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Mon Oct 2, 2023, 07:34 AM Oct 2023

I finish my 75th trip around Old Sol today and am a few months into my 40th year of sobriety. [View all]

Pretty good for an old drunk surfrat from SoCal.
These are my hopes for our cross section of humanity here on DU.

May we all know peace and good health. May we continue to find ways to serve our families, our communities, and the larger entities we’ve divided ourselves into. In pursuit of this service, may we recognize our teachers and learn well from them.

May we passionately reject injustice where we encounter it, and may our sense of humor stay clear and strong so we can remain sane as “We trudge the road of happy destiny.”


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a remarkable achievement Skittles Oct 2023 #1
Thank you x 2, Skittles. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #82
Congratulations, Way to go. Hope your health holds, I'll be 75 in February Walleye Oct 2023 #2
Thanks and well done your own self, Walleye. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #83
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, and a wonderful coming year. And what niyad Oct 2023 #3
Thank you, niyad. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #84
Congratulations on seventy and forty! marble falls Oct 2023 #4
Thanks, marble falls, on both counts Magoo48 Oct 2023 #85
Congratulations on both. sinkingfeeling Oct 2023 #5
Thank you x 2, sinkingfeeling. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #87
Happy trudging WmChris Oct 2023 #6
Indeed Magoo48 Oct 2023 #36
Happy Birthday! Marthe48 Oct 2023 #7
TY Magoo48 Oct 2023 #41
Happy Birthday mountain grammy Oct 2023 #8
Thanks mg Magoo48 Oct 2023 #42
Congrats! 2naSalit Oct 2023 #9
Looking forward to it. Thanks. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #43
Happy birthday. murielm99 Oct 2023 #10
Yup, some of it has been marvelous; some has been an ass kicker. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #45
Not a religious person, but ggma Oct 2023 #11
Thanks gg. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #46
Congratulations. Enjoy the ride. DinahMoeHum Oct 2023 #12
Thanks, Magoo48 Oct 2023 #37
Congratulations, Magoo! ChazInAz Oct 2023 #13
Then congratulations back at ya. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #38
Congrats Magoo. NoMoreRepugs Oct 2023 #14
Thanks nmr. ODAAT, YUP, seems to be how it works best. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #47
That and staying above ground I find are an excellent combo. NoMoreRepugs Oct 2023 #53
Ha! Yup, stayin' above the sod has helped. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #76
Happy Birthday... Tikki Oct 2023 #15
Thank you, and thank you, tikki. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #48
Till then... RainCaster Oct 2023 #16
TY, and my pleasure. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #49
Wow! wendyb-NC Oct 2023 #17
My pleasure, Wendy's-NC, and thanks. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #50
Nice! Iggo Oct 2023 #18
It is indeed, Iggo. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #51
Happy Birthday, Magoo! Alliepoo Oct 2023 #19
Thank you, Alliepoo, and my pleasure. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #52
Well done! MLAA Oct 2023 #20
Thanks and, thanks, MLAA. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #54
Happy Birthday! And many more to you. n/t iluvtennis Oct 2023 #21
Thanks a bunch. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #55
Happy birthday. Long may you run! ancianita Oct 2023 #22
Thanks, ancianita, yup, we'll keep running' until we can't. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #56
Yup, fighting entropy all the way with the force of love. ancianita Oct 2023 #68
Congrats on your milestone. Dulcinea Oct 2023 #23
Thanks, and yes, October is a fine month to have a birthday. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #57
You just turned 25 for the 3rd time, congrats! randr Oct 2023 #24
Ahhh, now, if I could just visit my health from the first third. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #58
Congratulations! This is indeed a great achievement. Demsrule86 Oct 2023 #25
Thank You, Demsrule86. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #60
Happy Birthday, Magoo48 gademocrat7 Oct 2023 #26
Thanks, gademocrat7. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #62
Congratulations on both milestones! Dyedinthewoolliberal Oct 2023 #27
Double strength congratulations on your double great accomplishment Attilatheblond Oct 2023 #28
I hope so too, Attilatheblond, and thank you. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #63
Birthday Blessings! madashelltoo Oct 2023 #29
Thank you. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #64
Congratulations! Thank you for the excellent post. LoisB Oct 2023 #30
My pleasure, and thank you. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #65
Wow! Happy Birthdays to you! Goddessartist Oct 2023 #31
Thank you, Goddessartist. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #66
Happy day! Do you still surf? 1WorldHope Oct 2023 #32
No, the body not willing. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #35
I'm glad you got to surf. It fascinates me, growing up land locked. 1WorldHope Oct 2023 #80
🌊Happy Birthday!🌞 Donkees Oct 2023 #33
Thanks Donkees, great pic. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #67
Kudos! bif Oct 2023 #34
Thanks x 2, bif. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #70
"trip around Old Sol ".. I love that term and use a variation of it every year. mitch96 Oct 2023 #39
I believe you're right. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #40
Nicely said. A HERETIC I AM Oct 2023 #44
Thanks for the heads up AHIA, say, is there an app for that? Magoo48 Oct 2023 #71
No, but there's this thing called a "Search Engine"... A HERETIC I AM Oct 2023 #75
Thanks for the intel. I'll check it out. Hope your sandwich arrives soon. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #77
LOL! A HERETIC I AM Oct 2023 #81
Happy birthday 🎂 to you--and congratulations! nt tblue37 Oct 2023 #59
TY so much, tblue37. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #72
Congrats on both! 👍 electric_blue68 Oct 2023 #61
Thanks, and thanks. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #73
I did those numbers last year. tavernier Oct 2023 #69
Well, congrats back at ya, and, I hope so too. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #74
Congrats on both of these! EOM Scottie Mom Oct 2023 #78
Thanks, Scottie Mom Magoo48 Oct 2023 #79
Congratulations! ProfessorGAC Oct 2023 #86
Thanks, ProfessorGAC, I like your math; I'm gonna spring it on my grandkids. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #88
My Niece Liked It! ProfessorGAC Oct 2023 #92
Ha! Kool. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #93
Congratulations and well done! yonder Oct 2023 #89
Thanks Yonder, and I'm always happy to meet a fellow traveler. ODAAT Magoo48 Oct 2023 #91
... Faux pas Oct 2023 #90
Thanks, Faux pas. I'm always happy to encounter another one of us who's made it this far. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #123
You're Faux pas Oct 2023 #127
Happy Birthday 🎂 BlueKota Oct 2023 #94
BRAVO !!! And many happy returns! fierywoman Oct 2023 #95
40 years of sobriety is very impressive senseandsensibility Oct 2023 #96
This message was self-deleted by its author retread Oct 2023 #100
Many Happy Returns, Magoo48! littlemissmartypants Oct 2023 #97
Thanks a bunch. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #98
You're welcome! ❤️ littlemissmartypants Oct 2023 #99
Happy Birthday! Solly Mack Oct 2023 #101
Thank you, Solly Mack. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #122
Happy happy birthday to you! And congratulations on a remarkable achievement of LiberalLoner Oct 2023 #102
Thanks x 2, LiberalLoner. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #121
Happiest of Birthdays, Magoo48, and a huge CONGRATULATIONS!! Sunny Daze Oct 2023 #103
Huge thanks there, Sunny Daze. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #120
Trudge well! madamesilverspurs Oct 2023 #104
It is indeed, madamesilverspurs, and I am quite grateful to have had them. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #119
Many happy returns!! TSExile Oct 2023 #105
Thanks, TSExile. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #118
According to numbers I found on the interwebs Xavier Breath Oct 2023 #106
Good point. So, all us Earth folks are space travelers by happenstance of birth. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #117
Just think of all the money Eloon and Bezos could have saved Xavier Breath Oct 2023 #126
Nicely done.. Permanut Oct 2023 #107
Thank you, permanut. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #116
Two thumbs up - Siskel and Ebert Mblaze Oct 2023 #108
Thanks times 2, Mblaze. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #115
One day orangecrush Oct 2023 #109
Yes, ODAAT, thanks orangecrush. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #114
Congratulations! soldierant Oct 2023 #110
Thank you. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #113
That is an amazing achievement. applegrove Oct 2023 #111
Thank you, applegrove. Magoo48 Oct 2023 #112
As one old drunk to another, congratulations! It's an achievement of a lifetime to change one's retread Oct 2023 #124
Happy birthday. I will be really shocked ecstatic Oct 2023 #125
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