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Response to ripcord (Original post)

How many kids are they allowed to kill ripcord? ExciteBike66 Oct 2023 #1
They're not killing kids on purpose Johnny2X2X Oct 2023 #3
Go on Twitter and you will see the dead & alive babies being pulled out of the rubble with your own womanofthehills Oct 2023 #37
like all these building were magically 'empty' Celerity Oct 2023 #44
Nonsense. Voltaire2 Oct 2023 #46
So what is Israel supposed to do about terror attacks? ripcord Oct 2023 #7
Would you have been opposed to the civilian bombings in Germany and Japan in WW II? former9thward Oct 2023 #18
Yes, I think Dresden and Tokyo were war crimes obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #25
Dresden was fine? Eyewitness Kurt Vonnegut says otherwise.n/t intheflow Oct 2023 #38
Yup, a DUer on this thread told me that obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #43
Absolutely war crimes. Voltaire2 Oct 2023 #48
The real question is... NowISeetheLight Oct 2023 #29
How many did we kill after 9-11? Calculating Oct 2023 #50
Post removed Post removed Oct 2023 #2
You seem to be forgetting that Israel was not the aggressor ripcord Oct 2023 #11
Who is telling them these things? Sogo Oct 2023 #30
Wow, straight out of the manual sarisataka Oct 2023 #31
Yeah. I mean it's not like there are any examples in history that would make Israelis feel that way. BannonsLiver Oct 2023 #33
??? NewHendoLib Oct 2023 #4
You know this level of hyperbole really doesn't help. And I know you know it is just that. hlthe2b Oct 2023 #5
I'm being implicated as being pro Hamas obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #9
I have experienced that as well, even though I start off nearly every post expressing my support hlthe2b Oct 2023 #16
Same obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #21
+1 demmiblue Oct 2023 #10
That was the first word that came to my mind upon reading the OP subject... DemocraticPatriot Oct 2023 #32
Israel is retaliating liberalmuse Oct 2023 #6
The last I saw Israel is retaliating with a vengeance and doesn't care how many innocents die. Lonestarblue Oct 2023 #8
They are? Johnny2X2X Oct 2023 #12
Every country is expected to avoid the war crime of killing innocent civilians. Lonestarblue Oct 2023 #15
Israel is avoiding killing civilians as best they can Johnny2X2X Oct 2023 #19
Minimize SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #35
Doesn't that just tell Hamas to evacuate too?? How is that effective, militarily? lostnfound Oct 2023 #42
One correction FBaggins Oct 2023 #47
Maybe try reading Hamas' charter, then try to make your statement again. NoRethugFriends Oct 2023 #14
Hamas could have offered to return the hostages, but did not. Raven123 Oct 2023 #20
Hamas is launching bombs on Tel Aviv as we speak Arazi Oct 2023 #23
Israel knows Hamas and is responding accordingly Raven123 Oct 2023 #34
"Jews Don't Count" and "People Love Dead Jews" Behind the Aegis Oct 2023 #13
I'm not even a member of the tribe and this shit is nauseating Arazi Oct 2023 #22
You know where people congregate that believe that abysmal BS? NOT HERE. hlthe2b Oct 2023 #24
+1 obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #27
Yet, some IS here. Behind the Aegis Oct 2023 #39
Rather than unite the many of DU to fight antisemism in every way, you prefer to focus on rare few? hlthe2b Oct 2023 #41
What new nonsense is this? Disaffected Oct 2023 #17
Hyperbolic straw man fallacy. They're allowed to retaliate. maxsolomon Oct 2023 #26
What do you mean, "not allowed?" Sogo Oct 2023 #28
I think the poster is commenting on those who have criticized Israel's response Raven123 Oct 2023 #36
Me personally... qwlauren35 Oct 2023 #40
Huh? Israel has consistently retaliated. Voltaire2 Oct 2023 #45
Not allowed by who? scipan Oct 2023 #49
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