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Response to global1 (Original post)

Ask Merrick Garland. Ray Bruns Mar 2023 #1
I agree. LoisB Mar 2023 #2
All I Can Say Is.... global1 Mar 2023 #3
Exactly. Mr. Evil Mar 2023 #20
To whom much is given intrepidity Mar 2023 #4
Those at the top, CrispyQ Mar 2023 #5
You forgot, priests. We already expect more from teachers. It's easier because they're usually women lindysalsagal Mar 2023 #11
As an RN we were told not even to accept a box of chocolates. markodochartaigh Mar 2023 #18
Merrick Garland is doing a terrible job. That's the issue Marius25 Mar 2023 #6
I keep wondering "what the hell are we waiting for!" calimary Mar 2023 #7
+1000 - THIS ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆ Duppers Mar 2023 #15
The deference that man has been given astounds me. Mr. Evil Mar 2023 #22
Be sure to let his boss know.... brooklynite Mar 2023 #35
Put away the kid gloves. 3catwoman3 Mar 2023 #8
Sell single cigarettes Sailingdiver Mar 2023 #9
I feel like screaming at wingers Duppers Mar 2023 #17
Sell secrets to Saudi Arabia, Mr. Evil Mar 2023 #24
Prisons are full of people convicted or... lame54 Mar 2023 #10
Yup. 2naSalit Mar 2023 #12
Kid gloves is an interpretation. Legally, ancianita Mar 2023 #13
STOP BEING REASONABLE!!! ripcord Mar 2023 #23
LOL TOO FUCKIN' BAD!! ancianita Mar 2023 #25
Treat trump like a non-white person who tried to take over the country, that's NOT up to ... uponit7771 Mar 2023 #27
You're making the claim that to continue what was unfair in the past should be done to Trump now? ancianita Mar 2023 #33
Oh hell yes !! " Nothing about this country is perfect" Well, don't start the perfecting of justice uponit7771 Mar 2023 #36
Sorry to hear that. Not a rule of law strategy. As Democrats we should be better than that. ancianita Mar 2023 #37
updated uponit7771 Mar 2023 #38
outdated ancianita Mar 2023 #42
100% agree. These cases should be expedited. Seditionists are not allowed in government jobs Lettuce Be Mar 2023 #14
Because of the danger to the country, I totally agree with this. Scrivener7 Mar 2023 #43
I'm done playing nice with the MAGAs. Initech Mar 2023 #16
Garland is enabling the next coup. Go ahead and attack. I no longer care. Evolve Dammit Mar 2023 #19
The DOJ is afraid and waiting for the states to prosecute. IMO Emile Mar 2023 #21
What Is DOJ Afraid Of?....nt global1 Mar 2023 #29
MAGATS Emile Mar 2023 #30
Why?.....nt global1 Mar 2023 #31
Threats Emile Mar 2023 #32
The DOJ Has The Strength Of The U.S. Government Behind It..... global1 Mar 2023 #39
Tell him that. Emile Mar 2023 #40
Know why you think that? You WANT to. Instead of listening to experts who know the DOJ better. ancianita Mar 2023 #41
+1 betsuni Mar 2023 #44
If TFG had stolen money from rich people Mr. Evil Mar 2023 #26
Are the investigations over? Trump has been cleared of everything? fightforfreedom Mar 2023 #28
Post removed Post removed Mar 2023 #34
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