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29. I might not watch
Sun Feb 11, 2024, 05:11 PM
Feb 11

If I think of it and am in the mood, I might tune in for the commercials and to see how the Taylor Swift thing is working out, but I generally don’t follow football. I won’t be doing anything culturally uplifting while I’m not watching, although I do have plans for a hot bath.

I will not be watching the Super Bowl Mossfern Feb 11 #1
Crap. Were we supposed to declare?? Scrivener7 Feb 11 #131
Given the sentiment of the OP Mossfern Feb 11 #132
Dunno. I am not watching because I don't care for football, elleng Feb 11 #2
I will not watch, because I do not like or understand football yellowdogintexas Feb 11 #120
I'm hoping to see both Nancy Pelosi and Taylor Swift. :-) spooky3 Feb 11 #3
I'm not watching because I don't like team sports Raine Feb 11 #4
Same here. Beartracks Feb 11 #38
Okey-dokey Rebl2 Feb 11 #96
Love football...I'm a Rabid Detroit Lions Fanatic... MiHale Feb 11 #5
Sorry for your loss edhopper Feb 11 #12
LOL Lochloosa Feb 11 #80
I was rooting for the Lions MorbidButterflyTat Feb 11 #14
This Dolphins fan says edhopper Feb 11 #19
Ouch! MorbidButterflyTat Feb 11 #82
Always had a soft spot for the Lions TheProle Feb 11 #52
The vehemence with which some declare "they won't be watching" AZSkiffyGeek Feb 11 #6
Yes edhopper Feb 11 #13
lol exactly. Also, why do they think EllieBC Feb 11 #114
Lol tazkcmo Feb 11 #128
I can show you where where football hurts people.... Happy Hoosier Feb 12 #150
Well, Ed, now that you mention it..... Conjuay Feb 11 #7
Is that a edhopper Feb 11 #17
No, I love soccer just as much. Golf too! Conjuay Feb 11 #34
I can't watch pro golf anymore edhopper Feb 11 #40
Is this the place where I make my declaration ? stopdiggin Feb 11 #8
You are missing out edhopper Feb 11 #18
Ed, you and I agree! Conjuay Feb 11 #37
So you should drink a lot NoRethugFriends Feb 11 #69
From Wisconsin. Curling is great. LakeArenal Feb 11 #47
I used to think curling was silly Diamond_Dog Feb 11 #54
Yep. I like that the best curlers don't have to be 16 years old. LakeArenal Feb 11 #65
+++ agree Diamond_Dog Feb 11 #83
Yes it is. SarahD Feb 11 #108
I enjoy curling ripcord Feb 11 #59
I love to watch curling. Don't know why but I do. yellowdogintexas Feb 11 #121
It is the most exciting edhopper Feb 11 #122
Curling is the BOMB!!!! Lochloosa Feb 11 #81
Self righteousness Daylily Feb 11 #9
i have to admit I'm interested because of the Taylor Swift drama MadameButterfly Feb 11 #70
I just found out which teams are playing in the Super Bowl. Irish_Dem Feb 11 #10
I always do my food shopping on SB Sunday, marybourg Feb 11 #11
Dunno, I like cooking something yummy to share.... we can do it Feb 11 #15
Not only am I not watching TheProle Feb 11 #16
With You Nearly 100% ProfessorGAC Feb 11 #20
I did edhopper Feb 11 #23
To You, And Everybody Else ProfessorGAC Feb 11 #25
I cant tell yuo edhopper Feb 11 #30
Brilliant! 3catwoman3 Feb 11 #41
Well Played! (nt) ProfessorGAC Feb 11 #42
When making the pronouncement, cloudbase Feb 11 #21
Or AITA ? dweller Feb 11 #28
When is it on? intrepidity Feb 11 #22
Former pizza delivery guy here. Conjuay Feb 11 #43
Just got back from Costco Sympthsical Feb 11 #89
I have a different set of events and holidays NJCher Feb 11 #64
If my tv was working I would be watching. LiberalFighter Feb 11 #24
I cut the cord so it can be challenging to watch games but today I think Paramount is streaming it. Demsrule86 Feb 11 #92
I'm not watching because I don't like football. Polly Hennessey Feb 11 #26
Go Niners RANDYWILDMAN Feb 11 #27
Would an unijured Purdy edhopper Feb 11 #31
I might not watch spinbaby Feb 11 #29
I think it's because the world stops, the gazillions $$ involved in football bucolic_frolic Feb 11 #32
And it has the ecstatic air of the roman collisseum. limbicnuminousity Feb 11 #103
Because it's their way SocialDemocrat61 Feb 11 #33
Or maybe they just don't watch football. Scrivener7 Feb 11 #133
Then they just don't watch it SocialDemocrat61 Feb 11 #140
Maybe they don't like football and don't see anything Scrivener7 Feb 12 #141
If someone asks them, sure SocialDemocrat61 Feb 12 #142
People tell me unsolicited all the time Scrivener7 Feb 12 #144
False analogy SocialDemocrat61 Feb 12 #146
Lol! Trigger, trigger, trigger! Scrivener7 Feb 12 #148
I'm taking the Sanctimonious Award ! dweller Feb 11 #35
furiously scrolling the net now to find the 'superb owl' stopdiggin Feb 11 #117
You know, I WOULD watch a supberb owl. Scrivener7 Feb 11 #134
To answer your question: PCIntern Feb 11 #36
Maybe because it's shoved down the throats intheflow Feb 11 #39
It seems to get later every year Retrograde Feb 11 #48
Happy Birthday, anyway! Easterncedar Feb 11 #49
Maybe they want someone to invite them to something else Sanity Claws Feb 11 #44
I'm not watching because I don't care for football Retrograde Feb 11 #45
I will be working. pfitz59 Feb 11 #46
Maybe to push back against the hype. Basic LA Feb 11 #50
I usually avoid commenting on something just to let the world know my negative take on it underpants Feb 11 #51
Perfect response, Mr. Underpants. This is what the OP was hoping for. I try to do the same. RussellCattle Feb 11 #109
❤️ underpants Feb 11 #123
Same reason some people boast about not owning a televsion. RandySF Feb 11 #53
Exactly. Diamond_Dog Feb 11 #58
Same reason people announce they're not fans of Taylor Swift or other entertainers; are unsubscribing betsuni Feb 11 #55
I am in the Virgin Islands iamateacher Feb 11 #56
Lol Faux pas Feb 11 #57
Huh. Is that today? bif Feb 11 #60
Eh, it's boring and there are too many commercials. greatauntoftriplets Feb 11 #61
The same reason you posted this. Lunabell Feb 11 #62
Is what I posted edhopper Feb 11 #68
I can't answer that without getting alerted on, so Lunabell Feb 11 #73
I don't think edhopper Feb 11 #86
Nope. Understood you perfectly stopdiggin Feb 11 #118
It's on today??? niyad Feb 11 #63
I haven't watched the Super Bowl since the first one MurrayDelph Feb 11 #66
I'm not watching. That doesn't make me morally superior. teach1st Feb 11 #67
Not this Niners fan! shanti Feb 11 #71
Why do some people have to declare they Are watching the stupor bowel? Voltaire2 Feb 11 #72
Don't think there's anything wrong with saying that unless senseandsensibility Feb 11 #74
Just not a football fan, even though the Niners are my hometown team. ificandream Feb 11 #75
Because, as you say, they feel superior. Elessar Zappa Feb 11 #76
The same is true in reverse though BlueKota Feb 11 #85
I am not meaning to be condescending BlueKota Feb 11 #77
Some people are not a fan-base of football. Niagara Feb 11 #78
What about the "I NEVER WATCH TELEVISION " people... Funtatlaguy Feb 11 #79
Well, I don't have TV because cable is too expensive and antenna is a hassle. LeftInTX Feb 12 #163
I like football. I understand your rant. I'm going to bed . My sleep is more important to me than any game. apcalc Feb 11 #84
I once did this on a different website (Reddit) IcyPeas Feb 11 #87
That is funny edhopper Feb 11 #93
I know right...I am announcing now...I am watching the superbowl! I made all sorts of snacks Demsrule86 Feb 11 #88
Agree 100% with OP brettdale Feb 11 #90
I have a general disdain for all nearly all sports, but I haven't announced that I'm not watching... Silent3 Feb 11 #91
Me either. I'm disdaining quietly. Scrivener7 Feb 11 #136
I am NOT watching the Super Bowl... petronius Feb 11 #94
Remember that when facebook started, people would post that they were doing their laundry ms liberty Feb 11 #95
Anyone who watches cable news can't criticize my viewing choices Sympthsical Feb 11 #97
I don't know. I know that I won't be watching it... and I don't know why I just said that. Oopsie Daisy Feb 11 #98
Baseball season starts in about 4 hours. Kingofalldems Feb 11 #99
Let me get this straight. You are declaring that you are watching because you like football Chainfire Feb 11 #100
think IcyPeas completely won the thread stopdiggin Feb 11 #119
Why thank you IcyPeas Feb 12 #166
Virtue Signaling. Liberal In Texas Feb 11 #101
Same as people who brag about not watching TV redqueen Feb 11 #102
It does seem odd to make an announcement about something you *aren't* doing. Ocelot II Feb 11 #104
Puppy Bowl rocks! n/t shanti Feb 13 #167
The need to be validated. nt Hotler Feb 11 #105
It's an identity thing. It's funny. SYFROYH Feb 11 #106
I got the point. SarahD Feb 11 #107
Why do some people feel the need to declare they'd not going to read the New York Times? brooklynite Feb 11 #110
I'm only a sanctimonious blowhard not about watching the Super Bowl commercials. Rocknation Feb 11 #111
I don't feel the need.....but since you brought it up... sdfernando Feb 11 #112
Football is the all-American sport DBoon Feb 11 #113
I'm watching and watched NHL this morning. EllieBC Feb 11 #115
Copyright rules, or something, say . . . Aussie105 Feb 11 #116
Dunno but this is one of edisdead Feb 11 #124
and virtue signalling Celerity Feb 13 #168
I'm not watching because choie Feb 11 #125
Not watching canetoad Feb 11 #126
I know. I once invited a neighbor to a Super Bowl party. LisaM Feb 11 #127
Live and let live, sagetea Feb 11 #129
There's always got to be haters. Initech Feb 11 #130
Watching the what? WestMichRad Feb 11 #135
I don't think it's self-righteousness, exactly. ShazzieB Feb 11 #137
It depends on where they say it. LisaM Feb 12 #151
Also, NFL football is Sky Jewels Feb 12 #158
Exactly. They think this is the airport where they announce their departure from American culture. SoFlaBro Feb 11 #138
Why? You ask. Because we're not watching, so are available MyMission Feb 11 #139
It's their way of saying it's a ridiculous and overpriced spectacle... Chakaconcarne Feb 12 #143
I always do food shopping during the Superbowl BigmanPigman Feb 12 #145
For the same reason that a bunch of people felt the need to Bettie Feb 12 #147
I didn't announce... but I think the NFL is destructive. Happy Hoosier Feb 12 #149
Because they want you to know they're "above" it. BlueTsunami2018 Feb 12 #152
Theres more to life than a dumb game gay texan Feb 12 #153
You know edhopper Feb 12 #155
and you miss the entire point gay texan Feb 12 #157
Sorry edhopper Feb 12 #162
I'm not watching the Cricket championship: Alpeduez21 Feb 12 #154
Blashemy! Kennah Feb 12 #156
Was the Super Bowl held recently? DFW Feb 12 #159
The Super Bowl has become utterly ridiculous. Sky Jewels Feb 12 #160
I forgot it was on. catbyte Feb 12 #161
Because western capitalism. LeftInTX Feb 12 #164
Truly amazed edhopper Feb 12 #165
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