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Sat Nov 17, 2012, 04:13 PM Nov 2012

Officially: Dems piclk up 10 seats from republicans in the congress. [View all]

Not too bad considering the amazing amount of republican Gerrymandering in swing states after the 2010 elections....Because of that gerrymandering it's going to be tough for the Dems to get the house back - We ALL have to show up in 2014 to stand a chance.

The Dems picked up nine seats officially and a Dem leads in one seat in North Carolina and most likely it will go tp the democratic candidate.

2013-14 House - Republicans 234 - Democrats 201


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Still, Ten more seats is good news! LaPera Nov 2012 #1
There was talk here of five seats being good. longship Nov 2012 #2
+1,000 to what you said. freshwest Nov 2012 #6
NC littlemissmartypants Nov 2012 #3
I John2 Nov 2012 #26
"The Congress" is composed of the House and the Senate. kath Nov 2012 #4
2 dsc Nov 2012 #5
It's hard for me to think of Ben Nelson as a "loss" ... more like a "loser." TahitiNut Nov 2012 #41
Fisher sounds quite the piece of work dsc Nov 2012 #42
She's a nightmare. progressoid Nov 2012 #48
That's what I was wondering. 10 seats? In both the Senate & House combined? nt Honeycombe8 Nov 2012 #21
Charts: Ladyparts Strike Back Milliesmom Nov 2012 #7
Makes me proud of my country MsLeopard Nov 2012 #9
I'm very proud too! Milliesmom Nov 2012 #13
I turn 65 this month, this makes me look forward to getting older! mountain grammy Nov 2012 #36
Since republicans use gerrymandering to such advantage eyewall Nov 2012 #8
The next gerrymandering festival isn't for a decade, I think? (nt) Posteritatis Nov 2012 #10
thats right a census year at the begining of the decade.. next 2020 oldhippydude Nov 2012 #14
ahh, thanks for the info, I didn't realize it was tied to the census. eyewall Nov 2012 #39
There's nothing illegal about redistricting prior to a census. David__77 Nov 2012 #40
Democrats DO gerrymander... BlueMan Votes Nov 2012 #49
District number 4 looks pretty specialized LOL eyewall Nov 2012 #53
unfortunately- I'm in the 14th district- by two blocks. BlueMan Votes Nov 2012 #54
as for the 4th- it's the district represented by Luis Gutierrez. BlueMan Votes Nov 2012 #55
Which is why we have to quit putting it all into the Presidency treestar Nov 2012 #51
Out of those 234 Rs, are there 17 who might vote with Democrats ProgressiveEconomist Nov 2012 #11
I'm skeptical. kentuck Nov 2012 #16
Good question, although off the top of my head, NO... winstars Nov 2012 #18
Moderates are gone from the republican party. The party is left with extremists. bluestate10 Nov 2012 #31
a lot, if not all, are afraid of being primaried if they do oldhippydude Nov 2012 #19
Not with fear getting primaried by a tea party nut job, vinny9698 Nov 2012 #20
I think so! It certainly is worth going over the cliff and waiting until next year! reformist2 Nov 2012 #28
Not bad at all. hrmjustin Nov 2012 #12
Recommended. William769 Nov 2012 #15
It amazes me there can be that many Republicans. nt valerief Nov 2012 #17
Republicans were smart in 2010. We were dumb. bluestate10 Nov 2012 #29
It's dumb to be Republican. nt valerief Nov 2012 #30
Very good, very true! mountain grammy Nov 2012 #37
Just as I predicted... nradisic Nov 2012 #22
All elections through 2024 are absolutely vital if we are to return this nation to sanity and bluestate10 Nov 2012 #23
We need to focus on picking up state legislative seats everywhere tabbycat31 Nov 2012 #56
We done good, kids libodem Nov 2012 #24
Any chance we can fix dem4ward Nov 2012 #25
Yes. Bibliovore Nov 2012 #35
Our success inn 2014... ReRe Nov 2012 #27
A ground game can only go so far tabbycat31 Nov 2012 #57
17 more to go in 2014. Hulk Nov 2012 #32
Powell, Zerban and Graves were three of the best, mountain grammy Nov 2012 #38
Unexpected gains CitizenPatriot Nov 2012 #33
The Republicans picked up 6 seats in 2002 democrattotheend Nov 2012 #34
We didn't pick status quo, politicians picked their voters, drew lines around them. julian09 Nov 2012 #43
If the Dems in Congress want a big turnout in 2014, they should Doctor_J Nov 2012 #44
And perhaps there are 17 sane Republicans among that 234 . . . MrModerate Nov 2012 #45
Dems will need to gain control at state levels and change the gerrymandering. spooky3 Nov 2012 #46
Wishful thinking but it's possible you could see some shifts in gerrymandered districts cherish44 Nov 2012 #47
A week ago I was saying we needed 40 votes in 2014. WE ONLY NEED ______! 21? Gregorian Nov 2012 #50
Who did they replace would be interesting too treestar Nov 2012 #52
And, the majority of the votes cast for members of Congress nationwide. Blue mandate, red majority. Coyotl Nov 2012 #58
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