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Lulu Latech

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8. Such a brat.....
Fri Aug 4, 2023, 05:28 PM
Aug 2023

He's testing the boundaries by posting crap like this. It's probably not specific enough but I would hope at least the judge issues a warning to his lawyers that he's on thin ice if he continues in this vein.

well we knew it wouldnt be long but meh nothing will happen Fullduplexxx Aug 2023 #1
Sounds like a threat against the whole country to me. bluedigger Aug 2023 #2
Can we start a class-action civil suit? jayschool2013 Aug 2023 #3
He never learns and he's such a bully vlyons Aug 2023 #4
Thanks I needed that housecat Aug 2023 #20
Yup. Let's see how tough this Judge is. Raven Aug 2023 #5
I thought it sounded like a threat to the federal judges on the election case against him. Irish_Dem Aug 2023 #6
And a Cornered Rabid Guilty RAT!! Cha Aug 2023 #7
Exactly. He has no power, so he's trying to scarf some up through threats. Nt spooky3 Aug 2023 #10
He will soon hurt himself malaise Aug 2023 #15
Such a brat..... Lulu Latech Aug 2023 #8
I think it is specific enough. EndlessWire Aug 2023 #23
Calm the fuck down idiot. doublethink Aug 2023 #9
Doesn't matter, no judge has been willing to enforce the conditions of release. Marius25 Aug 2023 #11
So far. triron Aug 2023 #17
You knew he would test it immediately. kentuck Aug 2023 #12
Yeah, that's just Free Speech. maxsolomon Aug 2023 #13
He just can't help himself. Norbert Aug 2023 #14
It's a threat, but djt's threats are also dog whistles to his band of merry thugs. nt allegorical oracle Aug 2023 #16
So that makes it worse. triron Aug 2023 #18
Yep. kentuck Aug 2023 #19
no more kid gloves . AllaN01Bear Aug 2023 #21
If I were Jack Smith I would take that personally. Demobrat Aug 2023 #22
"I'm coming after you!" Gore1FL Aug 2023 #24
Go fuck yourself Donny you fat piece of shit Blue Owl Aug 2023 #25
Narcissistic black hole. He's a great intergalactic sucking that will never stop. Duncan Grant Aug 2023 #26
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