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27. Should be sent to her office. Gets EVERYBODY talking on Capitol Hill.
Fri Nov 11, 2022, 02:12 PM
Nov 2022

Her Washington DC office, that is.

After what happened to her husband IN THEIR HOME, I would want to avoid anything sent to her home. Even good stuff and nice things. Have it sent to Capitol Hill. That way EVERYBODY there will see it, hear about it, and talk about it.

Love leighbythesea2 Nov 2022 #1
Someone at her office should dweller Nov 2022 #2
I'm afraid we won't get this done in time for the funoff wryter2000 Nov 2022 #3
We can do it next week. iemanja Nov 2022 #4
I have a hellish week next week wryter2000 Nov 2022 #15
I'm good with that, and we could start the Warnock donations very soon, like tomorrow. iemanja Nov 2022 #16
Well, we could ask people to donate to Warnock iemanja Nov 2022 #5
Should be sent to her office. Gets EVERYBODY talking on Capitol Hill. calimary Nov 2022 #27
She's in San Francisco, not DC iemanja Nov 2022 #28
Well, ready for your recommendations. calimary Nov 2022 #30
I see iemanja Nov 2022 #31
Oh good! Thanks for your part in this effort, iemanja! calimary Nov 2022 #32
my vote is send flowers to shut ins in her name, ask her office which hospital hospice, etc or DCCC Hamlette Nov 2022 #6
The Pelosi's will never get the flowers... WarGamer Nov 2022 #7
We have someone who knows some of her staff iemanja Nov 2022 #8
I'd personally propose something like... WarGamer Nov 2022 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author iemanja Nov 2022 #10
Cute idea wryter2000 Nov 2022 #12
It's a such a sweet, delightful idea, and unfortunately some MAGAt would ruin it. electric_blue68 Nov 2022 #22
I thought we might work with security to send them through them wryter2000 Nov 2022 #13
I changed my vote wryter2000 Nov 2022 #11
Best to send 1 large bouquet to Nancy and BlueGreenLady Nov 2022 #14
Send Paul Nancy about 200 Roses and then give the rest to a charity that they might like. Botany Nov 2022 #17
I'm in senegal1 Nov 2022 #18
How about something like this iemanja Nov 2022 #19
kick iemanja Nov 2022 #20
Maybe we could send a card to her and Paul and all the rest goes to Warnock's FlyingPiggy Nov 2022 #21
Looks like the Warnock option is winning iemanja Nov 2022 #25
As long as I could use a credit card - then I'm in. electric_blue68 Nov 2022 #23
Judging by the votes above, a little would go to Gofundme for the flowers iemanja Nov 2022 #24
I figured I could, but wanted to double-check 👍 electric_blue68 Nov 2022 #26
Donation to Warnock link here iemanja Nov 2022 #29
Bit of DU trivia (and a weird coincidence) EarlG Nov 2022 #33
That's so cool iemanja Nov 2022 #34
Wow! Thanks so much for sharing! Rhiannon12866 Nov 2022 #35
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