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5. Yes, but not frequently
Sun Jul 16, 2023, 01:58 PM
Jul 2023

For all of the problems we know these systems have, and even knowing that some dangerous failures have been suppressed or falsely attributed to human driver failure, the safety level must already be fairly reasonable or a whole lot more horror stories would be coming to light.

I'd guess that the safety level of these systems isn't better than humans yet (which should be the goal), but that it's not far worse.

Hard pass, I can just taste the fear of sitting in the back of that thing JuJuChen Jul 2023 #1
I Have heard the firetrucks and ambulances hate these things YoshidaYui Jul 2023 #2
I proudly display this bumper sticker musette_sf Jul 2023 #3
It depends. A shuttle type car on a prescribed route like Disney? lostnfound Jul 2023 #4
Yes, but not frequently Silent3 Jul 2023 #5
Not if I could help it. Iggo Jul 2023 #6
Absolutely not. MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2023 #7
Not enough corps wanting to guarantee upfront driver level safety uponit7771 Jul 2023 #8
have you seen my kid drive? same thing dembotoz Jul 2023 #9
But it can drive down Geary into the setting sun Sympthsical Jul 2023 #10
I don't even like to ride in a car with a driver. Midnight Writer Jul 2023 #11
woud you climb into a yellow cab in New York stopdiggin Jul 2023 #12
But, no. marble falls Jul 2023 #13
Not Yet ProfessorGAC Jul 2023 #14
Not yet... Wounded Bear Jul 2023 #15
yes I would and likely will when self driving vehicles accumulate... mike_c Jul 2023 #16
You're comparing apples and frying bacon grease. Hermit-The-Prog Jul 2023 #20
When I see them in the city I drive far away from them ! kimbutgar Jul 2023 #17
right?? YoshidaYui Jul 2023 #18
For some things, I don't want to be first. SYFROYH Jul 2023 #19
Nope. n/t area51 Jul 2023 #21
Waymo Self Driving Taxi Goes Rogue: Blocks Traffic, Evades Capture JJRicks Rides With Waymo #54 YoshidaYui Jul 2023 #22
Maybe. KentuckyWoman Jul 2023 #23
Yes but probably only in low speed environments Arazi Jul 2023 #24
Nope DiverDave Jul 2023 #25
NO way. nt Raine Jul 2023 #26
Not if I could help it. IzzaNuDay Jul 2023 #27
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