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23. Very tough call.
Mon Dec 12, 2022, 08:18 PM
Dec 2022

LBJ on civil rights, Medicare, and domestic programs, but not on Vietnam.

JFK for preventing nuclear holocaust. Also, if he had lived, our involvement in Vietnam would have ended much sooner.

Obama for the ACA, saving the auto industry, preventing the Great Recession from becoming a depression, and setting an example of human decency in office. Not to mention standing up with great dignity against Republican racism.

Biden for standing firmly against current fascism, which is a BFD to me. The courage to end our presence in Afghanistan and miraculously get thousands of people evacuated on short notice against the odds. Getting vaccinations out to people quickly, and getting some control over the number of covid deaths and amount of spreading. Infrastructure bill. Sounding the alarm about Russia and Ukraine and uniting the world in defending democracy against Russian attempts to destroy it in Ukraine, in the US, and in other countries. His outspoken condemnation of MAGA fascism.

I wavered between Obama and Biden, but went for Biden.

ON EDIT: For best overall human being and a pretty damned good president, too, I would say Jimmy Carter.

If you look at their actions past the office it would be Carter liberal N proud Dec 2022 #1
Hmm, that's a great consideration Polybius Dec 2022 #2
Had the nation listened to Carter . . . Johonny Dec 2022 #7
I agree re Jimmy Carter nightwing1240 Dec 2022 #11
I'm hoping the greatest is yet to come within my lifetime. Solly Mack Dec 2022 #3
If I count post-Presidency and prescient steps that could have made all our lives hlthe2b Dec 2022 #4
President Barack Obama aaaaaa5a Dec 2022 #5
Probably Obama.... but... Happy Hoosier Dec 2022 #6
I chose Biden. Lunabell Dec 2022 #8
Al Gore meadowlander Dec 2022 #9
FDR was before my "lifetime" otherwise Crazyleftie Dec 2022 #10
I'm thinking about doing another poll Polybius Dec 2022 #12
Lincoln Celerity Dec 2022 #17
I gave the nod to Biden Johnny2X2X Dec 2022 #13
I think all three recent Dem presidents have been excellent. BlueCheeseAgain Dec 2022 #14
Went with Obama as well AZSkiffyGeek Dec 2022 #18
The Clinton years were superlative ones for me as well. Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #22
Jimmy Carter was the BEST person to ever be President Raine Dec 2022 #15
I'm seriously jealous 48656c6c6f20 Dec 2022 #16
JFK, for one specific reason... First Speaker Dec 2022 #19
LBJ gets my vote. I was an infant/toddler and don't remember any of it, though. maxsolomon Dec 2022 #20
LBJ doesn't get enough credit mainer Dec 2022 #21
Very tough call. wnylib Dec 2022 #23
I have three categories for this Genki Hikari Dec 2022 #24
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