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Sat Jul 30, 2022, 09:56 AM Jul 2022

Do you support direct military intervention into Ukraine by NATO immediately? [View all]

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Russia has likely just murdered a fair amount of POWs after they have bragged of likely torturing and killing Ukrainian POWs. Is the line still the NATO border?

(This poll only pertains to the first question)

72 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
22 (31%)
46 (64%)
Something else/other
4 (6%)
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The Russians would back down immediately if the world unified against them cutroot Jul 2022 #1
Yep ColinC Jul 2022 #2
You prefer a faster end to life on the planet than climate change is bringing? Hermit-The-Prog Jul 2022 #4
They are already over extended cutroot Jul 2022 #6
There are approximately 13000 nukes in the world Hermit-The-Prog Jul 2022 #8
they are not going to take on the world for this cutroot Jul 2022 #10
NATO is not the world. former9thward Jul 2022 #11
You're willing to chance the destruction of the entire human race? MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #13
seems a bit paranoid why would Putin want to destroy himself? cutroot Jul 2022 #16
You sure don't understand the Russian mind do you? MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #19
you seem so anxious for everyone to fight the russians cutroot Jul 2022 #21
No, you're not talking deterrence, you're talking about directly engaging Russian MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #26
just repeating the same old premise does not prove your point cutroot Jul 2022 #36
This ain't 1939 and Pres. Biden is no Chamberlain. MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #39
again, the same worn out premise cutroot Jul 2022 #43
Have a great weekend and think about what you're actually proposing and the consequences MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #47
i'll be too busy signing up at the Ukranian embassy cutroot Jul 2022 #51
Well, good luck with that and I hope you come home safe and not fucked up in the head. nt. MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #53
This message was self-deleted by its author Mariana Jul 2022 #81
No, Chamberlain did not say that about Poland muriel_volestrangler Jul 2022 #117
I like how they also leave out the fact Mariana Jul 2022 #122
So, I guess in a way, Pres. Biden is like Chamberlain, MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #123
This, exactly this DetroitLegalBeagle Jul 2022 #83
Thank You!!!! MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #97
..attack with Cruise missiles and drones.. thomski64 Jul 2022 #14
Ohhh, another one willing to chance the destruction of civilization. MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #15
If Russia were to threaten to use nukes on a NATO member would you expect us to back down? ripcord Jul 2022 #22
Threatening to use nukes and attacking a NATO member are 2 entirely different things. Hermit-The-Prog Jul 2022 #24
So you would be fine with the US fully suppoting a NATO member against Russia ripcord Jul 2022 #27
You read stuff funny. We need a common language. Hermit-The-Prog Jul 2022 #29
It seems they got it right. Basically you are okay with risking the destruction of civilization ColinC Jul 2022 #32
There's a fly in the kitchen. Hermit-The-Prog Jul 2022 #33
Is Ukraine a signatory member of NATO or not? MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #34
No. But basing action on the intangible line of "attacking a NATO member" while disregarding ColinC Jul 2022 #42
NATO is a DEFENSIVE alliance, MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #44
NATO is far from just a defensive alliance if Iraq and Afghanistan mean anything ColinC Jul 2022 #46
There is nothing "intangible" about "attacking a NATO member". Hermit-The-Prog Jul 2022 #49
Except for the lines that define a NATO member ColinC Jul 2022 #50
You have crossed the intangerine line. I am sending a squadron of nuclear carp after you. Hermit-The-Prog Jul 2022 #54
.... ColinC Jul 2022 #55
Time to deploy the tactical trout brigade. LudwigPastorius Jul 2022 #98
Oh man, that's going to leave a mark. MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #100
Now, see, that is a very tangible attack. Hermit-The-Prog Jul 2022 #108
Why use nukes when there are laser sharks?? ColinC Jul 2022 #113
Those are so obsolete. Hermit-The-Prog Jul 2022 #115
Nobody is fucking backing down, where do you come up with this? MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #28
We are staying out of this conflict because Russia is threatening to use nukes ripcord Jul 2022 #30
We're not staying out of this war, we're providing billions of dollars of weaponry, training MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #31
Because we are tired of the atrocities ripcord Jul 2022 #38
Ok, now I get it, MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #41
I did my time and they don't want a 60 year old ripcord Jul 2022 #45
I did my time also, MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #48
...and if they don't? spanone Jul 2022 #40
Exactly!!!! MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #52
i say, send in a secret Assasination force to destroy Putin and his allies Trueblue1968 Jul 2022 #96
No. Elessar Zappa Jul 2022 #3
Of course not. J_William_Ryan Jul 2022 #5
Today is Saturday and Putin has threatened to use nukes 48656c6c6f20 Jul 2022 #7
Ukraine rso Jul 2022 #9
NATO should escort ships with Ukrainian wheat through the Black Sea. Fiendish Thingy Jul 2022 #12
Stopping war crimes is the job for UN and International Court, not NATO. Beastly Boy Jul 2022 #17
The UN is a paper tiger ripcord Jul 2022 #20
It is. Still, not a reason to dump their responsibilities on NATO. Beastly Boy Jul 2022 #23
No one is dumping anything on NATO if they act it will be in their own self interest ripcord Jul 2022 #25
Nato's self-interest is spelled out in its charter. Beastly Boy Jul 2022 #102
And yet they did just that in Libya nt EX500rider Jul 2022 #114
The UN Security Council was the organization that authorised the use of force in Libya. Beastly Boy Jul 2022 #116
Russia should be ejected from the UNSC. discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2022 #68
Ukraine should have been a NATO member before the war started ripcord Jul 2022 #18
And you'd be wrong... brooklynite Jul 2022 #37
They were up to be a NATO member in 2008 ColinC Jul 2022 #72
You'll be enlisting? brooklynite Jul 2022 #35
Already have. ColinC Jul 2022 #61
In Ukraine? Mariana Jul 2022 #84
That would be illegal ColinC Jul 2022 #85
Well good luck and don't forget to write! BannonsLiver Jul 2022 #93
Thanks! ColinC Jul 2022 #103
This message was self-deleted by its author BannonsLiver Jul 2022 #120
It's a trap. The 2 questions do not necessarily share 1 answer. Hermit-The-Prog Jul 2022 #56
Based on NATO's performance in Lybia DashOneBravo Jul 2022 #57
FWIW NATO was defending a disorganized coalition of opposition militias ColinC Jul 2022 #59
Or so you think. nt. MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #62
Yeah the latter is what I meant. ColinC Jul 2022 #63
I know, I read it. MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #66
Did my time in the US Army ColinC Jul 2022 #69
.... MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #70
Hoooah Marines!! ColinC Jul 2022 #71
Hell no! Emile Jul 2022 #58
Welcome home brother. MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #60
Hard to answer a poll sarisataka Jul 2022 #64
Poll question is the first one. ColinC Jul 2022 #67
I suggest setting the hunters loose. n/t discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2022 #65
NATO doesn't intervene when blacks in Africa are massacred. Kaleva Jul 2022 #73
NATO has ignored most massacres. ColinC Jul 2022 #74
History this suggests then that NATO will not get directly involved Kaleva Jul 2022 #75
Ukraine has been on a path to join NATO since 2008 ColinC Jul 2022 #80
Also, the victims are white. This attracts the attention of Western nations. Kaleva Jul 2022 #82
That may be the case, but Ukraine has been a heavy national security partner ColinC Jul 2022 #86
It didn't take long for us to be involved in the Balkans Kaleva Jul 2022 #89
...and probably a better example than Ukraine for racially prejudiced military intervention ColinC Jul 2022 #90
You may want to review the membership and purpose of NATO ... Hermit-The-Prog Jul 2022 #76
A massacre in a non-NATO nation thus doesn't trigger a response Kaleva Jul 2022 #77
Exactly. I was reading your comment as a call to arms, rather than a plain statement of fact. Hermit-The-Prog Jul 2022 #79
I didn't make myself clear.in that post Kaleva Jul 2022 #131
And when a NATO partner is attacked, it also doesn't necessarily warrant an attack ColinC Jul 2022 #87
NATO should have gone in when Russia attacked. I do not believe Putin will start WWIII. Dysfunctional Jul 2022 #78
War is still a racket robodruid1 Jul 2022 #88
+1 Celerity Jul 2022 #106
No bout adoubt it. nt MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #110
hard pass on WWIII Celerity Jul 2022 #91
No. mvd Jul 2022 #92
I believe that would escalate into a nuclear conflict pretty fast. mike_c Jul 2022 #94
But the OP has assured us that won't be the case, that it won't happen BannonsLiver Jul 2022 #95
Nobody assured anybody of anything. ColinC Jul 2022 #112
LOL BannonsLiver Jul 2022 #119
Other. Stop drip feeding them weapons and give them EVERYTHING. Crunchy Frog Jul 2022 #99
You're thinking like a westerner, MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #101
I've been reading your posts and have decided to put you on ignore. Crunchy Frog Jul 2022 #104
Wow!!!! MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #105
It's the wheels. Hermit-The-Prog Jul 2022 #111
No. Send more weapons and take in more refugees. DickKessler Jul 2022 #107
+100. nt MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #109
Send Ukraine everything they need except nuclear weapons. roamer65 Jul 2022 #118
I could get on board with this. ColinC Jul 2022 #121
Nip this damn war in the bud! lunatica Jul 2022 #124
I think the Ukrainian Army is doing a pretty good job on Russia's military. MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #125
Yet it seems war crimes are proliferating daily lunatica Jul 2022 #127
True, but I'm still dead set against US/NATO direct military intervention, MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #128
Hell no Polybius Jul 2022 #126
I'm not sure what you think can happen BootinUp Jul 2022 #129
This message was self-deleted by its author WarGamer Jul 2022 #130
Hoping the Russian people will fix their Putin problem, Roisin Ni Fiachra Jul 2022 #132
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