brooklyn. Earth-shine Feb 16 #32
Trump has 2 boobs BigmanPigman Feb 16 #33
Karma, please let the Trump building in NYC become the CARROLL building!! Runningdawg Feb 17 #34
We built this city on rock., madinmaryland Feb 17 #35
A belated Valentine for Eric. . . DinahMoeHum Feb 17 #36
That's a beautiful demolition, though GenThePerservering Feb 17 #38
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