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They absolutely should NOT hlthe2b Jan 2024 #1
Maybe he thinks this will be a good look on the campaign trail peggysue2 Jan 2024 #2
Are you freaking kidding??? TSExile Jan 2024 #3
No problem. You can have them back. brush Jan 2024 #4
Sure. He can go find it here: Ilsa Jan 2024 #5
DO NOT OPEN hatrack Jan 2024 #6
Or close your eyes if you do! nt Ilsa Jan 2024 #20
It is evidence. You committed a crime. You should be rotting in prison for it. Get over yourself. Initech Jan 2024 #7
How did Fox News, Hannity, Greene and Alex Jones let him walk free? onenote Jan 2024 #11
My point is that radicalized propaganda is why he went to jail in the first place. Initech Jan 2024 #23
I would say OK if he had to wear them every... TreasonousBastard Jan 2024 #8
They can keep his brain. Turbineguy Jan 2024 #9
That creep should still be in jail. Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2024 #10
There are detailed procedures governing the return of evidence. onenote Jan 2024 #12
Unfortunely North Shore Chicago Jan 2024 #13
Oh great. Another "failure to launch" type that Ilsa Jan 2024 #21
He'll just use the horns to sell on Ebay or somewhere else. sakabatou Jan 2024 #14
They should burn it... Tommy Carcetti Jan 2024 #15
Maybe instead of getting your stupid fucking costume back.... A HERETIC I AM Jan 2024 #16
He is lucky to be alive for what he did that day. Emile Jan 2024 #17
The government should sell his horns for restitution. MichDem10 Jan 2024 #18
He and the whole lot should be dead or under a prison TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #19
Last I remember ExWhoDoesntCare Jan 2024 #22
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