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15. so you're telling me that teenage girls don't have the emotional maturity to understand what happened?
Mon Feb 12, 2024, 01:31 PM
Feb 12


Good on educating the kids, but that's what these experiences are. Ways for them to learn and grow. Most won't happen right away but they'll look back in years to come and realize how wrongly they viewed the situation.

When I saw North Shore Chicago Feb 12 #1
I think people are reading too much into it. BlueTsunami2018 Feb 12 #2
Both Coach Reid and Travis laughed it off later. Football is a tough violent game played by tough people. Botany Feb 12 #29
Thanks, I was just about to post the same thing. gab13by13 Feb 12 #38
+1,000,000. I posted an article about that in another thread that was overreacting to what happened. highplainsdem Feb 12 #44
I saw a clip on Youtube Jarqui Feb 12 #37
This. If it happened off the field different story redqueen Feb 12 #72
John McEnroe comes to mind. He's a good guy. Atheletes applegrove Feb 12 #80
He is a jock. multigraincracker Feb 12 #3
It was just sideline talk. Captain Zero Feb 12 #61
Bad things about Democrats. Kingofalldems Feb 12 #4
I wish she'd re-think that whole relationship NJCher Feb 12 #5
She'll be shit-talking him in her lyrics TheProle Feb 12 #16
Do you usually reject humans because they "might" have suffered an injury? Maru Kitteh Feb 12 #21
Really? Texasgal Feb 13 #84
I am flat out saying NJCher Feb 13 #86
So physical attributes are more important than mental attributes when choosing a life partner? KS Toronado Feb 13 #89
My post clearly says NJCher Feb 13 #91
Sorry don't see "Mental is most important." in post #86 KS Toronado Feb 13 #92
I don't teach college level English anymore NJCher Feb 13 #93
. KS Toronado Feb 13 #94
I get what your saying in some sense.. Texasgal Feb 14 #98
Rule One in Life NJCher Feb 14 #99
Whoa! My spouse and I both had brain injuries and damage before we met mentalsolstice Feb 13 #95
The Coach has repeatedly joked abut the encounter. DURHAM D Feb 12 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author Rebl2 Feb 12 #10
Fined by who/for what? DURHAM D Feb 12 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author Rebl2 Feb 12 #22
Hmmm.... DURHAM D Feb 12 #26
I think your knowledge of football may be limited? NoRethugFriends Feb 12 #30
On the sports field a heat of the moment reaction... Historic NY Feb 12 #28
Learning That Lesson RobinA Feb 12 #7
Really? getagrip_already Feb 12 #13
I honestly dont get the hate over this... getagrip_already Feb 12 #8
Get a grip already mountain grammy Feb 12 #25
It's being mis-analyzed, for sure. blm Feb 12 #77
Live Tetrachloride Feb 12 #9
Interesting responses so far Sympthsical Feb 12 #11
I think it was situational, but if it occurred anywhere other than the heat of the moment in football hlthe2b Feb 12 #12
Much ado about nothing WalkerinSC Feb 12 #14
This isnt 1960 BannonsLiver Feb 12 #68
Dang lol WalkerinSC Feb 12 #79
so you're telling me that teenage girls don't have the emotional maturity to understand what happened? Blue_Adept Feb 12 #15
Oh yeah, they're nipping that in the bud Sympthsical Feb 12 #23
Fourteen year old Andy Reid would kick Kelce's ass FHRRK Feb 12 #17
Football players (especially the star players) and coaches yell at each othee in the heat of game. SYFROYH Feb 12 #19
That was a good discussion to have... Think. Again. Feb 12 #20
Do you have any indication that he is like that outside of sports? Cuthbert Allgood Feb 12 #24
That's an ancillary point Sympthsical Feb 12 #32
But do we know that was abusive behavior? Cuthbert Allgood Feb 12 #34
C'mon Sympthsical Feb 12 #36
Well I am sure Fox news covered it. Kingofalldems Feb 12 #40
Speaking of teenage girls--how about this behavior? Kingofalldems Feb 12 #42
Which has nothing to do with anything Sympthsical Feb 12 #55
And I don't care. I had three brothers who played football...the games can get intense... Demsrule86 Feb 12 #46
I get it; it was shitty. But we don't know that it means he's abusive in his life. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 12 #48
I'm not worried about what he does in private Sympthsical Feb 12 #59
He surely knows if they break up, she will devote a whole album to songs about their relationship. LonePirate Feb 12 #27
I agree with your brother. Docreed2003 Feb 12 #31
Those same highly situational perceptions have been on full display here at DU in recent months. Mister Ed Feb 12 #33
Kelce isn't the first emotional football player mzmolly Feb 12 #35
Any gender should say, Fuck yeah - that's how you get things done on the athletic field. Don't underestimate females, AnotherMother4Peace Feb 12 #39
With you. MuseRider Feb 12 #41
I played Field Hockey in Connecticut...That was the girls sport then if you were to short for Demsrule86 Feb 12 #50
This message was self-deleted by its author WarGamer Feb 12 #43
Why be sorry for your opinion? And besmirching someone's reputation w/derogatory unfounded predictions is not nice. nt AnotherMother4Peace Feb 12 #52
If by WT you mean "white trash" then you should know more about these athletes you're trashing: highplainsdem Feb 12 #56
I'll take back half of that... but I hope Taylor and her family are looking out for her best interests... WarGamer Feb 12 #58
You really underestimate the intelligence of Taylor and her family, and the Kelces. highplainsdem Feb 12 #62
First of all what gives folks the right to sit in judgement over other people's lives? And Demsrule86 Feb 12 #45
I say give me a jock with that kind of passion MOMFUDSKI Feb 12 #47
Rec...I agree Mom. Demsrule86 Feb 12 #49
So many boys are taught shit ideas about women, Oneironaut Feb 12 #51
I have a wonderful husband who had a weak MOMFUDSKI Feb 12 #65
I wish you would update the title it sort of sounds like inappropriate stuff with teens which is Demsrule86 Feb 12 #53
Yes, I agree. nt AnotherMother4Peace Feb 12 #57
That's fair. I can do that Sympthsical Feb 12 #60
"doesnt have a great history behavior"? Has he ever been accused of violence? oldsoftie Feb 12 #54
Some even endorse the behavior rictofen Feb 12 #63
Nope, I wouldn't. Way overblown. Ferrets are Cool Feb 12 #64
I'm reading this post as an elderly female athlete. There's sexism here. I view Taylor Swift's boyfriend's AnotherMother4Peace Feb 12 #66
Even before the swift fans knew who he was. BannonsLiver Feb 12 #67
Known for his temper Sympthsical Feb 12 #69
He's 35 and getting a bit long in the tooth BannonsLiver Feb 12 #71
Part of the reason for the blow up, in a way Sympthsical Feb 12 #73
I think that's exactly right BannonsLiver Feb 12 #74
As with all interpersonal communication Zeitghost Feb 12 #70
God, I'll be SO HAPPY if I never hear the name Taylor Swift or Travis Kelce choie Feb 12 #75
The assumptions about the moment are understandable but, offbase. blm Feb 12 #76
I Believe The Parents Handled This Situation The Way They Should - It Was A Teachable Moment...... global1 Feb 12 #78
Curious I find myself less attached to the Travis-Taylor applegrove Feb 12 #81
This would be about the 1,038,578th time a pro athlete got in his coach's face in American history . . . hatrack Feb 12 #82
Dude punched his own teammate RANDYWILDMAN Feb 12 #83
Last I checked Andy Reid is not a woman jcgoldie Feb 13 #85
I agree with your brother NorthCountryLib Feb 13 #87
How do you feel about women who are physically abusive to their partners? KS Toronado Feb 13 #90
Prism elighdom Feb 13 #88
The hilarious thing is that is doesn't bother Pete Carroll ripcord Feb 13 #96
Very interesting example of tribalism. yardwork Feb 13 #97
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