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25. Bernie Sanders has been saying it for some time ... and again a few weeks ago
Wed Mar 2, 2022, 10:01 PM
Mar 2022

Bernie Sanders Sarcastically Congratulates Billionaires for Making America an ‘Oligarchic Form of Society’

February 17, 2022

"Senate Budget Committee chair Bernie Sanders says there’s “really, really good news” — for the wealthiest Americans.

In a Senate floor speech, the progressive senator from Vermont took aim at billionaires and CEOs, and called for the government to take action on social and climate spending.

What I want to point out this afternoon is that while the vast majority of people in our country are hurting emotionally, they’re hurting economically, these are not difficult times for everybody,” Sanders said.

He said that for billionaires and CEOS of large corporations, “these times have not been bad — they in fact have been very, very good.”

“Maybe the time is approaching that we should offer a unanimous resolution congratulating the billionaire class for their enormous success in moving this country into the oligarchic form of society that they have long desired,” Sanders said."


Actually, the .01% is more accurate. TygrBright Mar 2022 #1
more like robber barons .. AllaN01Bear Mar 2022 #2
Our corporate oligarchs have ruled us for a long time. Irish_Dem Mar 2022 #3
and fawk them. 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 a kennedy Mar 2022 #5
Healthcare is the US industry with the highest harvestable profit point. jaxexpat Mar 2022 #24
You are spot on. Irish_Dem Mar 2022 #29
We just had a fake one occupy the White House for four years. n/t Mr.Bill Mar 2022 #4
Beat me to it. SoonerPride Mar 2022 #8
The Imitation Oligarch ironflange Mar 2022 #17
TDFG ------- A.K.A. -- BONNEY & CLYE of the whitehouse !!!!! monkeyman1 Mar 2022 #20
Seize their assets n/t leftstreet Mar 2022 #6
Yes I_UndergroundPanther Mar 2022 #7
It is suggested we are already an oligarchy. Magoo48 Mar 2022 #9
Our power is numbers. GOTV mjvpi Mar 2022 #21
Eat the rich was a popular slogan as I recall...doesn't sound bad still! (n/t) Moostache Mar 2022 #10
Oligarchs don't need nations the way that 99.9 percent of people do. LastDemocratInSC Mar 2022 #11
All of the rich aren't oligarchs. Some honestly made $$ only benefitting from RW oligarchy tax laws. live love laugh Mar 2022 #12
Former ambassador to Russia, McFaul said the same thing. gab13by13 Mar 2022 #13
I hope it will become apparent that the source of oligarchy is politicians -- not all of the rich. live love laugh Mar 2022 #15
As former President Jimmy Carter pointed out a couple of years ago. Not happy about it. nt Hekate Mar 2022 #14
I'm sorry, don't you mean "job creators"? Caliman73 Mar 2022 #16
You know who the job creators are? Mr.Bill Mar 2022 #18
100% correct. Caliman73 Mar 2022 #19
Indeed! Evolve Dammit Mar 2022 #23
I agree I am so sick of hearing about "job creators" The Jungle 1 Mar 2022 #22
Correct Ferrets are Cool Mar 2022 #28
Bernie Sanders has been saying it for some time ... and again a few weeks ago Percy Mar 2022 #25
They have Mitch on speed dial. Ford_Prefect Mar 2022 #26
Our oligarchs are behind the fuckery happening here. tenderfoot Mar 2022 #27
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