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15. Funny, no. Do I have sympathy, absolutely not.
Thu Aug 31, 2023, 05:35 AM
Aug 2023

They don't care about how sick I am, how sick you are, how sick the people they pretend to represent are. Each and every one of them actively engage in sabotaging the little bit of healthcare we do get. McConnell has been chief among those doing this for almost my entire lifetime. As I've grown I've watched this man actively make my world worse on purpose. Do everything in his power to strip away rights and steal from the people. Frankly, if I were to do a little dance and say good for evil ass I wouldn't stepping out of bounds, but I'm not. I just want him to go away and leave us alone.

I agree CountAllVotes Aug 2023 #1
I dislike Mitch McConnell intensely democrank Aug 2023 #2
Which includes the voters who send him to the treestar Aug 2023 #67
Don't Be Cruel Roy Rolling Aug 2023 #3
Mitch will receive the BEST health care he can get with ZERO financial worries.... Bengus81 Aug 2023 #31
Right there with you. Phoenix61 Aug 2023 #38
Thank you. Solomon Aug 2023 #49
Momma always said "if you can't say something nice" diverdownjt Aug 2023 #55
"If you can't say something nice, come sit right here next to me!" Aristus Aug 2023 #60
+1 MorbidButterflyTat Aug 2023 #80
It is sad... 2naSalit Aug 2023 #4
...he'll die in office". How about now? machoneman Aug 2023 #56
Hey... 2naSalit Aug 2023 #63
I agree and thank you for being kind. I hate seeing the cruel comments Raine Aug 2023 #5
Maybe after it happens to them they will change CountAllVotes Aug 2023 #8
+ 1 nt pazzyanne Aug 2023 #10
Mitch needs a tall drink, and a comfy chair. Mopar151 Aug 2023 #6
I agree with your altruistic sentiments, however PCIntern Aug 2023 #7
I support this. GreenEyedLefty Aug 2023 #24
Yes. PCIntern Aug 2023 #44
It is usually sad to see a person losing cognitive function. I watched it happen to beloved family Chainfire Aug 2023 #59
Yes we can have compassion for Mitch Duncanpup Aug 2023 #9
But I for one do not want to be like Mitch McConnell! pazzyanne Aug 2023 #12
What you said is wonderful OldBaldy1701E Aug 2023 #16
👍 If we want them to change we must lead the way. MiHale Aug 2023 #36
Uh yeah MorbidButterflyTat Aug 2023 #81
There's no "we". BannonsLiver Aug 2023 #65
It is sad. He looks thin and like he has lost weight. Tomconroy Aug 2023 #11
Thank you Rebl2 Aug 2023 #13
Sorry about your husband but he was not the Minority Leader in the US Senate malaise Aug 2023 #14
+1 MorbidButterflyTat Aug 2023 #83
Funny, no. Do I have sympathy, absolutely not. Afrocat Aug 2023 #15
You are a kind person. Scrivener7 Aug 2023 #17
The GOP is so far-gone that McConnell has become one of the few adults left in the room BeyondGeography Aug 2023 #18
Its called karma nowforever Aug 2023 #19
Hear, hear! BigmanPigman Aug 2023 #35
Do I have sympathy? Yes, a little bit but Moscow Mitch can still go F*** himself!! cstanleytech Aug 2023 #20
Glitch McConnell is not your grandmother Fullduplexxx Aug 2023 #21
What's sad was the reaction of the aide Aviation Pro Aug 2023 #22
What was sadder is one one of them suggested that he would see a doctor n/t malaise Aug 2023 #25
He is their meal ticket. YDogg Aug 2023 #30
And she basically was most concerned with blaming Sky Jewels Aug 2023 #77
Totally agree Laura PourMeADrink Aug 2023 #23
I don't think we are kind to people because they deserve it necessarily, it's basic humanity Walleye Aug 2023 #26
Hard pass. Jirel Aug 2023 #27
+1 MorbidButterflyTat Aug 2023 #84
Thank you. I needed this thread as an antidote to the other one. femmedem Aug 2023 #28
This is why the left is viewed as weak, fragile and wimpy. neurochaos Aug 2023 #29
This cactusfractal Aug 2023 #33
+1. You can't fight evil criminals with the "high road" and "turn the other cheek" dalton99a Aug 2023 #50
Where's his loving little wife and kids? samplegirl Aug 2023 #32
The GOOPERS are in to deep with the "Biden is too OLD for office" BS Bengus81 Aug 2023 #34
I suspect they want him to stay home and avoid the public humiliation dalton99a Aug 2023 #58
Oh, I agree, TNNurse Aug 2023 #37
I care about good people. edisdead Aug 2023 #39
The damage he did to the country with SCOTUS is immeasurable. Funtatlaguy Aug 2023 #40
+1. That and the HUNDREDS of Trump judges he pushed through the Senate dalton99a Aug 2023 #47
Agreed, but he needs to step down immediately ecstatic Aug 2023 #41
The very sad part is no one around him cares about him. His staff and co-workers pretend the FSogol Aug 2023 #42
Yes I know and moniss Aug 2023 #43
ZERO sympathy for a fascist enabler who packed our judiciary with Trump judges dalton99a Aug 2023 #45
Hard for me to feel sympathy given how most people in his state can't afford healthcare. Crowman2009 Aug 2023 #46
I just watched Sanjay Gupta on CNN discussing this. TNNurse Aug 2023 #48
I have sympathy for what you're going through with your mom Best_man23 Aug 2023 #51
What Mitch McConnell has done in the Senate for almost 40 years is way more sad jcgoldie Aug 2023 #52
+1 spot on! Emile Aug 2023 #53
No it's not sad. It's what happens sometimes when you get that old. What is sad is the Autumn Aug 2023 #54
Yes very sad that he didn't stroke out 12 years ago+ already. Brainfodder Aug 2023 #57
Why do people keep insisting he is human?0 Conjuay Aug 2023 #61
Yeah how many lives has that POS ruined or made difficult. BannonsLiver Aug 2023 #66
I'm waiting for Trump to express his sympathy for Mitch & Elaine Funtatlaguy Aug 2023 #62
It's absolutely not sad. BannonsLiver Aug 2023 #64
"Let's show the GOBers that cruelty has no place" LAS14 Aug 2023 #68
then they should stop protecting this asshole amd get him to retire Recycle_Guru Aug 2023 #73
I'm glad that you can feel for someone because you have a similar experience AKwannabe Aug 2023 #69
Nah LPBBEAR Aug 2023 #70
What Mitch McConnell has done with his life is even sadder... DemocraticPatriot Aug 2023 #71
if it happened to some random elderly dude, yes--sad Recycle_Guru Aug 2023 #72
A real human being? BWdem4life Aug 2023 #74
What happened to us under his leadership is so very SAD. harumph Aug 2023 #75
No it isn't. budkin Aug 2023 #76
Meh. Sky Jewels Aug 2023 #78
Concur MorbidButterflyTat Aug 2023 #87
Because it's McConnell, I don't feel particularly sad about it. maxsolomon Aug 2023 #79
I look at it this way. We can be like "them", or we can LuckyCharms Aug 2023 #82
I don't care. nt. Voltaire2 Aug 2023 #85
Could not agree more AmBlue Aug 2023 #86
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