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he doesn't have his makeup on. people aren't use to seeing him without the orange stuff BlueWaveNeverEnd May 2023 #1
Wow! What an Adonis. Now I know where Superman Trump and Velociraptor Riding Trump comes from. 🥰 TheBlackAdder May 2023 #78
I watched the interview. That first one is just what he looked like live. n/t RKP5637 May 2023 #2
do you have the information? barbtries May 2023 #57
I'll see if I can find it, it was on youtube. n/t RKP5637 May 2023 #60
Here it is! RKP5637 May 2023 #61
thank you. barbtries May 2023 #65
Hate the fucker, but I didn't see anything bad here. C Moon May 2023 #79
Noticed the large dark spot on the side of DjT's face near the end of that video. Jrose May 2023 #85
Could be ... he wears so much makeup we never really see his actual face on his TV appearances, etc. RKP5637 May 2023 #87
The old boy is losing his mojo ain't he? Chainfire May 2023 #3
Reagan went senile in office; Trump's presidency began because of his mental decline. Bucky May 2023 #37
What a mess! -nt CrispyQ May 2023 #4
Here's another one... Effete Snob May 2023 #5
Nah, he doesn't look that good! PatSeg May 2023 #14
Plus, as has been pointed out before, Aristus May 2023 #23
He looks like a really decent guy PatSeg May 2023 #50
I knew someone would say that Effete Snob May 2023 #90
i wonder if grandpa would take offense. AllaN01Bear May 2023 #31
Bring back Paul Ryan. We can get the whole family going. mjvpi May 2023 #36
The FG is looking mighty hit Larissa May 2023 #39
It looks like Chump is having a heat stroke FakeNoose May 2023 #62
He had to walk up that gentle slope Rorey May 2023 #80
Ready for The home? Check out lane? Deuxcents May 2023 #6
Sundowning? keithbvadu2 May 2023 #7
could be NJCher May 2023 #24
My Mom NowISeetheLight May 2023 #93
The whole world has turned upside down MadameButterfly May 2023 #8
👇👇👇👁️👁️ Goonch May 2023 #9
Deplorable Number One Bucky May 2023 #38
Probably talking--he never shuts up--bragging about how great a golfer he is. nt allegorical oracle May 2023 #41
With 18 consecutive holes in one COL Mustard May 2023 #84
Keep Winning NowISeetheLight May 2023 #94
All he has to do is think about it COL Mustard May 2023 #97
So true I_UndergroundPanther May 2023 #43
Trump's eyes are open but obviously no one is home... riversedge May 2023 #10
School's open, no transportation PCIntern May 2023 #12
Yeah, you go boy PatSeg May 2023 #15
I love you, man Larissa May 2023 #45
Ha, ha, ha! PatSeg May 2023 #51
Eyes of a sociopath. ProudMNDemocrat May 2023 #30
Yes dead eyes.no spark of awareness at all. I_UndergroundPanther May 2023 #40
They love to dish it...filling the airwaves with ageist Biden attacks Mr. Ected May 2023 #11
Honestly, he looks his age, plus or minus a few years. Freethinker65 May 2023 #13
Damn! He makes Burt Mustin look like Chris Hemsworth . . . hatrack May 2023 #16
He was the god BidenRocks May 2023 #22
There was a roll he played in a western TV show sab390 May 2023 #35
Big difference though Larissa May 2023 #46
It's the unraveling of Mr. 'Hide' Jrose May 2023 #17
wait, you mean he doesn't look like this? Takket May 2023 #18
Bwaaaaah malaise May 2023 #53
I'm so disillusioned! Sky Jewels May 2023 #55
It really is unbelievable how Trump's fans have to portray him as Rambo, a superhero, etc. keep_left May 2023 #69
there's a word for it: propaganda Takket May 2023 #73
Looks old and dissipated. calimary May 2023 #19
more like onethatcares May 2023 #20
When it's RALLY TIME, Trump gets made up, pumped up, and ready to knock 'em dead. Eyeball_Kid May 2023 #86
And Melania Traildogbob May 2023 #21
Make America Gape Again! skip fox May 2023 #25
He looks dead and embalmed Stinky The Clown May 2023 #26
crikey! dead man talking... bringthePaine May 2023 #27
I think he's getting ready for his next big role CanonRay May 2023 #28
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2023 #29
MAGAts think he looks like the myths of Rambo on their cute trading cards CharleyDog May 2023 #32
Quick! lpbk2713 May 2023 #33
Just drain off the grease put it in the bag I_UndergroundPanther May 2023 #42
@AnnevanLeur said she made up the caption MomInTheCrowd May 2023 #34
This message was self-deleted by its author Mosby May 2023 #44
It's a hissy Fit......................Link NGeorgian May 2023 #47
C'mon, STROKE OUT aleady !! nt TeamProg May 2023 #48
+10 Billion sarcasmo May 2023 #66
Dang, he looks very unhealthy and like he could fall over dead at any minute. cstanleytech May 2023 #49
May it be so! niyad May 2023 #72
Fear the Walking Dead... First Speaker May 2023 #52
I'm no doctor, but... LudwigPastorius May 2023 #54
The slouch is classic bucolic_frolic May 2023 #56
Why are people posting pics of Darth Vader without his helmet? Demobrat May 2023 #58
L to the O to the L! OMGWTF May 2023 #92
EPIC!! TY!! Cha May 2023 #59
D.I.C. Ilsa May 2023 #63
She's probably biding her time until he dies. ShazzieB May 2023 #67
Maybe she can divorce while he's locked up. Ilsa May 2023 #70
Scooby Doo's new character, Ghost Grandpa. sarcasmo May 2023 #64
Would a mortician have a difficult time making him look appealing? LiberalFighter May 2023 #68
With cremation... rubbersole May 2023 #76
Stroke out already, you F'n, murdering, orange, RAPIST, TRAITOR**. niyad May 2023 #71
Narcissist's tend to live shorter lives. I hope this holds true from dickhead. nt Quixote1818 May 2023 #74
My mom made it to 94 and her sister made 101. leftyladyfrommo May 2023 #82
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2023 #88
He looks like a 76 year old GenThePerservering May 2023 #75
This picture should be the one on Trump Bucks Captain Zero May 2023 #77
He's the same as always in that interview, just without The Trump Show costume, makeup, and betsuni May 2023 #81
Orange genius. twodogsbarking May 2023 #83
I totally despise that man and everything he stands for. Kath2 May 2023 #89
"He's tanned, he's rested, he's ready." Ready for what? /nt bucolic_frolic May 2023 #91
TV Commercials NowISeetheLight May 2023 #95
Lights are on, but nobody's home. Vinca May 2023 #96
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