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Mon Apr 3, 2023, 05:35 PM Apr 2023

My experience with the IRS this afternoon. [View all]

Called in to set up installment agreement. Lines busy as usual so signed up for call back.
Call back came withing 30 minutes.
Gentleman gave his badge number and proceeded with the usual 'how can we help you today?'
Explained my situation totally. His next reply was, "I'm able to help you set up an agreement. You have a range of payment options."
He first asked for my phone number in case we were cut off.
He explained all the options and asked which one I wanted to sign up for.
I picked a 4-month option but could have extended the time to 72 months.
The agent was very patient, professional, and helpful.
Explained that I would be getting a letter from the IRS with documents to sign and explained that as long as I paid according to the installment agreement, IRS would take no further action.

After we ended the call I really became very angry. Almost raging, because I thought about all the MAGA hate directed at civil servants and especially the IRS and Homeland Security employees. I thought about all the billionaires who had a thousand loopholes at their disposal to avoid paying their fair share of takes, some of whom pay no income taxes at all even while receiving Federal subsidies.
They can make all kinds of arrangements to pay what they actually owe but would prefer to pay millions to attorneys to keep from having to pay any taxes.

I am not saying that every civil servant or Federal employee is perfect. There are a few poor performers in all walks of life and employment. But I can say this, I have never encountered a rude, or disrespectful customer service agent in any Federal or State agency dealing with the public. In fact, just the opposite...including our state's DVM (motor vehicles).

Just taking a hat tip to all the unsung men and women who carry out their public service responsibilities honestly and without favor to particular customers.

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Hear! Hear! niyad Apr 2023 #1
My one experience with the IRS. Demobrat Apr 2023 #2
My first fulltime job was as a tax examiner in the vanlassie Apr 2023 #3
My experience in federal employment was that the employees gave marybourg Apr 2023 #4
Ditto nt spooky3 Apr 2023 #17
Thank you for saying that. When people do great in their jobs I call them on it and thank them, CurtEastPoint Apr 2023 #5
-&&& soldierant Apr 2023 #61
amen! CurtEastPoint Apr 2023 #62
k&r BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 2023 #6
My wife retired recently gratuitous Apr 2023 #7
Just A Tip ProfessorGAC Apr 2023 #22
I agree. Marcus IM Apr 2023 #8
Thanks for this post. My experience has been the same, yonder Apr 2023 #9
When I never received my Covid Relief money BigmanPigman Apr 2023 #10
I had a great convo with an agent moonscape Apr 2023 #11
I know I was so impressed with my phone contact for signing up for Medicare. flying_wahini Apr 2023 #12
agree with this posting republianmushroom Apr 2023 #13
K&R UTUSN Apr 2023 #14
I've always said that an honest, competent, professional civil service CanonRay Apr 2023 #15
The way things are going, that may be my only option left DFW Apr 2023 #53
Civil servants are our neighbors and fellow Americans willing to do the work to help run the country ZonkerHarris Apr 2023 #16
I once called the IRS at 3:00 on April 15 Thunderbeast Apr 2023 #18
This right here impresses the hell out of me! ShazzieB Apr 2023 #24
MAGA hatred of the IRS is easy to understand ThoughtCriminal Apr 2023 #19
it's that simple really! Evolve Dammit Apr 2023 #46
I once called the IRS at 3:00 on April 15 Thunderbeast Apr 2023 #20
When I first became self-employed I had a very nice "relationship" w/ the IRS for a couple of TeamProg Apr 2023 #21
My Only IRS Experience ProfessorGAC Apr 2023 #23
Personally, I don't like the IRS's mission. COL Mustard Apr 2023 #25
agree with your main post but not sure what you mean about the IRS' mission LymphocyteLover Apr 2023 #26
Their job is to take money from us COL Mustard Apr 2023 #30
OK. I'm sure you know how Dems increased funding for IRS to do better enforcement of LymphocyteLover Apr 2023 #32
Yup. If we're going to have them COL Mustard Apr 2023 #34
Absolutely-- some real honest tax reform would be lovely LymphocyteLover Apr 2023 #56
This is not about the IRS but on the anger - rage issue...... SouthernDem4ever Apr 2023 #27
I agree I have found government representatives helpful and intuitive. The Jungle 1 Apr 2023 #28
The (maybe) good news Bob_in_VA Apr 2023 #33
That is Bidens plan The Jungle 1 Apr 2023 #42
They were great when I had dealings with them. Ligyron Apr 2023 #29
My experience several months ago with them about an Abolishinist Apr 2023 #31
IRS Rocks dai13sy Apr 2023 #35
This mirrors my one and only experience BaronChocula Apr 2023 #36
You may have spoken to my brother genxlib Apr 2023 #37
I have never needed to deal with the IRS, PoindexterOglethorpe Apr 2023 #38
Be careful using tax professionals. The Jungle 1 Apr 2023 #43
I use an individual accountant. PoindexterOglethorpe Apr 2023 #52
I have, by far, a net benefit with the government. Patterson Apr 2023 #39
I always had good experiences dealing with the IRS previously bhikkhu Apr 2023 #40
The agent seemed courteous and competent. These are sure signs ... JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 2023 #41
I love the call back system. The Jungle 1 Apr 2023 #44
These are the civil servants Trump wanted to screw over and get rid of.. CousinIT Apr 2023 #45
good post. SS folks have always been professional to us. Evolve Dammit Apr 2023 #47
I have never had a problem with an IRS agent PCIntern Apr 2023 #48
My experience has been the same. BobTheSubgenius Apr 2023 #49
My experience also. hay rick Apr 2023 #50
You would enjoy Michael Lewis's podcast and book, the Fifth Risk, an ode to the public servant mahina Apr 2023 #51
My last direct experience with the IRS goes back to 1990. DFW Apr 2023 #54
I have had wonderful experiences with the Social Security Administration wryter2000 Apr 2023 #55
Thank you for this... hwmnbn Apr 2023 #57
Great to read all these vomments Deminpenn Apr 2023 #58
I agree. OldBaldy1701E Apr 2023 #59
My 1 or 2 experiences calling the IRS have been pleasant ecstatic Apr 2023 #60
Always Been OK NowISeetheLight Apr 2023 #63
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