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Kid Berwyn

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Sun May 7, 2023, 05:44 PM May 2023

I smell a big fat KGB rat in all this. [View all]

Context missing from national press coverage of the national gun disorder and Agent Donald Trump and the Russia Thing.

Even if all the media did was to follow the money, they’d find how Agent Trump and the GOP were helped by a hostile power to win ultimate power in the USA. And now that they are out of the Oval Office, their demented spawn kill innocent people with weapons of war, wreck havoc through law and fear, and create the chaotic socio-economic conditions conducive to fascism.

NRA Was 'Foreign Asset' To Russia Ahead of 2016, New Senate Report Reveals

Tim Mak, Heard on All Things Considered
September 27, 2019

The National Rifle Association acted as a "foreign asset" for Russia in the period leading up to the 2016 election, according to a new investigation unveiled Friday by Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore.

Drawing on contemporaneous emails and private interviews, an 18-month probe by the Senate Finance Committee's Democratic staff found that the NRA underwrote political access for Russian nationals Maria Butina and Alexander Torshin more than previously known — even though the two had declared their ties to the Kremlin.


The report indicates that top NRA officials were aware of Butina's and Torshin's links with the Kremlin even as they sought to work more closely together under the banner of gun rights.

In an email later circulated to two senior NRA staff members, Butina wrote that a purpose of the 2015 Moscow trip was that "many powerful figures in the Kremlin are counting on Torshin to prove his American connections" by showing he could bring prominent NRA officials to Russia.

At another point, Butina suggested to participants on the 2015 NRA trip to Russia that she might be able to set up a meeting between them and President Vladimir Putin, referring to him as "Russia's highest leader."



This — the proven and still active connection between America’s ultra right and Russia’s Mafiya of oligarchics and spooks — should be brought up in context of the current vast right wing gun-nut cult, officially OK’d by SCOTUS and America’s plutocrats, IF we had an honest and true national news media. Who knows? It might unite the country against a common enemy: Vladimir Putin and the KGB.
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The KGB Disaffected May 2023 #1
"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist" Progressive Lawyer May 2023 #2
It's the FSB. do you honestly believe that the Soviet Union still exists? JanMichael May 2023 #9
If the Devil changed his name from Lucifer to Bob, does that mean the devil no longer exists? Progressive Lawyer May 2023 #13
It's very simplistic. Just try calling it for what it is not what you think it is. JanMichael May 2023 #14
Highlighting just because the KGB does not exist in name does not mean it ceases to exist in spirit. Progressive Lawyer May 2023 #16
It exists. By any name it's been a Russian specialty for centuries. paleotn May 2023 #33
The thing about the Soviets is...... paleotn May 2023 #32
The devil doesn't exist. AZ8theist May 2023 #68
I don't think it matters what it's called. AllyCat May 2023 #21
The FSB is internal to Russia. ancianita May 2023 #24
The KGB wasn't really communist either Silent3 May 2023 #72
The devil doesn't exist and neither Disaffected May 2023 #50
Who are/were the KBG ? Do you mean KGB Pathwalker May 2023 #3
Yeah, Disaffected May 2023 #51
Different name PJMcK May 2023 #4
It still exists underpants May 2023 #11
You're splitting hairs and you know it. Captain Zero May 2023 #5
Don't tell me what I know. Disaffected May 2023 #54
Would you have preferred : Russian Intelligence Services and their myriad of Sections Heads of msfiddlestix May 2023 #88
True, but Putin does. Kid Berwyn May 2023 #6
Thank you for the history review. This is info that Jack Smith is well aware of. ancianita May 2023 #25
I have Rebl2 May 2023 #35
KBG??...you try to dilute..BTW, it WAS the KGB.. same shit, different pile.. asiliveandbreathe May 2023 #15
Yep, you put it so well, asiliveandbreathe. calimary May 2023 #70
Same crew, different acronym..nt mitch96 May 2023 #22
Yes it does COL Mustard May 2023 #43
But the ex-head of the KGB very much does and loves power NullTuples May 2023 #71
Uh...I think you mean the FSB Xolodno May 2023 #7
This guy is so old he was recruited by the original KGB. Kid Berwyn May 2023 #30
Yes, but the KGB imploded. Xolodno May 2023 #61
Like "Elvis isn't dead. He just went home." (Men in Black), the KGB simply changed their name. paleotn May 2023 #34
See my reply at #30 Xolodno May 2023 #62
Apparently some commentators on this forum don't understand innuendo. KGB eq FSB erronis May 2023 #8
I know, all serves to dilute the intent and meaning of the OP. Irish_Dem May 2023 #10
A century of totalitarian brainwashing moondust May 2023 #18
Yep. Putin just changed two letters. ancianita May 2023 #26
Dictators all share that trait. Kid Berwyn May 2023 #31
It goes all the way back to the NKVD COL Mustard May 2023 #45
Of course Putin bought the NRA to destabilize the US and make it dangerous. Irish_Dem May 2023 #12
Weird how the PATRIOT Act took away privacy but not guns. Kid Berwyn May 2023 #64
+1, ... and so MAGA can take advantage of it bringing fear for votes uponit7771 May 2023 #94
My FL pals detect Russian spoken during J 6 near the window breaking. GreenWave May 2023 #17
Not surprised. sellitman May 2023 #20
Russia was in the Capitol on January 6. Kid Berwyn May 2023 #65
The right wingers support Putin relayerbob May 2023 #19
Yep. ancianita May 2023 #27
Welp lonely bird May 2023 #48
Haha yeah. ancianita May 2023 #52
Oh, I get it lonely bird May 2023 #57
Well, ancianita May 2023 #60
They really do. Kid Berwyn May 2023 #76
... orangecrush May 2023 #23
Nope. The FSB (former KGB) is internal (kinda like FBI) and GRU is international military intel. ancianita May 2023 #28
So the GRU orangecrush May 2023 #38
... ancianita May 2023 #40
Thank you. orangecrush May 2023 #44
KGB and GRU existed simultaneously COL Mustard May 2023 #46
Please link the timeline. While they now exist simultaneously, the KGB were prior to the GRU. ancianita May 2023 #49
Wikipedia has a pretty good timeline COL Mustard May 2023 #55
Okay, cool. ancianita May 2023 #58
Product Placement Kid Berwyn May 2023 #85
I love the deflection going on here. "The gun that killed 12 people wasn't really an assault weapon" NBachers May 2023 #29
Growing body of evidence shows GOP has a paramilitary wing Kid Berwyn May 2023 #67
Why wouldn't they? It's a very old play. paleotn May 2023 #36
"A wretched propagandist." Kid Berwyn May 2023 #77
This message was self-deleted by its author Kid Berwyn May 2023 #78
I agree. Baked Potato May 2023 #37
Greg Palast: How Billionaires Picked Putin as "Russia's Pinochet" Kid Berwyn May 2023 #81
Thanks! Baked Potato May 2023 #93
Time to liquidate the NRA. nt Ilsa May 2023 #39
Speaking of liquidation... Kid Berwyn May 2023 #66
The NRA is basically insolvent. It has maxed out its line of credit which it had been using ..... mjvpi May 2023 #41
The NRA Can't Erase Its Ties to a Russian Agent Who Targeted Ukraine Kid Berwyn May 2023 #82
The Russian Federation is much more like orthoclad May 2023 #42
Absolute Mafiya with Vladimir Putin as Great Protector of Oligarchy. Kid Berwyn May 2023 #83
I've seriously been wondering how much right wing propaganda has originated from Russia. Initech May 2023 #47
Since Murdoch has been busy in Aus, Eng, USA, elsewhere - wouldn't we look at his family erronis May 2023 #56
A Dozen Questions for John Solomon Kid Berwyn May 2023 #89
I smell rats, too! OhNo-Really May 2023 #53
Is Violence How the Right Brings Change? Kid Berwyn May 2023 #90
Butina was their connection hound Warpy May 2023 #59
Cash Offers for Well-Qualified Manchurian Candidates Kid Berwyn May 2023 #73
Right, I know some of these people are being recruited Warpy May 2023 #79
Trump is clearly a Russian asset. Truth will prevail. Kittycatkat May 2023 #63
Why Rudy G, John Solomon, OAN, Fox Noise & Dip are in Deep Doo-Doo. Kid Berwyn May 2023 #87
The Cambridge Five worked for the KGB Kennah May 2023 #69
Best spies often come from the enemy's most trusted friends. Kid Berwyn May 2023 #91
SVR is Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service: Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki IronLionZion May 2023 #74
Thank you! KGB on Trump in 1977: "The Perfect Target" Kid Berwyn May 2023 #92
Looks like you're right again malaise May 2023 #75
Why conspiracy theorists and the Kremlin echo each other's disinformation Kid Berwyn May 2023 #96
Thanks for this malaise May 2023 #97
Funny -- that we have no "honest and true" press is ALSO Russian propaganda warfare. Hortensis May 2023 #80
Astute observation, yours. Kid Berwyn May 2023 #86
kicking ... nt Hotler May 2023 #84
Watchdog Shines Light on Activities of Neo-Nazi Cell Kid Berwyn May 2023 #95
Recommended. H2O Man May 2023 #98
Confronting Russia's Role in Transnational White Supremacist Extremism Kid Berwyn May 2023 #99
Thanks for this! H2O Man May 2023 #100
"Honey, I've compromised the kids." Kid Berwyn May 2023 #101
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