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Jedi Guy

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54. Oh please.
Mon Dec 4, 2023, 12:31 PM
Dec 4

The owners of the restaurant aren't murdering innocents. They aren't the Israeli government and have zero association with the Israeli government except for one thing, and that thing is that they're Jewish.

They are being targeted and harassed because they're Jewish. That is the literal definition of anti-Semitism, and that you're excusing their bullshit is frankly disgusting.

Disgusting. And it's being defended on DU. yardwork Dec 3 #1
Bullshit! It's NOT being "defended on DU" maxrandb Dec 3 #20
Then you're not looking Sympthsical Dec 3 #26
Sadly, you're wrong. TwilightZone Dec 3 #30
Rec Yes. Cha Dec 4 #37
"I'm not going to provide specifics"??? maxrandb Dec 4 #42
It's against the rules to specifically call out and link other DUers Sympthsical Dec 4 #43
Maybe link to the DU topic and let us figure it out DBoon Dec 4 #77
yardwork does NOT do "Bullshit" & I've seen it myself. Cha Dec 4 #34
They are using "whataboutism" to hide behind ... LOOK and you will see it! nt Raine Dec 4 #36
I think you may have misunderstood my post. yardwork Dec 4 #46
Not a whole lot of "nuance" in; "it's being defended on DU" maxrandb Dec 4 #64
My intent was to point out that even on DU, this horrific behavior is defended. yardwork Dec 4 #65
I see it as troll-fueled propaganda like 2016 as well maxrandb Dec 4 #71
There are no mods on DU. yardwork Dec 4 #72
Right, Juries, not Mods maxrandb Dec 4 #73
I can recommend a thread to you without "calling out" an individual. Enjoy the myriad posts. Hekate Dec 4 #74
I see no DU poster in that thread supporting this action against the falafel place owner DBoon Dec 4 #78
Read on MacDuff... Hekate Dec 4 #80
What does Shakespeare have to do with this? DBoon Dec 4 #83
See post 84 in this thread, for example. yardwork Dec 4 #85
I have seen a poster defend this incident with my own eyes, and another poster support them when they were called out. emulatorloo Dec 5 #86
It should be defended, video shows a peacefull protest. Are we now against peacefull protests here at DU? krawhitham Dec 4 #84
Spot on RandySF JustAnotherGen Dec 3 #2
First McDonald's in NYC. Now falafel place in Philly. Beastly Boy Dec 3 #3
Are synagogues next? RandySF Dec 3 #5
I don't think these morons can tell the difference between a synagogue and Beastly Boy Dec 3 #12
Maybe... sarisataka Dec 3 #13
Well.... Behind the Aegis Dec 4 #38
My synagogue in Northern Virginia was the target of bomb threat two Fridays ago during services. onenote Dec 4 #40
Rec TY.. I hadn't even seen these reports. Cha Dec 4 #75
They have been Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 4 #60
So much bdamomma Dec 3 #4
Yes, and thanks for shedding light on the truth of the matter. elleng Dec 3 #6
Jimmy was great, but his best days are behind him. Omnipresent Dec 3 #11
SYMBOLIC suggestion. elleng Dec 3 #16
I understood you. Lunabell Dec 4 #59
A younger Jimmy Carter and Yitzhak Rabin as PM of Israel would have been perfect Polybius Dec 3 #21
+100 Rhiannon12866 Dec 3 #28
Stupid trash. dalton99a Dec 3 #7
Why would you protest at a falafel house just because Jewish persons own it? Takket Dec 3 #8
the way I see it..if they hate Jews so much agingdem Dec 3 #25
it's out of control... Think. Again. Dec 3 #9
have these owners done or said anything to make them targets? stopdiggin Dec 3 #10
No. They're just Jewish. revmclaren Dec 3 #14
This is being organized, orchestrated and funded. sheshe2 Dec 3 #15
Well-spotted, She. The actors are disgusting savages -- follow the money to its source Hekate Dec 3 #17
Whoever is behind it is trying to dis-stabilize our country. sheshe2 Dec 3 #24
Post removed Post removed Dec 4 #44
Russia perhaps. sheshe2 Dec 4 #47
Thanks for explaining that to Cha Dec 4 #79
💙💙 sheshe2 Dec 4 #81
🕯️🕊️💙🌊🇺🇸 Cha Dec 4 #82
I worked at a Kosher deli in highschool. Lunabell Dec 4 #61
this is truly sickening rollin74 Dec 3 #18
And then they made their way to U Penn. EllieBC Dec 3 #19
What are they saying? Can you tell? nt GuppyGal Dec 4 #39
No I can't. My hearing is starting to suck. EllieBC Dec 4 #48
They are saying "long live the Intifada, Intifada Intifada, Intifada Revolution" DFW Dec 4 #70
Welp, say goodbye to gun-control Polybius Dec 3 #22
It pure unadulterated Jewish hate JohnSJ Dec 3 #23
Agreed. Texasgal Dec 3 #27
Yes it IS Just Jewish Hate.. Stupid Fuckers think they Cha Dec 3 #29
Yes, this is anti-semitic Lithos Dec 4 #31
Be careful out there. It's getting scary. Joinfortmill Dec 4 #32
I fear foreign money is fostering this IbogaProject Dec 4 #33
Absolutely. yardwork Dec 4 #45
Yup. Needs to be denounced pronto. applegrove Dec 4 #35
Hating Israel is about hating Jews for many people so what can you expect ? JI7 Dec 4 #41
The silence of some here is deafening.... Happy Hoosier Dec 4 #49
Yes, this is antisemitism. redqueen Dec 4 #50
I'll agree with that. Happy Hoosier Dec 4 #51
Hamas seems to have excellent propaganda redqueen Dec 4 #52
This message was self-deleted by its author claudette Dec 4 #53
Oh please. Jedi Guy Dec 4 #54
Yes, it is disgusting. You described and phrased it perfectly. Oopsie Daisy Dec 4 #66
The chant was an accusation if genocide sarisataka Dec 4 #55
Well, I'm pretty sure that restaurant owner didn't murder innocents. Wingus Dingus Dec 4 #56
She said in another thread boaut the same topic: Behind the Aegis Dec 4 #58
Trying to reconcile this logic: Palestinians aren't all Hamas and are therefore innocent and Wingus Dingus Dec 4 #62
Also, in a now-deleted post, same poster says some of her family are Jewish. yardwork Dec 4 #68
Then hers is certainly an odd stance to take.. Wingus Dingus Dec 4 #69
I'm glad that post was removed! EllieBC Dec 4 #67
Yes it really is. sheshe2 Dec 4 #57
Wrong. Lunabell Dec 4 #63
Like an American running a restaurant in another country DBoon Dec 4 #76
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