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Mon Jan 23, 2023, 01:02 PM Jan 2023

I get it---I'm old. One poster recently referred to DU as an "old folks home", or words to that [View all]

effect. The "old folks" contingent on DU is, of course, dwindling---dying off. We used to be the future but we are no longer.

Does that mean we're irrelevant?

Are all our opinions "quaint" and worthless in today's fast-paced society?

Does replacing hubris with humility mean we are suddenly weak-minded droolers?

Yeah, I know: "If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen", right?

Whatever, I guess. I'll just toddle away now to drink my prune juice, adjust my support stockings and change my Depends.

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We need the young, the middle, and the old. awesomerwb1 Jan 2023 #1
When I was a kid growing up in Miami.. Deuxcents Jan 2023 #2
I think this format is liked by older people wryter2000 Jan 2023 #3
This. All of it. Hekate Jan 2023 #6
Yup. nt Roisin Ni Fiachra Jan 2023 #135
It's the content for me. I've been a poster on another very long running... electric_blue68 Jan 2023 #13
I wasn't clear wryter2000 Jan 2023 #14
I like this format too, and the civility in here GenXer47 Jan 2023 #20
Got it 👍 electric_blue68 Jan 2023 #23
My conjecture is that there has been a concerted effort to erase the activist history of boomers DBoon Jan 2023 #19
+As in OK Boomer; Die Boomer, Die & worse. Cons have hated the Counter Culture & Mvmts for decades appalachiablue Jan 2023 #46
This is personal to me DBoon Jan 2023 #53
Of course it is personal You planted the seeds, and anyone with a heart is grateful. housecat Jan 2023 #85
Good for you and well said. Many people I was around then were also aware appalachiablue Jan 2023 #114
Reagan was a groomer housecat Jan 2023 #94
Ha! Good one..for the Gipper appalachiablue Jan 2023 #97
IMO their political affiliation determines this regardless of age. Without activism we can succumb housecat Jan 2023 #82
You're kidding. Content is the only reason to be here. we can do it Jan 2023 #66
I believe they mean delivery method, not content. plimsoll Jan 2023 #78
That's exactly what I thought they meant. Content, not how it gets to us. we can do it Jan 2023 #79
Thank you wryter2000 Jan 2023 #105
McConnell isn't a boomer, either. deurbano Jan 2023 #96
McConnell is a doomer housecat Jan 2023 #118
That does describe him pretty accurately. deurbano Jan 2023 #120
The format here is perfect shanti Jan 2023 #107
Karma or the Golden Rule must apply here EYESORE 9001 Jan 2023 #4
Exactly. The young people don't know what it's like to be 70. We know what it is like to be 30 Walleye Jan 2023 #10
++ appalachiablue Jan 2023 #47
So true housecat Jan 2023 #88
Everyone's vote counts the same. Takket Jan 2023 #5
Yeah. And a higher percentage of us vote than them. Captain Zero Jan 2023 #61
Just don't look too closely at who "us" is voting for. Act_of_Reparation Jan 2023 #101
And we were the at one time -- with similar KPN Jan 2023 #158
When I joined this board I was 44 years old. A HERETIC I AM Jan 2023 #7
I was 37 (I'm pretty sure) - joining a month before 9/11. maxsolomon Jan 2023 #58
We're roughly the same age. But much more culturally GenX plimsoll Jan 2023 #81
I was 57 during Bush vs Gore (when I joined DU) kskiska Jan 2023 #62
I was 33, now 54. JanMichael Jan 2023 #108
Your point about the age groups when DU started is something I think of as "robust middle age"... Hekate Jan 2023 #155
Me too I started 2002 under different name at 42 Tribetime Jan 2023 #133
When Some of My Younger Friends Tease Me About My Age... GGoss Jan 2023 #8
That's exactly what I say when my wife bemoans the fact that we're getting old. Jedi Guy Jan 2023 #36
yes, death isn't all that it's cracked up to be housecat Jan 2023 #91
I tell them oh hell, I'VE MADE IT THIS FAR Skittles Jan 2023 #123
Most of us weren't "old" when we first came here PatSeg Jan 2023 #9
I Was 45 ProfessorGAC Jan 2023 #109
The scary part is PatSeg Jan 2023 #111
I Haven't Learned Much In 20 Years ProfessorGAC Jan 2023 #112
Ha, ha, ha! PatSeg Jan 2023 #122
We've taken a lot of disappointments, individually and as a generation Walleye Jan 2023 #11
I wish when I was younger I had internet-like treestar Jan 2023 #12
Just remember markbark Jan 2023 #15
Didn't he sort of turn into a dick, once he made his pile? plimsoll Jan 2023 #76
Bet such don't really know all that much. Kid Berwyn Jan 2023 #16
Do we know the age distribution of DU members? nt LAS14 Jan 2023 #17
Do we care? niyad Jan 2023 #33
No. Just curious. Some people in this thread seem to know. nt LAS14 Jan 2023 #67
Not formally - but there have been several informal polls. Ms. Toad Jan 2023 #77
You all bring wisdom IbogaProject Jan 2023 #18
Older people add experience to the conversation. Nuance that younger people do not have. Caliman73 Jan 2023 #21
As an old boomer lady, I still feel young in so many ways. ananda Jan 2023 #22
So do I, dammit! calimary Jan 2023 #30
You go, Grandma! ananda Jan 2023 #83
I just want to know 1 thing... Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2023 #110
We're all raising our canes and clacking our false teeth Sogo Jan 2023 #24
lol Cha Jan 2023 #26
The one that accomplished more in 2 years than most True Blue American Jan 2023 #28
So am I, dammit! calimary Jan 2023 #31
Oh, so am I. Sogo Jan 2023 #44
Lol Meowmee Jan 2023 #148
You forgot the walkers nitpicked Jan 2023 #150
lol.. I wasn't "old" when I started on Cha Jan 2023 #25
We are all just 35 with varying degrees of practice. Prairie_Seagull Jan 2023 #27
yep. we're getting old. barbtries Jan 2023 #29
Is someone challenging your opinions based on age? brooklynite Jan 2023 #32
Screw that poster, I refuse to grow up! Emile Jan 2023 #34
We have to grow old, but we don't have to grow up! Poiuyt Jan 2023 #37
... BumRushDaShow Jan 2023 #55
I've lost 3 inches in height since I joined Kaleva Jan 2023 #89
Does anyone else remember the phrase "Never trust anyone over 30"? Poiuyt Jan 2023 #35
lol housecat Jan 2023 #92
Aren't the old old folks being replaced with new old folks? Renew Deal Jan 2023 #38
You know the commercial where people become their parents? edhopper Jan 2023 #39
Old age happens. Stick around long enough and you'll get old to. patphil Jan 2023 #40
We old fossils kept the faith and fought the good fight during some miserable decades Warpy Jan 2023 #41
Ok, Boomer. SYFROYH Jan 2023 #42
Zing! maxsolomon Jan 2023 #60
To be fair, us geezers still appreciate the written word as a communications medium. So... DU. n/t TygrBright Jan 2023 #43
Well, it kind of is. progressoid Jan 2023 #45
How do you know? Just curious. nt LAS14 Jan 2023 #68
Here are a couple of polls done on DU from 2020 and 2021 progressoid Jan 2023 #73
Interesting. Explains why the community seems so intelligent!! :-) nt LAS14 Jan 2023 #106
I like my prune juice with a shot of whiskey. CaptainTruth Jan 2023 #48
ugh,, do they still sell prune juice? nastiest stuff ever. Mom kept in the fridge BlueWaveNeverEnd Jan 2023 #119
It took a long time to gain the knowledge and "smarts" that we now have, and, thanks to the Internet colorado_ufo Jan 2023 #49
Funny thing True Blue American Jan 2023 #80
This site overwhelmingly favors older demographics Sympthsical Jan 2023 #50
Lol, well said. BlackSkimmer Jan 2023 #51
+1 progressoid Jan 2023 #75
The site wasn't started by seniors Kaleva Jan 2023 #93
+1 Celerity Jan 2023 #132
Haven't you heard this before...... Butterflylady Jan 2023 #52
I was 39 when I found this place. I'll be 57 in june sky_masterson Jan 2023 #54
I wish I knew who the poster is. Yes, I'm considered a senior. Boomerproud Jan 2023 #56
I like to think that one one alive is old. iscooterliberally Jan 2023 #57
Shall you wear your trouser-bottoms rolled? malthaussen Jan 2023 #59
Well played! BlackSkimmer Jan 2023 #74
My DU name is "Grumpy Old Guy." Grumpy Old Guy Jan 2023 #63
I refuse to feel guilty just because I got up every morning. planetc Jan 2023 #64
What You Said !!! GGoss Jan 2023 #98
I refuse to feel guilty just because I don't get up on some days. (nt) old as dirt Jan 2023 #145
Atticus its as simple as this.. Peacetrain Jan 2023 #65
Atticus, I started law school at 61 to see if I could do it. Being retired didn't mean that I was housecat Jan 2023 #69
Maybe understanding that fashion is transient... malthaussen Jan 2023 #90
Started law school at 61, a rare feat! JudyM Jan 2023 #128
thanks housecat Jan 2023 #153
I'd be interested in a poll of age ranges within the community JuJuChen Jan 2023 #70
Sometimes I wonder GarColga Jan 2023 #71
What's not to like? malthaussen Jan 2023 #87
If LP records could become hip again DBoon Jan 2023 #124
I'm not old, I've just lived a long time. lastlib Jan 2023 #72
I was 48 when I came here. I'm now 64. Kaleva Jan 2023 #84
When I was young, no one was able to talk me out of being young. Torchlight Jan 2023 #86
Personally, I don't consider "old folks" to be an insult. BlackSkimmer Jan 2023 #95
You're a piece of work, but most know that by now. "Please proceed". nt Atticus Jan 2023 #99
Bless your heart. BlackSkimmer Jan 2023 #102
Don't take the bait n/t Just_Vote_Dem Jan 2023 #113
Hmm, I didn't insult you in any way, but you return immediately with one toward me. BlackSkimmer Jan 2023 #136
What is the usual connotation of that phrase? AngryOldDem Jan 2023 #138
Some years ago, I had a conversation with a coworker Just_Vote_Dem Jan 2023 #139
There are tons of young Democrats ismnotwasm Jan 2023 #100
They think they built the kitchen. Iggo Jan 2023 #103
I look at as I'm Finally old enough to date Catherine Zeta Jones. sky_masterson Jan 2023 #104
Been here since 2001 (different user name prior) CousinIT Jan 2023 #115
It's not so much that old folk are drawn to DU, it's that so many younger folk never leave Tom Rinaldo Jan 2023 #116
I know I'm new here GenThePerservering Jan 2023 #117
The DU format gets the job done. It's not very flashy, but is is very functional Silent3 Jan 2023 #125
Don't see a lot of replacing hubris w/ humilty, especially when the subject is us younger folk Celerity Jan 2023 #121
Right? Sympthsical Jan 2023 #140
On the contrary, I've seen plenty of posts here Just_Vote_Dem Jan 2023 #141
Yes, but those (for which I am extremely grateful) are outnumbered by the negative Celerity Jan 2023 #144
Well I agree there is no reason for insulting you or anyone else Just_Vote_Dem Jan 2023 #157
Thanks! Celerity Jan 2023 #159
I like DU! Aussie105 Jan 2023 #126
Is the rah rah chorus an age thing? Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2023 #127
Having brains and using them is apparently OG. (Origional Gangster) TigressDem Jan 2023 #129
You are not only the age you are now, Mr.Bill Jan 2023 #130
+1,000,000. Very well said, and perceptive. Worth posting as an OP. highplainsdem Jan 2023 #142
yes! housecat Jan 2023 #154
My wife and I are still relegated to the childrens table during family gatherings so we can't be old Brother Buzz Jan 2023 #131
I think it's only natural for older people with more free time to be here, can't betsuni Jan 2023 #134
A life? What's that???? Just_Vote_Dem Jan 2023 #143
I am sick of the ageism. AngryOldDem Jan 2023 #137
Alan Parsons Project - "Old and Wise" - Lyrics on screen old as dirt Jan 2023 #146
Thank you for that. nt Atticus Jan 2023 #147
"Bibliotecas Vivas" ("Living Libraries") old as dirt Jan 2023 #149
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jan 2023 #151
No more Prune Juice for you Atticus! Pachamama Jan 2023 #152
A young person Ananda62 Jan 2023 #156
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