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Poignant... hlthe2b Nov 28 #1
77 year old love story coming to an end. Emile Nov 28 #2
195 years of life between the two of them. Tommy Carcetti Nov 28 #3
That gets me thinking about the M*A*S*H episode.... lastlib Nov 28 #14
Without Rosalynn, I don't see him making it to October. Ilsa Nov 29 #47
I don't either, sadly. lastlib Nov 29 #53
the image that came to my mind NJCher Nov 28 #19
He looked very frail. Ocelot II Nov 28 #4
I was thinking that same thing. Lunabell Nov 28 #6
I suspect he is singing the hymn he requested for Roselyn. FailureToCommunicate Nov 28 #20
They played that at my dad's funeral. carpetbagger Nov 28 #21
No, he looked like that the entire service. Many pics out there, but I feel no need to post them. Celerity Nov 29 #37
He did hope to survive her so she wouldn't be left alone without him. Rhiannon12866 Nov 29 #39
It's so sad. Aristus Nov 29 #50
I've seen that look before. pandr32 Nov 28 #5
Yes. We do. calimary Nov 28 #9
Hear, hear! pandr32 Nov 28 #27
Hopefully the louse will be confined to the Big House.... lastlib Nov 28 #15
That's what I was thinking. NT mahatmakanejeeves Nov 28 #17
Didn't the louse skip Bush's? I don't think Pres Carter is going to last another year.... LeftInTX Nov 29 #36
No, he attended. pandr32 Nov 29 #43
I hope Trump does disrespect Carter when he dies SCantiGOP Nov 29 #42
Sorry, I disagree. pandr32 Nov 29 #45
Kick dalton99a Nov 28 #7
Photo of them in Plains on his birthday in September 2023. irisblue Nov 28 #8
Photos: In the first photo, it's just a week before he turns 99. Second photo he is 98 Donkees Nov 28 #11
Thank you for posting the photos Donkees irisblue Nov 28 #13
That first photo was from 2022. MyNameIsJonas Nov 28 #24
Yes. Donkees Nov 28 #26
They both look so good in those pictures ... thanks for posting them. 🥲 nt Raine Nov 29 #38
Thank you so much. Ilsa Nov 29 #48
Hospice care might have extended his time with his loved ones ... Donkees Nov 29 #49
He does look frail... ProudMNDemocrat Nov 28 #10
In the years immediately following his presidency, I read an interesting essay about his work. Attilatheblond Nov 28 #31
God bless this lovely soul. Joinfortmill Nov 28 #12
Hurts my heart to see that photo peggysue2 Nov 28 #16
From his eyes he still looks aware, to me. Five hundred visits to the "A" wing to visit MIL twodogsbarking Nov 28 #18
God bless him for the remainder of his days. Elessar Zappa Nov 28 #22
I feel like this is true nocoincidences Nov 28 #23
Poem Codifer Nov 28 #25
Thank you so much for posting this wonderful poem, my dear Codifer! It's perfect. ♥ nt CaliforniaPeggy Nov 29 #51
The last picture I have of my dad Jilly_in_VA Nov 28 #28
Unflattering picture of a very good and great man. sheshe2 Nov 28 #29
See my post #20 above. I think he was singing. FailureToCommunicate Nov 28 #32
I did see your post, TY. sheshe2 Nov 28 #33
Thank you for speaking up and giving voice to what... 3catwoman3 Nov 29 #34
Back at you. sheshe2 Nov 30 #54
He wasn't singing. However, it is what is. LeftInTX Nov 29 #35
I'm going to choose to believe that he was singing. Susan Calvin Nov 29 #40
The fact that President Carter was able to attend these services is amazing LetMyPeopleVote Nov 28 #30
He's in his upper 90's....I think he looks pretty good considering he's also in hospice care. There is no way to not GuppyGal Nov 29 #41
From what I read .... LenaBaby61 Nov 29 #52
It isn't often that the wife goes first redqueen Nov 29 #44
We love you Jimmy Uncle Joe Nov 29 #46
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