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Progressive dog

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138. so ,if we need more food we'll simply grow more?
Wed Nov 22, 2023, 11:00 PM
Nov 2023

We're running out of time to fix this population growth problem. More people equals more pollution. More people equals more climate change. More people equals more species extincted. More people equals more land for our food, more water, more fertilizer, and more energy usage. The aquifers are running dry in California and on the Great Plains. We have pumped hundreds of years of water out in a few decades. That is not sustainable.

The center-pivot irrigator was described as the "villain"[20] in a 2013 New York Times article, "Wells Dry, Fertile Plains Turn to Dust" recounting the relentless decline of parts of the Ogallala Aquifer. Sixty years of intensive farming using huge center-pivot irrigators has emptied parts of the High Plains Aquifer.[20] Hundreds to thousands of years of rainfall would be needed to replace the groundwater in the depleted aquifer. In Kansas in 1950, irrigated cropland covered 250,000 acres (100,000 ha); with the use of center-pivot irrigation, nearly three million acres of land were irrigated.[20] In some places in the Texas Panhandle, the water table has been drained (dewatered). "Vast stretches of Texas farmland lying over the aquifer no longer support irrigation. In west-central Kansas, up to a fifth of the irrigated farmland along a 100-mile swath (160 km) of the aquifer has already gone dry."[20]


Thank you for this clear statement, my dear Bundbuster. It is sorely needed. nt CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2023 #1
Hello Peggy. Glad to see that you're always tuned in Bundbuster Nov 2023 #29
Population is THE problem RandomNumbers Nov 2023 #2
And the repugs, if they had their way, would remove birth control as an option. Ferrets are Cool Nov 2023 #4
The rich ones think they can protect themselves (they may be wrong) RandomNumbers Nov 2023 #18
Nailed it! PortTack Nov 2023 #104
Isn't it ironic, despite having the most developed brain, man is the ONLY animal that has ever Ferrets are Cool Nov 2023 #3
Kind of hard trying to teach kids they can't cachukis Nov 2023 #5
Makes me think the answer to the Fermi Paradox intrepidity Nov 2023 #6
Man is not destroying the earth. tavernier Nov 2023 #30
Well, that's certainly true. calimary Nov 2023 #39
Extinct species probably will not return. nt RandomNumbers Nov 2023 #57
No, they won't. hunter Nov 2023 #118
Man is taking a lot of species with him. Progressive dog Nov 2023 #64
We're a repeat of the Great Oxygenation Event. paleotn Nov 2023 #77
George said it best DJ Porkchop Nov 2023 #90
Man IS destroying Earth's infrastructure Envirogal Nov 2023 #102
It will take a LOT less time than that. BobTheSubgenius Nov 2023 #145
they should rename us Homo Too-Clever-By-Half eShirl Nov 2023 #49
If the guy sitting next to you tells you to give him your clothes DFW Nov 2023 #56
Human "intelligence" is overrated. paleotn Nov 2023 #76
I write about this frequently. hunter Nov 2023 #7
More on the impact of religions on over-population Bundbuster Nov 2023 #8
pope francis is pretty green. he is the 1 to say birth control is fine. pansypoo53219 Nov 2023 #92
Too many fucking people breathing, eating everything in sight, wanting to drive a car dalton99a Nov 2023 #9
In 1978 I asked my worldly brother, Bundbuster Nov 2023 #13
All of us on this website included. Elessar Zappa Nov 2023 #34
The buck stops here Random Boomer Nov 2023 #119
Thank you for posting this... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #10
Exactly - the major cause of pretty much ALL of our most pressing problems. Bundbuster Nov 2023 #26
I doubt it - it's nuclear weapons that will do us in womanofthehills Nov 2023 #142
That's why I'm happy I decided not to have kids all those years ago. I want to leave this world catbyte Nov 2023 #11
Same here ... Auggie Nov 2023 #21
Everything you said! niyad Nov 2023 #27
and bdamomma Nov 2023 #42
Same here. gay texan Nov 2023 #55
I seriously doubt it's "those who can afford it" TexasDem69 Nov 2023 #78
There's plenty of blame to go around right here in the US as witnessed by the asinine catbyte Nov 2023 #101
I'm joining this long list of DUers True Dough Nov 2023 #93
We Were Warned. MineralMan Nov 2023 #12
There will be a "correction" at some point RandomNumbers Nov 2023 #14
Yes, no doubt there will be. MineralMan Nov 2023 #15
I don't like to admit it... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #32
If only more people were thinking like you 50+ years ago. Bundbuster Nov 2023 #16
Indeed. In the year 1800, there were only 1 billion people on earth. MineralMan Nov 2023 #19
Yep... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #33
I'm a make it a soft landing or survivable crash kind of guy. hunter Nov 2023 #17
OK. Whatever you say. MineralMan Nov 2023 #20
Zero hostility here. hunter Nov 2023 #24
The planet will be fine. BlueCheeseAgain Nov 2023 #22
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2023 #28
Yep.👍👍👍 rubbersole Nov 2023 #31
If Carlin bdamomma Nov 2023 #48
Guy was a genius Joinfortmill Nov 2023 #53
I'm not so sure the planet will be fine.... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #36
The planetary ecosystem most certainly will not be "fine" RandomNumbers Nov 2023 #58
Thank you, I agree... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #63
Once we're gone ChazInAz Nov 2023 #107
What does that even mean? Envirogal Nov 2023 #117
Want to see global population throughout human history? MineralMan Nov 2023 #23
+1. Also, with projections: dalton99a Nov 2023 #25
The more a nation invests in education, the more the birthrate stabilizes. Torchlight Nov 2023 #35
Yes, but infant mortality has also greatly decreased. Think. Again. Nov 2023 #37
As well as a greater increase in lifespans. Torchlight Nov 2023 #38
advanced countries have declining birthrates and barely births enough to keep their population stable LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #44
The US should strive for a billion people. MyNameIsJonas Nov 2023 #61
Why? LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #109
Why not? The lack of consistent migration and low birth rate is a ticking timebomb. MyNameIsJonas Nov 2023 #116
So what you are saying is that we should continue to Progressive dog Nov 2023 #120
Not really. MyNameIsJonas Nov 2023 #124
You read a lot into a two sentence post. Progressive dog Nov 2023 #128
Like I said, there's more food on this planet than ever before. MyNameIsJonas Nov 2023 #134
so ,if we need more food we'll simply grow more? Progressive dog Nov 2023 #138
Anthropocentrism at its finest Bundbuster Nov 2023 #121
It's easy to dismiss that value when you're likely to not suffer from these prospects. MyNameIsJonas Nov 2023 #125
OK, sure. We should also take in a lot more immigrants to do this LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #131
Yes. That was part of my point. MyNameIsJonas Nov 2023 #132
Well sort of edisdead Nov 2023 #139
I'm not denying that we exploit immigrants and that they contribute a great deal to our economy LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #140
This really is a global problem... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #79
the real problem is too many people using too many resources and the US is most LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #110
Yes, the "race card" is a popular tool... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #113
The planet can support this population Mosby Nov 2023 #40
At what cost? Bundbuster Nov 2023 #41
it depends on the lifestyle they have. A large poplation can be sustainable if organized and not too greedy for LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #46
also China is in real demographic trouble LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #47
What, exactly, is "demographic trouble"? RandomNumbers Nov 2023 #60
their population is shrinking, which will lead to societal instability LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #112
China might figure it out RandomNumbers Nov 2023 #114
Africa as an example. VGNonly Nov 2023 #62
That's scary questionseverything Nov 2023 #97
Nigeria is tracking to over 750/800 million or more (in some models, over 1 billion) by 2100. Celerity Nov 2023 #99
India is about to top Africa with population growth PortTack Nov 2023 #106
No, it really can't NickB79 Nov 2023 #73
It's a planet wide problem.... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #81
Let's say you're right Mosby Nov 2023 #86
Empowerment of women... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #87
Thank you for pointing this out, as I have done in the past. Celerity Nov 2023 #98
African nations and India are where population is exploding PortTack Nov 2023 #105
No politician can run on 'let's stop having babies.' It's a political career ending policy. ffr Nov 2023 #43
We don't have to rely... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #83
They can and should run on "stop forcing women to have babies" RandomNumbers Nov 2023 #127
Earth will be just fine. Its the people and other inhabitants that are fucked. 3Hotdogs Nov 2023 #45
Mother nature has a way of evening these things out Warpy Nov 2023 #50
Yeah Mother Nature can be a real bitch! Shermann Nov 2023 #54
Mother Nature is like the Old Testament God. Kaleva Nov 2023 #66
The resulting conflict over resources will trigger man-made disasters RandomNumbers Nov 2023 #59
My poor grandchildren Joinfortmill Nov 2023 #51
I spend a great deal of my time working.. . Kaleva Nov 2023 #67
By doing what? If you don't mind saying ... masmdu Nov 2023 #103
Exodus 21's sanctioning of slavery gets all the fanfare Shermann Nov 2023 #52
Catastrophic climate change will take care of that Kaleva Nov 2023 #65
Either we solve the problem or the problem solves itself ThreeNoSeep Nov 2023 #68
I keep waiting for the accusation Bundbuster Nov 2023 #69
I hear you Skittles Nov 2023 #72
You won't get any push back from me.... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #84
The solution is principally in the development of technology and infrastructure. David__77 Nov 2023 #70
Starting with CO2 removal (I don't know about methane though). Justice matters. Nov 2023 #94
you can blame religion for a lot of that shit Skittles Nov 2023 #71
The planet will be fine. Humans & other creatures not so much. JanMichael Nov 2023 #74
I'm child free and plan to stay that way IronLionZion Nov 2023 #75
I predict climate change will impact human growth. OAITW r.2.0 Nov 2023 #80
So a couple of thoughts TexasDem69 Nov 2023 #82
Sounds like... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #85
Solutions to overpopulation OrangeJoe Nov 2023 #88
I like the creativity but feel like some won't make a dent TexasDem69 Nov 2023 #89
People don't always want to procreate, they enjoy sex RandomNumbers Nov 2023 #123
Under what metric is 8 billion people too many? swong19104 Nov 2023 #91
CO2 removal is now (needs expansion) only Dems will deliver. Justice matters. Nov 2023 #96
So what is the limit, and how do you calculate it? 100 Trillion people okay? RandomNumbers Nov 2023 #122
All evidence points to the human population swong19104 Nov 2023 #136
So what is the limit, and how do you calculate it? RandomNumbers Nov 2023 #141
Your concept of how climate change works isn't accurate NickB79 Nov 2023 #133
I meant active human deforestation swong19104 Nov 2023 #137
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2023 #95
"The super-rich are plundering and polluting the planet to the point of destruction and EleanorR Nov 2023 #100
Scientists believe there have been 6 mass extinctions in the past. Swede Nov 2023 #108
"The Overpopulation Myth and its Dangerous Connotations" LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #111
That inflammatory article is superseded by the current policy RandomNumbers Nov 2023 #115
Thanks for that but it is not just the Sierra club saying this about fears over over-population are based in racism LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #130
Some of us opted out a long time ago. jeffreyi Nov 2023 #126
It's not 8 billion people equally ck4829 Nov 2023 #129
I very much doubt I'll live to see it, but actuaries and others in a comparable line of work say it will change. BobTheSubgenius Nov 2023 #135
Humans have become as rats in the only known biosphere in the universe Mysterian Nov 2023 #143
Nope. We need to be better at per capita climate impact. gulliver Nov 2023 #144
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