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20. What Secretary of State Clinton and the President have been able to accomplish in Burma (yes Burma)
Mon Nov 19, 2012, 01:06 PM
Nov 2012

is one of the most dramatic examples of persistent quiet diplomacy. Working with ASEAN they got the military to give up absolute power and walk towards democracy.

Obviously this trip to Burma was one of the carrrots.

It serves as a real example of what could happen in North Korea. The real audience for these pictures is the power elite in North Korea. They are saying "If you take a step towards us we will respond." There are big hurdles ahead for Burma but getting Ann San Suu Kyi out of house arrest and back into the political stage is nothing short of a miracle.

It is most unfortunate that to do so the President had to go through Thailand and meet Yingluck Shinawatra who is the faux stand in prime minister for the evil Thaksin, who cannot return to Thailand because of the criminal charges surrounding the billions that he swindled as prime minister. Sometimes you have to pose with the devil to do the work of the angels.

For what you have done for Burma, for the lives you have saved in averting a certain civil war, Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama will be remembered by all peace loving people of southeast Asia.
He looks "un-tired", invigorated and handsome..n/t monmouth3 Nov 2012 #1
These ARE beautiful... CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2012 #2
He is so incredible! Dalai_1 Nov 2012 #3
msm? please Botany Nov 2012 #6
An historic trip. I'm very proud of how well he is received abroad. NYC_SKP Nov 2012 #4
Wonderful. Thanks for posting. n/t beac Nov 2012 #5
And with Aung Ahn Syu Kee (sp?) up there with him, Aristus Nov 2012 #7
Aung San Suu Kyi is one of my heroes panAmerican Nov 2012 #12
Thanks for the spelling tip. Aristus Nov 2012 #14
+1,000 freshwest Nov 2012 #15
Cool, I see PBO & Hillary bare feet in third picture. k&r Little Star Nov 2012 #8
You can't/shouldn't enter temples with shoes on there. babylonsister Nov 2012 #17
Yeah, I know that. I just thought it was sweet that we could see... Little Star Nov 2012 #24
Note how many of these leaders are WOMEN! JDPriestly Nov 2012 #9
Wow, that last one... 4_TN_TITANS Nov 2012 #10
well the meeting was in Bangkok Botany Nov 2012 #11
Back up PM Yingluck...that man is TAKEN! HoosierRadical Nov 2012 #13
what you said! BlancheSplanchnik Nov 2012 #32
Thailand is such a exotic, beautiful place... AsahinaKimi Nov 2012 #16
What really pisses me off is.... ChisolmTrailDem Nov 2012 #18
Exactly! Well said! rainlillie Nov 2012 #19
Thank you, rainlillie. eom ChisolmTrailDem Nov 2012 #21
you hear stories now and then about how aloof and separate the President can be Whisp Nov 2012 #25
At least we can say we know the difference between Excellence BlancheSplanchnik Nov 2012 #34
What Secretary of State Clinton and the President have been able to accomplish in Burma (yes Burma) grantcart Nov 2012 #20
thank you very much for that. Whisp Nov 2012 #23
Well said. silverweb Nov 2012 #29
+1! uponit7771 Nov 2012 #31
You are the Legend Hero of our World... Whisp Nov 2012 #22
Well said Whisp, well said! n/t sheshe2 Nov 2012 #30
I noticed that prime minister was quite fetching with him. grasswire Nov 2012 #26
We have a wonderful person in President Obama madokie Nov 2012 #27
Absolutely beautiful. silverweb Nov 2012 #28
He looks like a kid in this photo: ohheckyeah Nov 2012 #33
there is no oil there.... WCGreen Nov 2012 #35
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