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Mon Oct 23, 2023, 11:19 AM Oct 2023

FCC is launching process to strip FOX News in Philly of its broadcasting license for pushing big lie [View all]

link to tweet
Occupy Democrats@OccupyDemocrats
BREAKING: FOX News gets devastating news as the FCC(Federal Communications Commission) announces that it’s launching the preliminary process of stripping FOX News of its broadcasting license in Philadelphia over its pushing of Trump’s Big Lie.

But it gets WORSE for FOX News…

It all started last July when media reform activists petitioned the FCC to revoke Fox News’ local broadcast license in Philadelphia over its rampant election fraud propaganda, which is a clear violation of the “character clause” embedded in the Communications Act that the FCC uses to determine if a network should earn and maintain its broadcasting license.

Today, the FCC announced that it is moving forward with its investigation by opening up an “evidentiary hearing” in which citizens and advocacy groups can comment publicly and provide evidence of FOX News’ election lies.

FOX News and its army of lawyers adamantly opposed the hearing, but the FCC took the “rare step” of deciding to move forward with it, sending FOX News’ lawyers spiraling into a frenzy.

To make matters worse for FOX News, experts say that if Philadelphia activists are able to get FOX News pulled from the air, it could “be replicable” in other cities and markets all across America.

This could be the beginning of the end of FOX “News” as we know it…

Please retweet and ❤️ if you think that FOX News MUST lose its broadcasting license and be pulled from the airwaves

Make it so FCC, make it so.
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About damned time!! This is great! BComplex Oct 2023 #1
Fox News doesn't have a "license". It doesn't need one. brooklynite Oct 2023 #6
This is about FOX 29 News which is a single over the air broadcaster Yonnie3 Oct 2023 #7
And Fox29 doesn't have anything to do with Fox News content. As I say below, this is a misleading press release brooklynite Oct 2023 #8
Yep Yonnie3 Oct 2023 #9
And yet, the licensed station did perpetuate the big lie. PatrickforB Oct 2023 #57
It SHOULD (what's the difference between radio-waved signals and cable's??) Justice matters. Oct 2023 #18
Here's the LEGAL difference brooklynite Oct 2023 #19
I suspect they USE portions of the Government's GROUNDS for laying over CABLES... Justice matters. Oct 2023 #20
Not Federal brooklynite Oct 2023 #21
There's always one solution available to make the 'playing' grounds EQUAL for ALL. Justice matters. Oct 2023 #23
Sure: change the Constitution to eliminate freedom of speech from the First Amendment... brooklynite Oct 2023 #37
Oh please..The First Amendment is not absolute. whathehell Oct 2023 #71
You do realize inthewind21 Oct 2023 #69
There are only 2 roads to go about it..... The Grand Illuminist Oct 2023 #87
Good grief, you can't be serious. ExWhoDoesntCare Oct 2023 #28
Cable networks deliver programming over cables owned by cable operating companies onenote Oct 2023 #39
Heavy sigh... ExWhoDoesntCare Oct 2023 #25
Ok then. Why not IMPOSE a "special" TAX on those private entities?? Justice matters. Oct 2023 #26
They do get taxed ExWhoDoesntCare Oct 2023 #29
And furthermore ExWhoDoesntCare Oct 2023 #31
I'm guessing you're not familiar with this Supreme Court case onenote Oct 2023 #40
This message was self-deleted by its author NYC Liberal Oct 2023 #41
"what's the difference between radio-waved signals and cable's?" CaptainTruth Oct 2023 #47
correct azureblue Oct 2023 #65
Fox News is not "banned" in Canada. onenote Oct 2023 #74
If we're going to consider fining inaccurate information being shared electronically. Zeitghost Oct 2023 #78
DO IT!!!!! calimary Oct 2023 #2
This is ForgedCrank Oct 2023 #3
The only "danger" is that news organizations won't be able to lie to people mzmolly Oct 2023 #24
That's the ForgedCrank Oct 2023 #45
I think the lies were proven by the text conversations mzmolly Oct 2023 #46
MANY inthewind21 Oct 2023 #70
Oh FFS ExWhoDoesntCare Oct 2023 #32
K&R 2naSalit Oct 2023 #4
This press release is incredibly misleading and Occupy Democrats is a waste of your time. brooklynite Oct 2023 #5
Don't forget Fox is a broadcast partner of the NFL Deminpenn Oct 2023 #14
Way to miss the point ExWhoDoesntCare Oct 2023 #33
Thank you Takket Oct 2023 #16
I wouldn't inthewind21 Oct 2023 #72
It's not just misleading. It's a full-blown fabrication. TwilightZone Oct 2023 #55
For a bit more clarity on this SocialDemocrat61 Oct 2023 #10
All Faux stations that continued to promote the "big lie" should have their licenses 4lbs Oct 2023 #11
K&R. nt c-rational Oct 2023 #12
I thought Fox limited their outright lying to their cable programs, which are out of reach of the FCC. PSPS Oct 2023 #13
yay. AllaN01Bear Oct 2023 #15
This Wouldn't Apply To Faux NEWS... GB_RN Oct 2023 #17
Here's the real problem with the responses supporting this effort... brooklynite Oct 2023 #22
It's OK if the law allows it treestar Oct 2023 #89
Yes, it's not a cable affiliate...and there's no specific evidence that they were spouting election denial stories. brooklynite Oct 2023 #90
I thoroughly understand the slightlv Oct 2023 #27
Tell us how you'll judge "outright lies" brooklynite Oct 2023 #38
I think there's been enough "Proof" of *rumps slightlv Oct 2023 #43
Thank you.. whathehell Oct 2023 #68
So inthewind21 Oct 2023 #73
Fantastic Start Man of Wizened Words Oct 2023 #30
And now, here's DU's thread four months ago about the FCC and Fox: mahatmakanejeeves Oct 2023 #34
This is a completely misleading tweet from Occupy Democrats onenote Oct 2023 #35
The other thing people is ignore is: if Fox News disappeared tomorrow, the demand for a R/W "news" outlet would exist brooklynite Oct 2023 #63
typical misleading bullshit from the ultra dodgy, grifting (and McTurtle donating to) Occupy Democrats Celerity Oct 2023 #36
This should have been done after Jan. 6th! Initech Oct 2023 #42
CORRECT Skittles Oct 2023 #48
Yup. The right wing crossed the line with January 6th. Initech Oct 2023 #49
I have been impressed by how the FBI has gone after the morons who stormed the Captiol Skittles Oct 2023 #66
I know it's fucking insane. Initech Oct 2023 #75
and now one of these nutcases is Speaker of the House Skittles Oct 2023 #79
This has nothing to do with Fox News. TwilightZone Oct 2023 #56
I hope bdamomma Oct 2023 #44
Yay!..That's my hometown, Philly! whathehell Oct 2023 #50
More nonsense that gets a million Recs. TwilightZone Oct 2023 #51
Yep. See post #35. onenote Oct 2023 #60
Yes, it would would also be nice whathehell Oct 2023 #67
Awesome news!! ificandream Oct 2023 #52
I'm so happy to hear this! I've been harping on our lack of a 21st century Fairness Doctrine for PatrickforB Oct 2023 #53
Don't get your hopes up. The story is false. TwilightZone Oct 2023 #54
Oh, for goodness sake! Good they are having a hearing on the one station though, if it did perpetuate the PatrickforB Oct 2023 #58
They have not announced they are having a "hearing". onenote Oct 2023 #59
PROUD REC #100 orangecrush Oct 2023 #61
Not sure why you're proud to recommend a false and misleading story onenote Oct 2023 #64
Why anyone here would take this joke of an article by Occupy Democrats is beyond me. MarineCombatEngineer Oct 2023 #62
Omg is this true? There is a god!!! I_UndergroundPanther Oct 2023 #76
As several posts have pointed out, it's not true. onenote Oct 2023 #77
It's inthewind21 Oct 2023 #81
This message was self-deleted by its author MarineCombatEngineer Oct 2023 #82
It's amazing to me how many here on this site fall for this bullshit. MarineCombatEngineer Oct 2023 #83
Well bless your heart. nt Hotler Oct 2023 #84
Ok. MarineCombatEngineer Oct 2023 #86
It's not to me inthewind21 Oct 2023 #91
I said nothing about agreeing with or believing the article. Hotler Oct 2023 #85
Regulations regarding the volume of commercials has been in effect since 2012. onenote Oct 2023 #88
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