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Last night at Merde a Lego [View all] milestogo Dec 3 OP
Frightening! claudette Dec 3 #1
Don Jrs GF looks like milestogo Dec 3 #2
In older photos claudette Dec 3 #6
OMG I had no idea she was married to Newsom. milestogo Dec 3 #10
Here's an claudette Dec 3 #11
The old paint job was more pleasant. Iggo Dec 3 #21
👍 claudette Dec 3 #34
🫣 Deuxcents Dec 3 #3
I recognize the Greene Thing and Don, Jr's creepy girlfriend, but Glorfindel Dec 3 #4
Alina Habba milestogo Dec 3 #5
it was difficult claudette Dec 3 #7
She's pretty. milestogo Dec 3 #9
"Alina Habba. She's one of TFG's lawyers." Talitha Dec 3 #23
The one who is in a lot of serious debt Attilatheblond Dec 3 #35
Then why does she take on a client who she knows won't pay her? milestogo Dec 3 #36
Possible for same reason she didn't check the box for a jury trial? Attilatheblond Dec 4 #38
The "Greene Thing," per Keith Olbermann is Barney Rubble... hlthe2b Dec 3 #18
Putin's troika. marble falls Dec 3 #8
A who's who of deplorables ! Guillfoyle is really the stuff of nightmares whoa Jezuz. nt GuppyGal Dec 3 #12
Morticia milestogo Dec 3 #14
Now wait a minute..... Red Mountain Dec 3 #17
Quotes from Morticia: milestogo Dec 3 #20
From the movie, I think leftieNanner Dec 3 #29
Gomez always acted like Conjuay Dec 3 #22
Being a kid, a lot of it went right over my head. milestogo Dec 3 #24
It looks like the horizontal hold is all off on that photo. Or like someone is pulling Scrivener7 Dec 3 #13
Jeez, I forgot all about having to fiddle with horizontal/vertical hold. Maru Kitteh Dec 3 #27
And I bet the kids don't know what I mean about the Silly Putty either. Scrivener7 Dec 3 #32
Soon to be a show on TLC. Boomerproud Dec 3 #15
there isn't enough bleach on earth to make me set foot in that hellhole Takket Dec 3 #16
Three Dog Night maveric Dec 3 #19
Nightmare come alive duckworth969 Dec 3 #25
Will NO ONE teach Marge how to buy underwear? Maru Kitteh Dec 3 #26
She's a tad porky in the arms for sleeveless Srkdqltr Dec 3 #30
Somehow I get the feeling she showed up uninvited. milestogo Dec 3 #33
It's Studio 54 but for deranged conspiracy theorists. Initech Dec 3 #28
I thought Halloween was over. StarryNite Dec 3 #31
I somehow just keep forgetting to buy a membership struggle4progress Dec 3 #37
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