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Tue Aug 22, 2023, 09:30 AM Aug 2023

I'm in tears. A grow ass man in tears. My Student Loans are forgiven [View all]

Before I go on I have to admit I was really bad at paying these off for a while. In 2009 I got on a payment plan. $269 per month. For what I can best figure was a total of $15,000 that I borrowed I’ve paid back $34,000 and had $34,000 left. Not anymore. I logged into MOHELA to verify.

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Congratulations! tblue37 Aug 2023 #1
I'm in tears for you. MontanaMama Aug 2023 #2
So am I. bobnicewander Aug 2023 #120
Which program was involved? viva la Aug 2023 #3
This appears to be the program put in after the SCOTUS ruling underpants Aug 2023 #19
My daughter got that working for Uncle Sam. pwb Aug 2023 #53
hold on to that paperwork forever. Several paper copies, scan it, store it digitally too BlueWaveNeverEnd Aug 2023 #98
Same here. Discovered it on Sunday utopian Aug 2023 #4
I thought we had one more step. underpants Aug 2023 #15
Wow - congrats!! How many payments had qualified toward the PSLF before... Beartracks Aug 2023 #39
I made far more than the requisite payments utopian Aug 2023 #63
They should get you a refund! Beartracks Aug 2023 #67
Congrats to you too! MissB Aug 2023 #20
Excellent! Congrats to you too! Solly Mack Aug 2023 #32
Some things shouldn't be for profit, like medical and dental care... Kid Berwyn Aug 2023 #5
What was done was a crime. Hekate Aug 2023 #73
Could you call it "predatory lending?" So many in such deep debt just pursuing a degree or two Evolve Dammit Aug 2023 #103
It makes me mad that you and many others were ever saddled with that shit. Hermit-The-Prog Aug 2023 #6
May be careful around just blaming (R)s for the situation BlueIn_W_Pa Aug 2023 #122
You are ignoring everything that came before and the good in that bill. Hermit-The-Prog Aug 2023 #123
Congratulations; I teared up too for knowing that the process had started. My two kids, Backseat Driver Aug 2023 #7
Fantastic! MLAA Aug 2023 #8
What a racket! vlyons Aug 2023 #9
Interest compounded daily underpants Aug 2023 #21
Damn! That's loan shark territory. Congrats on getting finally getting clear. Canoe52 Aug 2023 #38
What a Country. vanlassie Aug 2023 #61
That's what people don't seem to realize. LisaM Aug 2023 #91
Congratulations. I can't even get my son to look into the new repayment plan (SAVE). sinkingfeeling Aug 2023 #10
Put in the time underpants Aug 2023 #22
Electing Democrats makes a real difference in people's lives Doc Sportello Aug 2023 #11
Yes! Hugin Aug 2023 #12
So glad for you! Thanks for letting us know. Hortensis Aug 2023 #13
Congratulations! I am very happy for you. LoisB Aug 2023 #14
Now run up to Joe Biden crying "Sir, Sir, Sir ...." rickford66 Aug 2023 #16
That is truly fabulous news MissB Aug 2023 #17
This calls for a party. sarge43 Aug 2023 #18
I just got mine yesterday. I'm still waiting for something to go wrong and having it all Carlitos Brigante Aug 2023 #23
Congratulations underpants Aug 2023 #26
Thank you! Damn! How time flies. Our kid just started her senior year in HS yesterday. On a Carlitos Brigante Aug 2023 #47
Congrats! roamer65 Aug 2023 #24
Fabulous!! 58Sunliner Aug 2023 #25
I'm so happy for you. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2023 #27
Congratulations! What wonderful news! highplainsdem Aug 2023 #28
This is wonderful!!! Tesha Aug 2023 #29
That's great news! I'm happy for you! Solly Mack Aug 2023 #30
Congratulations!🎊🎉🍾🎈 sheshe2 Aug 2023 #31
I'm happy for you, underpants. Aristus Aug 2023 #33
You took the words right out of my mouth! 70sEraVet Aug 2023 #43
Let's see how long it takes Grovelbot to start messaging me underpants Aug 2023 #54
So happy for you! barbtries Aug 2023 #34
Yay! tazkcmo Aug 2023 #35
Yay!!!! Wow!!! Karadeniz Aug 2023 #36
That's cool! We're stuck with ours. We took NJ HESAA loans because the Fed lenders were fugazi. TheBlackAdder Aug 2023 #37
Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! 50 Shades Of Blue Aug 2023 #40
Damn, I knew these loans were bad, but I never dreamed THAT bad. Biophilic Aug 2023 #41
Good for you man Duncanpup Aug 2023 #42
Jeez, good for you 👍 Joinfortmill Aug 2023 #44
Nice! Roc2020 Aug 2023 #45
i'm so happy for you! orleans Aug 2023 #46
Mazel tov, underpants! thatcrowwoman Aug 2023 #48
Yay! fierywoman Aug 2023 #49
Congratulations! area51 Aug 2023 #50
Hooray!!! To you and the subsequent posters who are also celebrating!!!! Nittersing Aug 2023 #51
That's FANTASTIC! calimary Aug 2023 #52
Congratulations!!! AllyCat Aug 2023 #55
eggscllent. thanks joe . AllaN01Bear Aug 2023 #56
so awesome!!!!I am so happy for you!!!! peacebuzzard Aug 2023 #57
That's awesome. So happy for you judesedit Aug 2023 #58
I'm so happy for you! yardwork Aug 2023 #59
Congratulations! COL Mustard Aug 2023 #60
I was waiting on PSLF and this happened underpants Aug 2023 #64
Happy to hear it Bettie Aug 2023 #62
Glad for you. lambchopp59 Aug 2023 #65
Congratulations! I received my PSLF letter from them yesterday as well. steelyboo Aug 2023 #66
Congrats, underpants peggysue2 Aug 2023 #68
I am so happy for you! Lars39 Aug 2023 #69
Oh I am so very happy for you. flying_wahini Aug 2023 #70
You must feel a huge load has been lifted from your shoulders! Congratulations! camartinwv Aug 2023 #71
What an incredible load off your back. Biden got slapped down hard & he had a backup plan... Hekate Aug 2023 #72
I love that MOHELA mention he and VP by name underpants Aug 2023 #74
OMG, that wonderful!! Fla Dem Aug 2023 #75
I'm truly happy for you. ShazzieB Aug 2023 #76
Fantastic! Hassin Bin Sober Aug 2023 #77
it's a damn good feeling, isn't it? mike_c Aug 2023 #78
Congratulations!!! Bluethroughu Aug 2023 #79
Hooray! flamingdem Aug 2023 #80
Great News!!! lillypaddle Aug 2023 #81
Congratulations!!! ismnotwasm Aug 2023 #82
You deserve it! Sucha NastyWoman Aug 2023 #83
Congrats!! 2naSalit Aug 2023 #84
Great day underpants Aug 2023 #85
That's what I would do too! 2naSalit Aug 2023 #92
I am so happy for you! mahina Aug 2023 #86
I'm super happy for you! 🎉🎉🎉 FlyingPiggy Aug 2023 #87
Magnificent! Orrex Aug 2023 #88
WOO HOOO!!! BumRushDaShow Aug 2023 #89
I am so happy for you, underpants! piddyprints Aug 2023 #90
SO happy for you. MOMFUDSKI Aug 2023 #93
awesome. congrats! nt ecstatic Aug 2023 #94
Congratulations!!! My loans were forgiven too. Still hard to believe it. Nt helpisontheway Aug 2023 #95
Terrific! You must feel so relieved democrank Aug 2023 #96
congrats!! BlueWaveNeverEnd Aug 2023 #97
Hmmph!!! I HAD TO PAY MINE OFF and it weighed on me for YEARS!!! Lisa0825 Aug 2023 #99
Thank Bernie Sanders LiberaBlueDem Aug 2023 #100
BS ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #125
Congratulations! Think. Again. Aug 2023 #101
Well... pull down your pants and do the hotdog dance. Ellipsis Aug 2023 #102
How thrilling!! 3catwoman3 Aug 2023 #104
Congratulations! maspaha Aug 2023 #105
Well shit I am crying too!!! Congratulations! Maraya1969 Aug 2023 #106
Great news! electric_blue68 Aug 2023 #107
Must feel like winning the lottery. Congrats! JudyM Aug 2023 #108
I'm very happy for you!! babylonsister Aug 2023 #109
Question Smackdown2019 Aug 2023 #110
Huh? James48 Aug 2023 #111
That date isn't accurate. liberalmuse Aug 2023 #116
Got it! Thanks ! And congratulations. James48 Aug 2023 #117
Thank you! liberalmuse Aug 2023 #126
Yay! So happy for you!! Iris Aug 2023 #112
Yay..so happy for you! nini Aug 2023 #113
So truly happy for you canetoad Aug 2023 #114
Congrats! Fantastic news! diva77 Aug 2023 #115
i bet that feels good samnsara Aug 2023 #118
I am glad for you but pissed that people are ripped off with high rates. twodogsbarking Aug 2023 #119
Glad you got off the hook for those loans CountAllVotes Aug 2023 #121
Joining you with the tears ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #124
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