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I am 81 chillfactor Apr 2023 #1
All these youngsters making assumptions about us.. I am 75 and wondering what will it be like to LiberalArkie Apr 2023 #77
1st of all for most of my early years theres was only 3 major TV channels NBC, CBS, and ABC. Fla Dem Apr 2023 #86
Back then the networks had to present a certain percent of their broadcast time to actual news LiberalArkie Apr 2023 #87
Proud geezer here... albacore Apr 2023 #89
Kindly do not stereotype younger people GenThePerservering Apr 2023 #143
Just replying in kind to the stereotyping of older people. albacore Apr 2023 #145
Because we have a solid core of beliefs Kaleva Apr 2023 #2
I learned to think for myself True Blue American Apr 2023 #4
I agree Dave says Apr 2023 #68
This is the exact truth. My set core of beliefs Polly Hennessey Apr 2023 #79
This. GoodRaisin Apr 2023 #150
I'm guessing it's because nobody here watches it. Rhiannon12866 Apr 2023 #3
I have to pass it when I am True Blue American Apr 2023 #5
I'm sure it's on my cable system, but I've never felt the need to check it out Rhiannon12866 Apr 2023 #12
Was the clip where Mike True Blue American Apr 2023 #18
Yes, we saw that tonight. There is something really wrong with Mike Lindell. Rhiannon12866 Apr 2023 #20
But you can bet True Blue American Apr 2023 #81
I removed it from my channel guide. Don't have to worry about seeing it. LiberalFighter Apr 2023 #85
Judging by the threads I see, plenty of people watch it. BlackSkimmer Apr 2023 #48
We used to listen to Rush Limbaugh for laughs when driving long distances. nt LAS14 Apr 2023 #98
Geezers? Really? From your post count it shows you've been here a while... brush Apr 2023 #6
"Geezer" means about the same as "bloke" in England. maxsolomon Apr 2023 #92
We're not in England. brush Apr 2023 #94
There are several references on this thread regarding the term "geezer," yet the allegorical oracle Apr 2023 #117
It was used before it was changed to "older posters." Why do you think posters here are... brush Apr 2023 #131
There was no "edited" noted on my screen signifying that it was changed. That's why I asked allegorical oracle Apr 2023 #154
I can't explian that but early on the OP used "geezers" which is why... brush Apr 2023 #155
It was there. I saw it too. nt DLevine Apr 2023 #156
Fox lobotomies are irreversible so I never chanced watching Fox. nt yaesu Apr 2023 #7
No, they are absolutely reversible. Celerity Apr 2023 #116
Commercial advertisements don't mesmerize everyone into buying the product, watching betsuni Apr 2023 #8
It filled me with a vague feeling of disgust, even though I had no strong political leanings. Mister Ed Apr 2023 #9
First time I heard Limpballs Cosmocat Apr 2023 #49
I didn't get radicalized because I caught their ruse: They painted their black helicopters white Brother Buzz Apr 2023 #10
I was offended by Faux calling Michelle "Obama's Baby Mama" Boomerproud Apr 2023 #11
I'm not that old, but I found that changing channel worked well. nt TexasTowelie Apr 2023 #13
Good question. I listened to Rush at first then Captain Zero Apr 2023 #14
"MAYBE some Dems who listened to him never realized that"? betsuni Apr 2023 #15
Rush inthewind21 Apr 2023 #95
I was educated in the 1950s and 1960s. FuzzyRabbit Apr 2023 #16
Yep, grew up similarly. Common sense, perhaps, enabled me to separate unkind opinions from allegorical oracle Apr 2023 #60
Plus the fact that Rupert owned a bunch of Tabloids and the NY Post was a dead giveaway for me. Crowman2009 Apr 2023 #62
Same here, including Mad Magazine and The Onion Greybnk48 Apr 2023 #104
Can't be radicalized if you can't stomach more than 2 to 3 minutes of it. BlueLucy Apr 2023 #17
True. Could never listen to more than 5 minutes of Rush,Dr Laura, etc. scarletlib Apr 2023 #42
I think; therefore I am a Democrat. Lasher Apr 2023 #19
Bingo.👍 Duppers Apr 2023 #126
I lived through Nixon/Agnew, no_hypocrisy Apr 2023 #21
Same here - after seeing Goldwater, Nixon/Agnew, Reagan, etal csziggy Apr 2023 #90
Same with my father, possibly more so. no_hypocrisy Apr 2023 #93
Heck, my Dad voted for George Wallace csziggy Apr 2023 #100
You can't be " radicalized " Meowmee Apr 2023 #22
EXACTLY! inthewind21 Apr 2023 #101
From Nixon through wendyb-NC Apr 2023 #23
When I first got cable, it was multigraincracker Apr 2023 #24
I think it's just an intrinsic personality trait. royable Apr 2023 #25
One word: education. ananda Apr 2023 #26
I dunno, how do the whippersnappers avoid being radicalized by the internet? eShirl Apr 2023 #27
Good point. n/t OneGrassRoot Apr 2023 #30
Excellent question. nt LAS14 Apr 2023 #99
Not sure of your criteria John Ludi Apr 2023 #28
50+ pstokely Apr 2023 #29
58...so that'd be me. John Ludi Apr 2023 #43
We got two TV stations. ABC and NBC. twodogsbarking Apr 2023 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author twodogsbarking Apr 2023 #32
I instantly noted the Othering... OneGrassRoot Apr 2023 #33
I had a father who always ALWAYS blueinredohio Apr 2023 #34
It's not age, it's thinking for yourself. we can do it Apr 2023 #35
Easy. I never watched, never listened, and it would never happen NewHendoLib Apr 2023 #36
For the same reason I'm an atheist. I was born skeptical. I was born with a proclivity to research Goodheart Apr 2023 #37
Several reasons. LuckyCharms Apr 2023 #38
First time I heard Rush Limbaugh was in the late 80's on WLS. Emile Apr 2023 #39
I saw it happen to my Dad and it disgusted me. Funtatlaguy Apr 2023 #40
I knew hate when I heard it. Murphyb849 Apr 2023 #41
They have more than 2 brain cells. FSogol Apr 2023 #44
I started watching during the Clinton impeachment. piddyprints Apr 2023 #45
People will watch what confirms their already formed world view Kaleva Apr 2023 #46
Well, let me pull on my memory a little... Paladin Apr 2023 #47
Like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Nancy Pelosi, somehow I managed to escape n/t Tom Rinaldo Apr 2023 #50
Because I don't like stupidity and hatred. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #51
People watch it because it reinforces views they already hold. BlackSkimmer Apr 2023 #52
The repeated arrogance and vitrol was a complete turnoff dlk Apr 2023 #53
When I started paying attention to what was going on in the world, politics wasn't nearly as bad Vinca Apr 2023 #54
Perhaps snowybirdie Apr 2023 #55
Too busy listening to NPR and watching CNN. GoCubsGo Apr 2023 #56
Talk radio doesn't turn liberals into conservatives brooklynite Apr 2023 #57
The fantasy that listening to a Republican turns one into a Republican. betsuni Apr 2023 #59
It's an excuse inthewind21 Apr 2023 #103
I for one am horrified to learn what assholes so many of my fellow Americans. yardwork Apr 2023 #132
I wasn't surprised. It was just a matter of them finding their perfect leader. betsuni Apr 2023 #138
I'm with you on the 2016 thing. Still can't understand it. yardwork Apr 2023 #140
Exactly. nt BlackSkimmer Apr 2023 #65
My father was a Liberal who was a voracious reader. It helped. Baitball Blogger Apr 2023 #58
My parents were voracious readers as well--lucky us. It has a tremendous influence on the brain... Hekate Apr 2023 #159
im 70 ish and when i was driving almost 100 miles each day for work i would flip.. samnsara Apr 2023 #61
Obvious Nazi bullshit was obvious. Voltaire2 Apr 2023 #63
If you are an "old person" you are in danger of being radicalized by Faux and AM retread Apr 2023 #64
And "Jews will not replace us". marybourg Apr 2023 #69
I may be old but my mind is still intact. nt leftyladyfrommo Apr 2023 #66
Thread winner! (nt) Paladin Apr 2023 #67
I often wonder Miguelito Loveless Apr 2023 #70
I am old and not tainted. AnnaLee Apr 2023 #71
Four words.........I have a brain. Butterflylady Apr 2023 #72
I have always been a Liberal. My parents were liberal. It seem that everyone I know Autumn Apr 2023 #73
Easy. Not a hard call. Never Tune In. msfiddlestix Apr 2023 #74
Education. roamer65 Apr 2023 #75
What is the feminine counterpart of "geezer", which is masculine? niyad Apr 2023 #76
In 2002 not knowing who Fox was Tree Lady Apr 2023 #78
Because Faux News on cable has very little news, and AM talk radio is boring. haele Apr 2023 #80
Turned the channel Marthe48 Apr 2023 #82
Uh...I'm 77 years old. I've never listened to any of that crap. MineralMan Apr 2023 #83
Has anyone else noticed that the OP has not come back MineralMan Apr 2023 #84
I'm fifty-four, and I possess a functioning brain. Aristus Apr 2023 #88
Mama drowned all the dummies. Roisin Ni Fiachra Apr 2023 #91
When you are inspired by hope, hate has no power. usonian Apr 2023 #96
How could I have been radicalized by stupidity and hate?????? LAS14 Apr 2023 #97
I can remember back to the early 90's when Rush Limbaugh became a "thing" FakeNoose Apr 2023 #102
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2023 #105
Excuse me? hamsterjill Apr 2023 #106
Because I studied Journalism. Jokerman Apr 2023 #107
Never listened to AM. And I listened to music, and only music. shrike3 Apr 2023 #108
Because right wing politics and policies have always been repugnant to me (and many of my relatives) Proud to be Woke Apr 2023 #109
When I was in third grade mn9driver Apr 2023 #110
I'm a generation area51 Apr 2023 #111
Boomer here. Scottie Mom Apr 2023 #112
I'm 78 Locutusofborg Apr 2023 #113
I'm 75 and never listened to that garbage. Thanks for your ageist language, whippersnapper. Hekate Apr 2023 #114
I have a bullshit detector that goes off whenever I hear RW media. Midnight Writer Apr 2023 #115
I'm a Boomer who watched my own mother go down the Limbaugh rabbit hole peggysue2 Apr 2023 #118
So Sorry, Peggysue.. Cha Apr 2023 #125
Yeah, it was pretty bad for awhile peggysue2 Apr 2023 #136
I think my parents mostly listened to music sakabatou Apr 2023 #119
My parents were both liberal democrats and they taught my sister and I what that meant and Raftergirl Apr 2023 #120
Rarely ever watched the shit Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2023 #121
That's Easy... I came to New York Cha Apr 2023 #122
I've always had a good bullshit detector PatSeg Apr 2023 #129
Good on you, Pat.. I have Cha Apr 2023 #134
Yeah, I think some people are born with it PatSeg Apr 2023 #135
I was too busy with kids shanti Apr 2023 #123
Limbaugh's B.S. was easy to sniff out Generic Brad Apr 2023 #124
Oh for the love of Mike. the older people get, the less homogeneous they are in their belief systems Peacetrain Apr 2023 #127
When I discovered FM radio. pwb Apr 2023 #128
I'm one of those older persons that avoided being radicalized by foxnews and am radio. Captain Stern Apr 2023 #130
Basic critical thinking skills. TheProle Apr 2023 #133
A lot of wingnuttism is due to wingnutters' ties to their churches - the individuals don't diva77 Apr 2023 #137
By knowing history and paying attention to current events. Kingofalldems Apr 2023 #139
I don't look for confirmation of my beliefs... WarGamer Apr 2023 #141
Uh... I did not avoid 'being radicalized'....... DemocraticPatriot Apr 2023 #142
I'm not sure how 'older' older posters are GenThePerservering Apr 2023 #144
Because ... Straw Man Apr 2023 #146
+1 betsuni Apr 2023 #147
This message was self-deleted by its author electric_blue68 Apr 2023 #148
I just turned 70 a month ago. feel very lucky I was born to liberal.... electric_blue68 Apr 2023 #149
I actually watch/listen to quite a bit of Fox News... SKKY Apr 2023 #151
Maybe it had nothing to do canetoad Apr 2023 #152
I was already offended by "Monday," which predates all of that electronic media DFW Apr 2023 #153
america has always had bigots dembotoz Apr 2023 #157
I was already knowledgeable on government, economics and history and I was NOT disaffected karynnj Apr 2023 #158
"Conservative" is just the preferred American term for "right wing" NotVeryImportant Apr 2023 #160
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