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23. For those that are interested in buying authentic EVOO
Sat Jan 14, 2012, 12:58 PM
Jan 2012

just found this site: http://bit.ly/yYrgvE

How to get real olive oil

• Avoid “Light” olive oil at all costs. This is the lowest quality olive oil on the plant.
• If you can find oils with the International Olive Oil Council certification, go for those.
• Buy Californian olive oils, which are far less adulterated than imported oil.
• Do your homework. Find a reputable company or source and buy small bottles from them.

What Olive Oils to Buy… and Avoid

In the UC Davis study, these brands failed to meet extra-virgin olive oil standards:

Filippo Berio
Newman’s Own
Rachel Ray
Whole Foods

In the same study, these olive oils met the extra-virgin standards:

Corto Olive
California Olive Ranch
Kirkland Organic
Lucero (Ascolano)
McEvoy Ranch Organic
Nothing is sacred. Nt xchrom Jan 2012 #1
Momma Mia!!!!! What's a person to do. That is even my favorite brand. southernyankeebelle Jan 2012 #3
Buy California Olive Oil? Moonwalk Jan 2012 #21
Australia is also becoming a significant producer. GoCubsGo Jan 2012 #33
let Australians buy that. USA olive oil is the deal. Nt Dr Fate Jan 2012 #45
It's all a matter of preference. GoCubsGo Jan 2012 #56
Many Liberals prefer products made by The Koch brothers... Dr Fate Jan 2012 #65
That's nice. GoCubsGo Jan 2012 #70
If you don't see it, and/or it costs too much to buy in stores... Moonwalk Jan 2012 #88
Shipping is expensive. GoCubsGo Jan 2012 #90
The standard 500Ml bottle of CA Olive is $10. I see plenty of foreign oil for that much or more. Dr Fate Jan 2012 #103
I paid $3.99 for the Aussie olive oil. GoCubsGo Jan 2012 #106
You could afford to try US made olive oil now and then. Dr Fate Jan 2012 #107
No. I cannot. GoCubsGo Jan 2012 #108
G'Day, Mate! Dr Fate Jan 2012 #109
G'Day to you, too, Dr. Self-Righteous. GoCubsGo Jan 2012 #110
Name calling in political discussion seems Australian. Dr Fate Jan 2012 #111
Whoops. Looks like I hit a nerve. GoCubsGo Jan 2012 #112
It looks like you resorted to name calling.... Dr Fate Jan 2012 #113
No.... GoCubsGo Jan 2012 #114
Donate to DEMS instead of the GOP. Dr Fate Jan 2012 #115
Whatever. GoCubsGo Jan 2012 #116
Spam deleted by azurnoir (MIR Team) ArtisanalFoodLover Dec 2012 #127
Nice if you are part of the Australian work force I am sure. Dr Fate Jan 2012 #101
What sort of precasutions are in place to insure that US EVO is in snagglepuss Jan 2012 #58
A UC Davis study says CA Ranch olive oil is up to snuff. (see post #23) Dr Fate Jan 2012 #66
It may be "the deal", but there could be a reason for it. Fool Count Jan 2012 #84
CA Olive oil in fact the real deal, per a UC Davis study noted in this thread. Dr Fate Jan 2012 #102
We're growing our own HillWilliam Jan 2012 #100
I live in TN where could I find that and what is their brand name? southernyankeebelle Jan 2012 #37
Here is one California Oil Agony Jan 2012 #57
Hmmm good. Thanks southernyankeebelle Jan 2012 #62
Thanks, looks like I'll have to get it online? freshwest Jan 2012 #73
I buy it online... gets here just fine. Agony Jan 2012 #91
thanks for the link.. 2banon Jan 2012 #97
I'm not sure what stores in your area might sell it... Moonwalk Jan 2012 #87
The Corning economy thanks you for your purchase XemaSab Jan 2012 #83
I just bought my first bottle of California olive oil... CTyankee Feb 2012 #121
Know your Virgin trumad Jan 2012 #2
Only a partner will know for sure southernyankeebelle Jan 2012 #5
I read the book - it's really interesting. The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2012 #4
Basta (enough) already your killing me. I use EVOO all the time. I can't take it. southernyankeebelle Jan 2012 #7
Alton Brown would be aghast. lpbk2713 Jan 2012 #6
Forget him, Am aghast. southernyankeebelle Jan 2012 #8
You mean she lied when she said she was a virgin?! FarLeftFist Jan 2012 #9
No telling but if she said she was extra-virgin, then yes. She lied. lunatica Jan 2012 #19
The article doesn't really say where or how you can find authentic EVOO justiceischeap Jan 2012 #10
One way to get authentic EVOO hvn_nbr_2 Jan 2012 #17
Thank you! I'm not against buying olive oil online if need be. nt justiceischeap Jan 2012 #20
Hard to adulterate US olive oil with so many agencies watching Zalatix Jan 2012 #30
California makes some of the finest there is.... Bluenorthwest Jan 2012 #22
Thanks! justiceischeap Jan 2012 #28
That's what I'm using. It used to be in green glass bottles, but still seems good stuff. freshwest Jan 2012 #76
Ah, thanks, more good things from CA. freshwest Jan 2012 #75
I tasted evoo in a restaurant in Florence back in 2010 and I wanted to drink the stuff, it was CTyankee Feb 2012 #122
More and more it's becoming apparent that the only way we can know for sure what gateley Jan 2012 #11
Damned olive tramps! JVS Jan 2012 #12
Absolutely disgusting.... pipi_k Jan 2012 #59
standard olive oil is hever hard to find in our local stores. I don't use extra virgin much mulsh Jan 2012 #13
it is hard to find standard olive oil. xchrom Jan 2012 #24
I don't like olives and the standard taste to strong for me. I only buy the Extra Olive Oil. I southernyankeebelle Jan 2012 #63
My elderly dad used to sell cottonseed oil, and was just telling me this week about a huge scandal vanlassie Jan 2012 #14
60 Minutes just did a similar story about truffles. Swede Jan 2012 #15
I saw that justiceischeap Jan 2012 #16
Same thing happens with honey Mojorabbit Jan 2012 #38
thank goodness for my local honey producers niyad Jan 2012 #39
I'm crushed! oldhippie Jan 2012 #18
For those that are interested in buying authentic EVOO justiceischeap Jan 2012 #23
no wonder those brands are always on sale at the supermarkets niyad Jan 2012 #29
No problem. I was shocked to see the Kirkland brand on there justiceischeap Jan 2012 #34
I was thinking the same thing dana_b Jan 2012 #36
Great info. Glad to see California Ranch (made in the USA) meets EVOO standards. Dr Fate Jan 2012 #48
YAY! My Kirkland Organic made the list! freshwest Jan 2012 #78
UC Davis? University of CALIFORNIA? aquart Jan 2012 #118
very interesting, I buy Bertolli olive oil quinnox Jan 2012 #25
I buy from a local farmers market Texasgal Jan 2012 #26
Is the name "Texas Olive"? northoftheborder Jan 2012 #32
No, it's called Bella Vista Ranch Texasgal Jan 2012 #52
I found "Texas Olive Ranch" yesterday at HEB, made in Carrizo Springs, TX. northoftheborder Jan 2012 #117
I was not ware of TX olive oil. awesome that there are so many made in the USA options. Dr Fate Jan 2012 #49
Yup! Texasgal Jan 2012 #53
thank goodness for CA olive oils niyad Jan 2012 #27
california olive producers shanti Jan 2012 #31
Thanks for the list of Made in The USA olive oils. Dr Fate Jan 2012 #44
Great. I've used it religiously for four years. BlueIris Jan 2012 #35
I only buy from Genco Olive Oil importers. I trust the Corleone family. Faygo Kid Jan 2012 #40
Their entry into the industry probably got the snowball rolling Blue_Tires Jan 2012 #92
"The trucks owned by your father" winstars Jan 2012 #94
Bertoli is awful.....have had good luck with CA olive oil K8-EEE Jan 2012 #41
USA Olive oil. problem solved. Thanks! Dr Fate Jan 2012 #43
Buy olive oil made in the USA. Specifically, from California. Dr Fate Jan 2012 #42
I'd guess it's like any other product we buy that isn't made in the USA... justiceischeap Jan 2012 #46
It is not cheaper to support Italy than it is to support the American work force. Dr Fate Jan 2012 #51
Since I can't get that locally, I have to order online justiceischeap Jan 2012 #55
Glad you found some USA oil that was affordable. Dr Fate Jan 2012 #64
Cheap imported stuff isn't so cheap when you weigh in the externalities. n/t Zalatix Jan 2012 #82
Hear, hear! A DUer after my own heart, talking SOLUTIONS! Zalatix Jan 2012 #72
I expect olives grow in China Rosa Luxemburg Jan 2012 #47
Popeye Will Be Devastated jberryhill Jan 2012 #50
Bazinga ! RagAss Jan 2012 #69
If the cap is easy to open - don't trust it's - it been opened before! BOHICA12 Jan 2012 #54
Its probably the excuse I needed to jump over to the spray-on one cal MichaelMcGuire Jan 2012 #60
Mostly they import the olives Warpy Jan 2012 #61
Why is Bertolli a better choice than the USA olive oils mentioned in this thread? Dr Fate Jan 2012 #67
Because I can't get them here, that's why Warpy Jan 2012 #80
request them. order them online now and then, and help build up the demand for it. Dr Fate Jan 2012 #98
1 barrel of Brent Crude oil = $111 MilesColtrane Jan 2012 #68
being Latino DonCoquixote Jan 2012 #71
Not Always! bongbong Jan 2012 #74
I buy mine from Lebanon... brooklynite Jan 2012 #77
I keep olive oil in the fridge because it is not tsuki Jan 2012 #79
Interesting Art_from_Ark Jan 2012 #93
I never use olive oil Glen Bos Jan 2012 #81
I never use it either Raine Jan 2012 #85
Fry with it?! Heck I swig it out of the bottle! nt Agony Jan 2012 #99
I use it in non-frying applications. Codeine Jan 2012 #86
Thanks for this. I cook with ollive oil. really can't tell the diff between types Liberal_in_LA Jan 2012 #89
I cook with it also marlakay Jan 2012 #105
Not virgin?! Where's me spinach!? That rascally Brutus! I knew it! n/t lumberjack_jeff Jan 2012 #95
Balsamic Vinegar condoleeza Jan 2012 #96
k & r nt Stuart G Jan 2012 #104
Finally! I found the California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Oil that is recommended so highly. hlthe2b Feb 2012 #119
I found it too BumRushDaShow Feb 2012 #123
I blame Rachel Ray JVS Feb 2012 #120
Rachel Ray introduced shorthand terms in the kitchen; then they came for the EVOO pinboy3niner Feb 2012 #124
Great thread! i learned so much from reading it all! JNelson6563 Feb 2012 #125
The Corleone family's base business was................ underpants Feb 2012 #126
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