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1. The undeserving poor always carry the burden of offsetting wealthy tax cuts
Fri May 26, 2023, 12:55 AM
May 2023

It’s the natural order of the GOP world view.

And President Biden and I have a different image of the natural order of the world. A world with no hungry, no homeless and no unfettered Greed.

And all it takes is a return to the Progressive Tax rates of the 1940s-1970 without which there would be no National Highway system, no Medicare, no Medicaid. Free college for veterans & new affordable housing and federal mortgage opportunities that didn’t gouge and repossess.

To name a few.

Since 1980 the Democratic Party has had One Party Rule for a scant 6 years. 2 for Clinton, 2 for Obama and 2 for Biden.

Is this by accident or corporate design.

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